What Does It Mean To Be Androsexual Or Androsexuality? Definition, Signs, Support, And More

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It is the age of modernity, and in this modern age, it is common to hear things like the surprising, the strange, and the award and get it right. In today's modern era, in the expanding world of advanced research such as sexual orientation and gender studies, Androsexual refers to and underscores those genuinely attracted to masculinity. People who identify as metrosexuals can be attracted to anyone with masculine personalities and qualities, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

From the pages of books of some great writers, some articles, some experts, and some other evidence, it is known that the word androsexual comes from the Greek language. And the prefix <andro> means "male", and <sexual> means "sexual attraction". 

What Is Androsexuality Or Androsexuality?

Androsexual in the modern world is a term used to describe people who, are predominately sexually, aesthetically, behaviorally, genetically, or romantically inclined toward, or are attracted to, perceived masculinity. People also use the term androphilic to have a similar meaning to androsexual. 

Anyone with any gender identity or sexual orientation can identify as androsexual. 

As you may be aware, the term androsexual is derived from the modern world and people with open-minded sexual orientation, so it can be assumed that it is relatively new. But it can also mean different things to different people. Some consider it to mean an inclination or attraction to more masculine. At the same time, others theorize that it may be the actual attraction to people who identify as non-binary, those who do not explicitly identify as male or female. For example- some women who identify as cisgender also define themselves as androsexual, and that happens when they are attracted to cisgender men and trans men. At the same time, there are other people whose thinking is different from theirs, and they define or interpret it as another type of sexual orientation, like homosexuality.

What Is The Difference From Androsexuality, Heterosexuality, And Homosexuality? 

There is a difference between these words themselves, and the primary difference is defined as an attraction. People who identify as metrosexuals are more likely to be attracted to masculinity than gender (a man). 

It simply means they are not usually attracted to the sex opposite to themselves but to a man's masculine, physical, emotional, mental, or intense sexual expectation.

Whereas homosexuality is different from this and is for men or women who are attracted to the same sex. For example - a man's attraction to a man or a woman's attraction to a woman. Unlike these two, heterosexuality is for people attracted to the opposite sex. For example - a man is attracted to a woman opposite him, or a woman is attracted to a man of the opposite sex, such as a man.

And someone who identifies as androsexual may be attracted to masculinity rather than people who identify as having a specific gender or sexual orientation.

What's Different From Being A Cis-Het (Cisgender -Heterosexual) Woman?

A cis-hat woman may describe herself as androsexual. Still, the terms are not interchangeable because the thing to note is that you don't have to be cisgender, heterosexual, or female to be androsexual.

However, to use some examples, some people may identify as androsexual, which are described below:

  • A transgender or cisgender gay man may be attracted to other men or people of masculine personality.
  • A transgender woman may be attracted to men or people with masculine personalities.
  • And a non-binary person attracted to other men or people with masculine personalities.

People identify themselves as metrosexuals for a variety of reasons. If one's gender changes over time, he may prefer to call himself androsexual, but her attraction to men and masculinity remains constant and neutral.

And so, depending on their specific gender identity, it may be easier for them to identify themselves as androsexual as opposed to gay or heterosexual.

People who are unclear about their gender identity may also use the term androsexual for themselves, as it does not require them to label their gender before describing their sexual orientation.

Am I Androsexual If I've Thought About Exciting Sex With A Man?

The answer can be yes. But it is not necessary either. Sometimes, we think about people we aren't necessarily attracted to in real life. 

But often, our thoughts reflect the desires of the natural world, and for some reason, it becomes natural to have a sexual attraction.

Remember, if you find yourself attracted to men and people with masculine personalities, you may identify as androsexual. But you don't have to use the word if you don't want to.

