How To Last Longer in Bed-The Ultimate Guide with 5 Efficacious and Fast Solutions

how to last longer time in bed

Under normal circumstances, if a man lasts longer in bed naturally, it prolongs sex pleasure (including themselves and their sexual partners). The lasting performance allows men and not women have a sense of control.

You can find millions of guides on how to last longer in bed on the Internet, but very few of them are applicable. The guide might want you to adjust your lifestyle; want you to practice your pelvic muscles on the floor; want you to treat psychological anxiety; or advice you to pinch the glans, squeeze the penis when you are about to ejaculate, these are all nonsense, even if they are feasible, so how long will it be effective? How many people can stick to it? Moreover, with those guides, is it possible to change a truck driver who drives every time lifestyle? Or a sanitation worker who is always busy to practice the pelvic floor muscles?


In dealing with the issue of premature ejaculation, I think human beings are hypocritical. God has given humans pleasure from orgasm/sex life, which is already very good. Do you watch the male lion on the African savannah? Or a gorilla? They only mate for 1-2 minutes. Can you say they have premature ejaculation?

What is premature ejaculation?


The answer given by Harvard Medical School is: 

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates too quickly and without control. In other words, ejaculation occurs before a man wants it to happen. It may occur before or after beginning foreplay or intercourse. Some men experience a lot of personal distress because of this condition.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a relative term. It is generally believed that premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates earlier than his partner and reaches an orgasm or cannot meet his partner's sexual needs for a long time. We cannot simply use the ejaculation time to judge whether a person has premature ejaculation. In other words, if you can make your partner reach orgasm within two minutes and you also ejaculate and reach orgasm at that time, your sex life is harmonious, and there is no problem with premature ejaculation in this state.

As human beings who enjoy orgasm exclusively, there is no doubt that we are lucky. Marriage survival is a continuous race on one hand and happiness on the other. We are talking about the sexual life issue and whether the sexual energy between partners is an important part of happiness. The so-called unity between partners is whether the two parties are satisfied with each other during sex, and satisfying each other during sex has been more problems for men than women, so what we will be discussing today is how men will last longer in bed. The following is the applicable method:

  1. Oral medication

    The well-known oral medicine is Viagra, which can make you get an erection even after ejaculation. Though it has specific side effects as a chemical medicine, and long-term use is not recommended, although it can be very effective to ensure you last longer in bed. About any side effects, you can consult a doctor or search for answers on the Internet.

    1. Desensitization products

      The principle of desensitization products is to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, thereby delaying ejaculation. It is straightforward to make you last longer in bed. Commonly used are sprays, anesthetic creams, and delayed wipes. It should be noted that these products are for external use only, and everyone's skin sensitivity is different. Try a small quantity before having sex, and use them correctly to avoid damage to the skin.

      How to use: It needs to be applied or sprayed on the glans 10-30 minutes before sex, bathe or rinse the glans 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse to remove excess skin surface products so that the products will not enter the vagina which can lead to numbness or reduce the sensitivity of vagina. You can also use condoms as an aid to prevent desensitization products from entering the vagina.

      1. Extend foreplay time

        Prolonging foreplay can alleviate most of the problems of sexual disharmony. Men should not be discouraged by their duration because most men are actually like animals,they take out their little brother(penis) at every opportunity and enter the vagina directly but most women like foreplay. A man is like a fire, burns easily, but also extinguishes quickly; while women are more like water, they take time to boil, and they take time to cool down after the water is boiled. It is destined for sexual synchronization to be impossible for men and women.

        Studies have shown that only 18.5% of women can achieve orgasm during vaginal intercourse, which means that up to 80% of men cannot satisfy their partner and achieve orgasm through vaginal sex. Up to 36% of women need to cooperate with clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. This is enough to illustrate the importance of foreplay. The foreplay can makes your partner fully boil, and it can also let you to last longer in bed.

        1. Auxiliary sex toys
        sex toys enchance couples sex life

          Sex toys are as important to men as women. Men can use sex toys to train, but it is not as urgent as using sex toys to assist their partners during sex. The glans training device can reduce the sensitivity of the glans, but it takes a long time, and men can use it actively and continuously.

          If you want to use sex toys to stimulate your partner during foreplay, first boil her like water to better synchronize with her so you can meet her during orgasm; congratulations, that feeling is lasting and unforgettable. It means sex toy makes you last longer time in bed.

          1. Suitable sex positions for men
          Correct sexual position to prevent premature ejaculation

            Seeking different sex positions allows partners to find new treasures. Trying new sex positions can make each other experience a fresh feeling of sex, which is why there are always people who risk (although there are many reasons for a couple to cheat) and seek new sexual partners. As far as men are concerned, choosing some sex positions that have little stimulation to the glans or non-deep penetrating sex will help you last longer in bed naturally, such as cowgirls. You can filter them in our sex position blog for guidance. At the same time, we have shown 300 kinds of sexual posture illustrations, which can also make your sex life fun. Let's take action, come on, men.

            1. Other improvement methods

              This method may be the remedy and care for the next generation, but I think it is still useful now.

              The main reason for premature ejaculation is because the glans of the penis are highly sensitive, when this glans stimulates the brain nerves, men's response is to ejaculate quickly and experience the pleasure of ejaculation. On the other hand, if your penis's foreskin is too long, it may be the cause of your quick ejaculation. Because the foreskin is too long, it will increase the friction between your foreskin and the glans during thrusting. So if possible, remove the excess foreskin, or it can be alleviated; on the other hand, the early unhealthy masturbation leads to a decline in our brain control. Recall your first experience of masturbating, were you shy? Sneaky? We fantasize about having sex with a woman and begin to masturbate and we psychologically hope that this guilty behavior ends quickly then you do it the second time, the third time and finally, your brain can not control ejaculation. Hence, if you have a first love, you should learn to masturbate with them correctly. It is an essential part of sex education.

              Happy ending


              Thank you for taking the time to read our guide. I believe you are no longer confused at this time,and I think your will last longer in bed if you try it by our guide. As mentioned earlier, your ejaculation time cannot be defined as the standard for premature ejaculation, or the word ejaculation itself should not exist. In sex life, different people have different requirements for the duration, and different women have different vaginal sensitivity and sexual pursuits. If they have to find cohesion, most men hope to conquer their female partners through sex and acquire sexual confidence. The guidelines we have given above should satisfy you. If you have better suggestions, we welcome you to discuss them with us in the comment area.

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