7 Best And Incredible Shower Sex Position To Blow Hot

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Shower sex is a sexual fantasy or sexual activity that is exciting to everyone. It also provides powerful orgasms with extremely intense stimulation. And when you know how to mix in shower sex or make shower sex wild sex, it provides an amazing sexual experience for all partners. Especially when you use different sex positions during shower sex. Running water is sensual, or splashing water on the body intensifies the excitement. And if the shower water is falling directly on the penis or vagina (clit), it can give a whole different level of stimulation. You are getting intimate and showers of hot water are falling on your body, you touch and wash your partner's body, whether you are penetrating your partner's special organs, or your male partner is penetrating your erogenous organs by caressing or licking, it sure can be hot enough to melt both of you.

How To Have Safe Shower Sex And Which Sex Position Is Better?

But successful shower sex requires in-depth attention to sex positions, among other things. Because there may be slippage or other unwanted things that can bother you. So we will also talk about all those issues with shower sex positions which can make you a great shower sex partner, and you can enjoy the pleasure of successful and thrilling sex.

Romantic Scene Setting

 Light The Candles: No matter where you are having sex, having a romantic scene is a must. So make your bathroom romantic. You can light scented colored candles, and place them on the rim of the tub or counter. Keep in mind that its open flames should not spread the fire.

 Add Scented Roses: If you plan to have sex in the bathtub as well, then of course add rose petals to it, it will make your sex more exciting.

 Play Erotic Medium Music: Erotic music will warm all partners. Play it in a medium voice. Keep in mind that if the device is not waterproof, leave it on the counter.

 Add Lubricant: You may be thinking that water is a lubricant, so what is the need for additional lubricants? Water is not lubricated enough for shower sex, it doesn't make the right kind of lube. Rather on the contrary it can wash away your natural lubricant.

How To Have Safe Shower Sex?

Your bathroom may be slippery. It is therefore necessary to add additional things to prevent slipping. You can place a bath mat on the floor. Or a towel can work as an alternative. Although different sex positions can create more excitement, do not change positions too much to avoid slipping. It would be better if you stick to one or two positions.

Use The Shower Seat For Sex

If you have a shower seat in your bathroom, you can use it to enjoy thrilling sex. And if you don't have a shower seat, you can use a chair as an alternative.

Install The Heavy-Duty Suction Cup Handle

Sometimes support is needed in different positions during shower sex, so leaning on a faucet or other parts of the shower is not a good idea. All these are not designed to support your weight. And experiencing or hurting unsuccessful shower sex is not good. There is also suction cup handles on the market today (online or local market) for use in the shower, which can be fixed temporarily or permanently, and are specially designed for grip or support.

Few Important Things Before Going Into Shower Sex

In fact, shower sex is a very special experience, and you would never want your first experience to be bad, and you end up walking away from it the very first time.

 Remove Makeup:

If you are going in the water, it is important to remove the makeup. Remove your makeup before you go in, so you look beautiful and fabulous in the shower, not intimidating. Makeup can flow from a torrent of water, which neither you nor your partner will like.

 Wash Each Other's Private Parts:

By washing your partner's genitals, both of you will get excited. You can use soap or other things if you want. Because foaming and lubrication aggravate more. But keep in mind that soap can damage the inside of the genitals, so you should wash it off before letting the soap in.

 Install Mirror:

The mirror can overheat all partners during shower sex, looking at your partner's body and parts during sex, and touching your partner's parts can give a powerful orgasm with added stimulation.

 Do Not Use Soap Or Other Harmful Things As Lubricant

Chemicals are used in soap, which may also contain caustic, and soda, while perfume water is also used for fragrance in soap. Which is very harmful to your genitals. If it goes inside your urethra, it can cause many types of infections. can irritate. It can cause considerable damage to the glans of the penis of men. Or if it goes inside the vagina, it can disturb the pH balance of the vagina. And can kill good bacteria. So prevent soap from entering.

How To Give Oral Sex/Blowjob In The Shower?

Oral sex is very special and hot for all men and women. When the man is standing in the shower, the woman can kneel, or sit down at her convenience, this is the most wonderful and safe position. And if a man is giving oral sex to a woman, then the woman can sit on a shower seat or chair, or lean forward against the wall, and the man can give oral sex from behind. Or the woman should stand straight, the man should sit down and place one leg of the woman on his shoulder, and then give oral sex in the vagina.

Wash Each Other

When you and your partner are naked in the shower together, and lovingly washing each other with a loofah or washcloth, you reach a whole new level of intimacy and excitement. You don't necessarily have to have sex in the shower, you can get arousal while washing each other, and then have sex in the bedroom or elsewhere. You can get intense arousal by washing and caressing each other in the shower, and you can have great sex and powerful orgasms when you step out of the shower.

