18 Sex Tips For Long Term Couples That You Should Try In Bed

Sex Tips For Long Term Couples

Keeping the passion alive in the bedroom isn't easy at all. But it is well known that sex is essential in a relationship between couples. Not only is it good to keep that bond intact, but doing it regularly has physical and mental health benefits.

Before you both roll into the bedroom and go to sleep, you have to think about your partner; after all, everyone has expectations that don't necessarily have to be spoken about. You have to understand yourself.

Long term relationship has its advantages, but sometimes it can also harm. If you make mistakes in understanding and feeling things, it will have an adverse effect. [Read: 30 Best Sex Games For Couples To Play In The Bedroom]

18 Super Effective Sex Tips For Couples

If you're in a long-term relationship and feel like things are getting a little stagnant, or maybe you're alive, it needs more. So here are some tips that you can add to your regular sex repertoire to add a new dimension to sexual activity and give your relationships a trigger. All those tips are entertaining and can go a long way in keeping your relationship alive and fresh.

1. Have Morning Sex At Least Once Or Twice A Week

Morning sex acts as a link in relationships and sex life, bringing intensification between husband and wife. It is scientifically proven that morning sex works as a medicine for you. Between being less self-conscious and your partner is already there, this is a great way to start the day. Imagine what could be better if the day begins with an orgasm. It can set a smile on your face throughout the day. [Read: The Ultimate Guide For Sex Moaning Sounds]

2. Journey From Bedroom To Bathroom

It's only part of morning sex; if you wake up together, or your partner is waiting for you to wake up in your arms, it's fun to carry out the romance. Most men prefer to have sex in the morning because they are self-prepared at this point, require less foreplay, and both are refreshed rather than tired as in the night. And it would help if you also got ready to go to the office. Hence, the first thing to do is take a shower.

When you're teasing your partner in bed when they're too hot to get wet, then you pick them up in your lap and take them to the bathroom. The sex that happens under the shower or in the bathtub energizes your day for the whole week. Both of you are filled with the energy of this adventurous sex. So definitely, you must do it at least in a week; it will take your relationship to the next level.

3. Don't Forget To Surprise Your Partner.

Who doesn't love a surprise, especially when it comes from your love? Even those people who do not like surprises also enjoy surprises in terms of sex. It doesn't necessarily have to be a particular day, and it can be yours anytime. If you live separately, then surprise sex for the partner is very good. Or both of you are working, so one day there is some work to call a partner, then come early from the office, And then welcoming and greeting them with sex as soon as they arrive can be wonderful. It can be fun for both of you to peel the clothes off their bodies with a killer smile.

4. It Might Be Nice To Set Up A Special Evening To Share Your Special Fantasies

When you've been in a relationship for a long time, naturally, you deal with weird things. And in such a situation, sharing your fantasies with your partner is necessary. For this, it is necessary to welcome them with an open mind. When sharing your fantasies, you need to talk about what inspires you and how you can fulfill each other's fantasies. And it is important to accept each other's feelings with respect. It is also true that It can fulfill not all fantasies, but it is also good sometimes.

So pick a specific night to discuss your fantasies. Maybe, even if you don't think you have anything in store for that night, you'll find something after talking for a while.

5. RolePlay Sex

It is essential to have adventures in relationships; something different happens sometimes, especially if fantasy is the most different, then the spice becomes automatic. This fantasy is born in the mind of every person at some point or the other. Suppose you have sex while in a bedroom role; this novelty will become memorable for both of you and bring intensity. At least once a week, indulging in BDSM sex (role play sex) will provide more stability in your long relationship. [Read: What Is Sexual Cosplay: The Complete Ultimate Guide Of Cosplay Sex]

6. Flirting

Many people think flirting is what you do to lure your sweetheart into your clutches, but it is much more. Flirting is playful and fun, so winking at your partner is a friendly reminder that you're still warm to them, even if you're not in the bedroom. It acts as a link in long-term relationships, so whenever you feel something is missing in your relationship, or there is a slight rift between you, forget everything and flirt. Surely this will change things.