Myths And Misconceptions About Androsexuality

Misunderstandings about sexuality and other forms of gender and sexual orientation

There are many misconceptions about sexuality and gender orientation among society, including androsexual. Researchers and scientists are spending time, money, and their lives discovering those misconceptions; some have even written books. A team of three researchers from some of the same researchers, all three fellow professors, wrote a book called "Gender, Sex, and Sexualities: Psychological Perspectives" in 2018. And in it, he noted that other cultures in different parts of the world have long recognized more than two genders and sexual orientations. However, anthropologists, historians, some researchers, experts, and scientists agree that the binary (two-gender) approach to classification is not universal. And indeed, cultures in remote areas of North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia recognize more than two genders. 

Here is another example. Actually, in 1948, a famous biologist published two books on sexual behavior in human males, and in 1953, they published a book about the sexual behavior of human females. And these books did, in fact, prominently show that they challenged the concept of two genders and limited sexual orientation.

However, in modern times and more recently, there are over 250 scales that scientists use to refer to and measure gender identity and sexual orientation.

Misconceptions About Androsexuality

Some take the view that androsexual means being attracted to the male binary or male gender. People think of the male binary because of the word "andro," which means man or man. However, this is as true as it is false. People identifying as androsexual may be inclined to soft corners or attracted to cisgender, nonbinary, and other gender identities, displaying masculine traits. And this includes women who show more masculine qualities and transgender men. 

Although the truth is also that in modern times the tastes and thoughts of the people have changed a little more. And they are attracted to same-sex people. Like a woman of the same sex as a woman, who is chubby and looks like a macho man, who is quite physically strong and muscular, she has an inclination and attraction toward her. And they are also in the category of Androsexuals.

How Androsexuality Works In Relationships

Society and people generally believe healthy relationships require mutual respect, trust, open communication, and attachment. It is essential to discuss your values, needs, expectations, and care for each other with a permanent partner or potential trusted mate between a couple or in a romantic relationship. And as you develop a healthy bond with your partner, each person in the relationship feels valued and secure.

And if you identify as androsexual, you feel confident in your partner or loved ones and can feel comfortable and secure. It's essential, to be honest with yourself and your partner or loved ones in every relationship; expressing your inner personality and charm is one way to do that. However, it's up to you whether you trust someone entirely or not, or you can wait until you're ready for them.

How Would A Person Know If They identify As Androsexual?

So, let's understand it in simple language like this, suppose you are a woman. Still, instead of being attracted to any ordinary man, you are only attracted to a man who makes you look very powerful, firm or something like that. If you are not attracted to a man but her masculinity, you can be androsexual.

It is not just that, though, and attraction can occur in various ways, such as:

  • Sexual attraction to a man.
  • a beautiful image of a man or his personality.
  • Emotional attraction to a man, either because of his words or some good deeds.
  • Romantic attraction, such as a man's smartness.

However, people of any gender and sexual orientation may or may not identify as androsexual. And people can be attracted to people with any gender identity and masculine personalities, qualities, or gender expressions.

How To Tell Others About Androsexuality

  • It simply means that each person's confidence depends on how open-minded you are and how capable and comfortable you are in saying things to people or telling about yourself.
  • So, if you think you are androsexual, you must decide how and when to tell people about your sexual orientation. 
  • If an androsexual person wants to tell others about their sexual orientation, it may be good to think about what, when, where, and how they want to say it and take some time to think about it. 
  • If an androsexual person wants to tell someone about herself but is unsure of how others might react after learning this, they can discuss other sexual fantasies, sexual thinking, and LGBTQIA+ issues with them first to assess their response. And can try to know how the other person's mind reacts to these thoughts.

What To Do If There Is No Positive Conversation?

And can try to know how the other person's mind reacts to these thoughts.

So in such a situation, it can be a little challenging to deal with. But you should remember that it's not your fault if someone else has an adverse reaction or doesn't accept it as it is. However, the truth is that many people in society warmly welcome these sexual orientations and get their views.

If you have any doubts or hesitations, you can connect with people in the LGBTQ+ community online, through social media, or local support groups and get help with advice. If anyone feels unsafe and uncomfortable with an adverse reaction or rejection, they can feel free to contact a helpline at any time, like through the Trevor Project established in the US.