Best And Top Sex Positions For Shower Sex

Having the right position is very important for shower sex. And a little more care is also needed in the bathroom than in the bedroom or other places. If you have understood that what are the important precautions to take in shower sex, or how to do shower sex, then now you need to know the major sex positions that can give you a safe, satisfied, and pleasant orgasm. And you can have a successful shower sex experience.

Dominant And Comfortable Shower Sex Positions:

1. Standing Sex Style Or Facing Each Other

The standing sex style is a great sex position for shower sex. This position works well for couples of the same height or if the male is a little less tall.

In this, the woman can be on her toes, and one leg can wrap around the male partner's waist, or hips, and then face-to-face sex will be quite spectacular. It doesn't matter whether the shower water is going over one partner or both. In this, the female partner can also be on the wall.

Although not everyone can be comfortable in this position, especially if one partner or both partners have big stomachs. But there is nothing to despair in this, this position can also be right to provoke each other. Caressing the penis while kissing, or rubbing the vagina and clits before penetration can make them very aphrodisiac. In this, the friction between the penis and the vagina will also heat the environment.

2. Front To Back With Standing

This position can relax all participants with intense excitement and powerful orgasms. The woman will stand against the wall and lean forward slightly, and the man will enter the woman's vagina or anus from behind. During this he may press on the woman's breast, or give additional stimulation by stroking the clit, resulting in a quicker and stronger orgasm. If she wants, she can also caress the breast or rub the clit with one hand. If you have a shower seat or chair, the woman can put one foot on it as well.

3. Chair Sitting Or Chair Shower Sex Position

If there is a good shower seat, otherwise you can use a shower chair. Your man can sit on it, and you can straddle him like a lap dance. Whether you are coming from the front or your back is on their side. You can have vaginal or anal sex if you want. This position allows you to enter every hole.

4. Doggy Style

Although the doggy sex position is very special for all places, in shower sex, its specialty increases further. The doggy style is a great choice for shower sex for several reasons. Even if there is a difference in height between the partners, this sex position provides complete pleasure. Deep penetration is achieved in this position. On the other hand, women prefer doggy sex positions for G-spot stimulation. And if you like rough or wild sex, your male partner might be pulling your hair, and spanking your butt. A doggy-style sex position is also preferred for bdsm-kinky sex.

In this position, the vagina or anus can be equally entered, which blows excessively. In this position, one can enter the anus and the vagina simultaneously, for this a penis can be inserted into the vagina, and simultaneously a sex toy can enter the anus.

5. Bulldog Sex Position

The bulldog sex position is a bit tough for shower sex, but it can give a powerful and extremely pleasurable orgasm after a try. It is a variant of the doggy style, which works very well for vaginal or anal sex.

6. Spoon Sex Position

If your bathroom is a little big enough that you can lie on the floor, then of course this might be the best way to have sex in the shower. Spooning for shower sex can be an incredibly intimate position. Your man may whisper erotic words in your ear during sex because he is clutching you behind you to penetrate. There is also extreme excitement or a great orgasm because either of you can rub the breasts or clit. And it will provide extra and intense orgasm.

7. Kneeling

Along with giving oral sex in the shower, it is very helpful in getting the male partner ecstatic. To do this, the woman can sit on her knees, and then caress or massage the testicles with her partner's penis in her mouth. If you want, you can enter the anus with your finger and give a prostate massage. If a man enjoys the butt plug, that could be a bonus for a prostate massage. Keep in mind that the sex toy that will enter the anus must have a large base because the anus can suck the sex toys inside. Kneeling on the shower floor can be tough, so fold a towel and place a thickly padded one under your knees. It not only gives comfort but also prevents slipping.

Sex Toys Make Shower Sex More Exciting And Wild

Don't forget your favorite sex toy while you are enjoying shower sex. But one thing to note is that not every toy is safe for the shower.

Although many toys are coming waterproof nowadays, but still, before use, definitely confirm how safe it is. By the way, any dildo, butt plug, or another toy without a motor is safe to use in the shower. But now there are such vibrators on the market, which can also be used in water. However, before using it, it is necessary to ensure whether it is usable in water or not. There are toys on the market that are made for use in the shower, which are known as "splashproof or water-resistant" sex toys. And generally, the company says it's safe as long as you don't submerge them completely in water, and until then they are good for use in the shower.

The Shower Head Can Be A Great Sex Toy

Many women enjoy masturbating with a shower head or tap, and they get powerful orgasms from it. So why not use it properly while having sex in the shower? Although the shower above also gives a wonderful experience, just the falling edge should be done directly in front of the clitoris. A hand shower is great for this. Because it can directly target the clitoris or the glans of the penis. This experience will be very unique indeed.


Shower sex can certainly make for a great experience, but it requires a few precautions to be kept in mind. During shower sex, be careful not to let the shower head or anything that is already in the bathroom come in direct contact with the genitals, as bacteria can stick to it, which can spread the infection to your penis or vagina.

Anal sex and oral sex may provide better pleasure in the shower than vaginal sex.  If you want, you can also give oral sex together, and get a great orgasm.

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