Sex Position #17 Considerate Man

Considerate Man Sex Position
Position type: 69 sex position Oral sex Belowjob Lying down Women on top

Main stimulation:  Clitoral stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Holding her buttocks

Who takes the initiative: Man active Woman active

Position description:

Woman is water, it takes time to boil her, every part of her body can make her boil, and then you will get unlimited feedback. The man lies on his back, his head is on a pillow, and the legs are slightly driven apart. The woman sits with her buttocks on his chest, maximum close to his neck and completely leans to his penis. Hands of the female partner lie on his hips, her head is between his legs. The man raises his head and caresses his lady’s crotch, hands are put on her buttocks, or one of them may be used to satisfy his partner.

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