7. Try A New Sex Position A Week or Month

New sex positions improve your sex life. You don't need to try only the positions you have seen in porn movies. A sex position is an act you should do according to your instincts. And you can even invent a new sex position yourself. A little pain may accompany it, but if the pain and the pleasure of sex come together, it takes you a long way. [Read: Find Your Best Sex Positions]

8. Any Third Place Other Than The House And Bedroom

Not only the house and bedroom is your home, but the whole world is your home, and you can choose any third place for the adventure. A deserted place on the side of a highway and you are having sex with your partner in the car. Or you can choose a nude beach, where you can feel free to be intimate with your sweetheart with just a guise on the seaside beach, without any fear. Or having sex in a public place with little risk will take you far. I'm not suggesting that you start on a bench in front of everyone in the park, but with your discretion and creativity, you know exactly how and when to do it.

9. Meet Each Other Again Like An Old Friend or A Stranger

When you were a teenager and fell in love with a girl from high school but never got to meet her that way, now is the time that you can both make it through in the same role. Or you can have sex like a one-night stand. Or you just met today and expressed love to each other, then your love took both of you to the bedroom, and it is enjoyable to end with a great orgasm with great sex.

10. One Night Again You Are Getting Married.

You celebrate your wedding anniversary every year, but imagine this time both of you are getting married to each other in private. It will take your relationship to a different level. [Read: How To Be A Better Lover And Spice Up Your Relationship]

11. Sexting Is Necessary

Sexting, if you haven't done it yet, can be summed up in just one word, which is fantastic. It can be the technical version of foreplay and is the perfect way to get you and your partner in the mood. It is also great to liven up your long and tiring workday. Suppose you are in the office and stimulating your sweetheart with sexting. Your sweetheart is eagerly waiting for you in excitement. You enter your sweetheart as soon as you return home because you've already completed the process of foreplay and are all set to bump into each other.

12. Occasionally Watch Porn Together

Gone are the days when porn was considered only for men. Today, women are watching porn just like men and enjoying it too. Although we may have different things that turn us on compared to men, if you look around you, you can find something that you both enjoy. If visual porn doesn't suit you, then written erotica (erotic book) is something for you to try. And then you can assimilate it.

13. Tease Each Other

It is a wonderful device. Whether you do it with facial expressions, gestures, or more hands-on, it fuels the sexual fire. Teasing my partner is relentless. I can't help, but when I see that he's getting too hot and upset about it, I exaggerate it a bit. Teasing is a part of love, and if you take it in a positive direction, then it is very effective.

14. Obsessive During Sex

Everyone does sex; you do it daily, but doing it differently leaves an indelible impression and mixes many colors in your intimacy. Being excessively alive during sex, praising each other over, and praising your partner with dirty talk in passion will give a new direction to your sex life. For example, during intercourse, you can excitedly say with Sicario that your pussy is very beautiful and sexy; when both of your breasts move, I get more energy. And then your darling will warm more and part.

15. Communicate What Feels Good And What Needs To Be Done

The most important part of having great sex is communication. If your partner breaks down on you and knows what they're doing, it's your job to provide direction. If you want to get the most out of your sex life, you must communicate what you like and what doesn't and what needs to be done. Communication acts as the best lubrication in sex. And it would help if you tried it.

16. Sex Toys Make Your Sex Better

Sex toys are a must-have in your bedroom, it takes your sex drive to the next level and fills it with excitement. Your partner will also like this very much, as they will get better orgasm with sex toys during intercourse. So feel free to be sure to add sex toys.

17. Cast Some Different Magic As Foreplay

Sex is incomplete without foreplay, a better orgasm is achieved than foreplay, so foreplay is wonderful. And the longer you can extend it, the better it will give you results. Sometimes quick is fun too. It's really hot to put in lots and lots of time to achieve high levels and powerful things. It is well known that the longer the foreplay, the better the sex. It is a great tip for an explosive orgasm and a powerful orgasm.

18. Incorporate Striptease

Usually, we shy away or hesitate to do such things. But if striptease sex is included in the bedroom, it will be fascinating. You are sitting on a chair, and your sweetheart is dancing in front of you in a sexy half-dress, peeling off clothes one by one. You are getting excited and want to touch her, but she won't let you touch her.

Burning in the fire of sex has its pleasant feeling. And then reaching the climax and having great wild sex will surely give both of you a powerful orgasm. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]


Simply put, sex is essential to maintain and stay in long-term relationships. For couples, it is the glue that holds the relationship together. Social surveys and studies show that relationships in modern life tend to deteriorate, and fail, after 5 to 7 bad sexual encounters.

Your partner may not share his dissatisfaction until it's too late, and she may become frustrated. Hence, it's important to spice things up and figure things out. So don't wait for that tough time; spice things up and enjoy the happy ending of refreshing sex life.

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