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We have been engaged in the adult health business since 1995 ,and formally established the xinghaoya brand in 2011. We always believe that sexual health and pleasure is the birthright of each adult person's, our mission is to outstanding contribution to adult sexual health, and to be the most popular sex toys brand, we have been struggling for this goal.

At xinghaoya, We are always committed to providing our customers with the best service, the best products and the best shopping experience. Our products are sold to developed countries in Europe and America and are well review received and loved by customers. We have been selling our products through platforms and markets such as Amazon. In the past, we have achieved a lot of achievements. We know that we can't be here without your support, so we sincerely hope that you will become the member of I Love Sex Toys Testing program.

What is I Love Sex Toys Testing?

It’s a program for community members who, well, love testing! Basically, we’ll give you free product samples, and you test and review them. Your reviews can be videos on YouTube, text reviews on the community or social media, or something completely creative and different. To participate in this program, just follow the steps below:

1, Provide a complete personal profile, including your social media (we will only use this information to screen your application and we will never share it). Click the link to provide your profile: https://adult-tribe-store.xinghaoya.net/create-account

2, Be specific in your testing plan (include where you will post your review, what form your review will take, and specifically how you plan to put the product through its paces, which products do you prefer to testing).

3, Contribute product reviews on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), YouTube, blogs, forums, deal websites, or other online spaces.

4, Complete the survey and send us a review link to waiting verify.

Copying others’ testing plans or failing to submit a review link will result in disqualification from future I Love Sex Toys Testing programs.

You can sign up for multiple products at the same time, but you will be chosen for only one product at one time.

Contact tester

Selected testers will be contacted by us directly to confirm participation, testing products details and provide shipping information.

Sample Delivery

Samples will be sent out to selected testers as soon as they reply to our email confirming their participation and submitting their shipping address. We will try in all cases to ship product samples in a timely manner, no more than two weeks after the tester was contacted.

Review Submission

You can post your review to a specific website where you think most people would see (multiple platforms are better), you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), YouTube, blogs, forums, deal websites, or other online spaces.

If you’re sharing your review on social media, don’t forget to add the hashtag #I Love Sex Toys Testing and tag our official account (@xinghaoya) to increase the chances of being reposted.

Once you have finished your review, you also need to send us your review link by email. If you haven’t submitted a review link after two weeks, you will be disqualified for future I Love Sex Toys Testing programs. (Please drop @xinghaoya a private message in advance if extenuating circumstances will prevent you from making the deadline.) Excellent reviewers will have the opportunity to join our VIP club.

If you are selected as a tester, you will not be able to sign up for other ongoing testings until you finish the review submission process.

Once you have submitted your review, xinghaoya reserves the right to use, edit, and repost your submitted content.

Affiliate program

And now, our affiliate program was opened, Whether you are a large marketplace, content site, social media influencer, or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize, we have set a high commission to waiting you join our affiliate program, you can visit: https://adult-tribe-store.xinghaoya.net/ to learn detail. thank you.


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    I love trying out new toys

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    I do believe Id enjoy trying out your products

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