How To Explain Androsexuality To Your Loved Ones?

  • Ideas such as androsexual or androphilic are more inclusive today than earlier expressions of sexuality and gender. It's up to you to decide how you handle things and when and how you share your gender and sexual orientation with your friends, family members, or other loved ones.
  • You must assume that some people will be helpful and that they will accept and inspire you in every situation. At the same time, some people will completely deny it, and they may even isolate you from them.
  • While others may need more education about it, you can provide them with articles, research, or studies and detailed definitions of sexual orientation. When they understand it, they usually accept it.

Some Important Things To Cooperate And Support

Every person in society has their point of view, which needs to be accepted and inspired by us. So, to support those who identify as androsexual and may be allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, people can help and keep them through the following steps:

  • Avoid making false assumptions about people's gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Understand how unconscious beliefs and prejudices can be harmful to her.
  • Be inclusive with the use of social groups, pronouns, names of sexual orientation, and pervasive vocabulary.
  • Speak openly in their favor, raise your voice, and inspire them. And if anyone makes objectionable or ignorant comments against them, then strongly oppose them. Such as false statements and offensive or ignorant remarks against people from the LGBTQIA+ community. Educate others about the LGBTQIA+ community, their issues, and the pronouns and terminology involved.
  • Here, learn, and think positively about the experiences of people in the LGBTQIA+ community. 
  • Learn about and support marginalized people and groups within the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Be a part of campaigns promoting LGBTQIA+ or other sexual orientation equality and fully support their policies.

What Does Pansexuality Mean?

Pansexuality involves romantic, emotional, or sexual attraction to people regardless of gender. Like everyone else, pansexuals can be attracted to certain people who don't care about the person's gender. In general, people of any gender identity can identify themselves as pansexual. Some people use the terms bisexual and pansexual interchangeably, and they believe that the two times are the same, but this is incorrect, and there are differences between them.

What Is The Difference Between Pansexuality, Bisexuality, And Polysexuality?

Bisexuality involves attraction to certain people of two or more sexes, whereas pansexuality is an attraction to a single person regardless of gender. Polygamy is an attraction for many people, but not for all genders.

It is important to note that a bisexual person or a pansexual person can be attracted to people of different genders or anyone, regardless of gender. However, this does not mean they are automatically attracted to people of all genders. A heterosexual woman doesn't need to be attracted to all men.

Pansexual vs Bisexual

Pansexuality and bisexuality are generally similar, but it is not so simple and not entirely the same. Pansexuality is much broader than bisexuality, and people who identify as pansexual can be attracted to people of all genders. At the same time, bisexuality is an attraction to two or more sexes. Depending on their conscience and how they present themselves, people who identify as bisexual may or may not be pansexual.

Some people prefer to identify themselves as bisexual, even though they may be pansexual, as the term bisexual is more commonly recognized than pansexual. 

Pansexual vs Polysexual

Similarly, the difference between pansexuality and polysexuality is that pansexuality is much broader than polysexuality.

Unlike bisexuality, polysexuality means explicitly that there are certain genders to which a person is not attracted. In general, Pali means many, but not all. 

For example- those who identify as polysexual may be attracted to people of all genders except women. Conversely, a pansexual person may be tempted by men, women, non-binary people, and people of any other gender identity.


Usually, a person who identifies as androsexual is attracted to perceived masculinity, which can include a person's appearance, body language, and way of acting. And in fact, people of any gender identity or sexual orientation can claim to be androsexual.

Androsexual as an identity in the field of sexual orientation is a term that means that you are attracted to men or masculine people. However, whether you use the time for yourself or not is entirely up to you. It's your choice and discretion whether you want to share it or not, and at the same time, it's up to you to decide who you want to tell, Or you don't want to share this with other people.

Others can help and support Androsexuals by understanding their experiences and respecting their identities.

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