Classification And Selection of Male Sex Toys

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What are male sex toys?

Male sex toys are masturbation tools that satisfy male sexual pleasure and help men achieve orgasm. Nowadays, the highly developed sex toy industry has resulted in many sub-categories of male sex toys. To help male friends choose their sex toys better, we have made detailed classifications of sex toys on the market for everyone to select a reference.

Let us first learn the pattern of male masturbation and orgasm. The male orgasm is divided into two parts: the penile ejaculation orgasm that most adults can accept, and the other is the prostate orgasm or anal orgasm. Therefore, the masturbation devices that achieve male orgasm are classified into penis masturbators, and prostate masturbators (anal masturbators).

1. Penis masturbators, classified from power, can be divided into manual masturbators and electric masturbators.

The appearance classification can be divided into vaginal masturbators, anal masturbators, and mouth masturbators, which are classified according to different insertion ports.

The purpose of its design is to meet the fantasy needs of people for different sex because some people like vaginal sex, some like anal sex, and some like oral sex.

1) Manual masturbation sets

This kinds of masturbation sets are a relatively simple masturbators; the primary material is TPE or TPR material, high-end uses silicone material.

Most of the materials on the market are made of TPE, or inside is TPE channel, and the outside is ABS material. There are small ones that use one hand to hold it, these types of masturbators are often called pocket pussy.

Some larger artificial buttocks and full-size sex dolls are also popular.

The advantage of small masturbators (pocket pussy) is that they are very easy to carry and store, also easy clean.

Large masturbators can bring you a realistic sex experience, especially sex dolls are loved by some single users as companions. However, such products lack privacy due to their large size.

2) Electric male masturbators device.

The functions of the electric masturbation device are telescopic, vibrating, rotating, swinging, squeezing, inhaling, artificial intelligence, etc., or a combination of these functions.

Masturbators with only vibration functions are mostly developed for male training. The purpose is not to get you the pleasure of orgasm, but to massage the penis through vibration to promote blood circulation in the penis because any weapon needs maintenance, right?

Other types of electric masturbators make the experience unsatisfactory because of their different designs. Because of the size limitation, the creation of male masturbators is complicated. So that consumer feedback is not the same.

We recommend you to pay attention to two parameters before buying:

  • Size,
  • Power. 

If the power is insufficient, it will be disappointed by the jam during use. If the size is too large, the pleasure will be inadequate. Still, if the size is too small, it will not be able to use.

At the same time, when using this type of product, don't forget to apply a lubricant to prevent the machine from moving too fast and straining your little brother.

2. Another orgasm zone for men.

It is an undeveloped zone for most men. At the same time, many male users have quietly enjoyed the moisturizing pleasure here. That is the male prostate, which is unique to men. It also allows men to enjoy a different kind of orgasm.

Some businesses advocate that the use of a prostate massager can prevent prostate cancer and delay prostate hyperplasia. Still, so far, no authoritative person or organization has proven this. Anyway, the prostate Orgasm is something that every man can expect.

The benefits of using the prostate can outweigh the disadvantages. 

So what are the classifications of prostate sex toys (anal sex toys)?

1) Manual anal sex toys

Manual anal plugs (Butt plugs) are the most basic anal toys. They do not have a massage function, just let people enjoy the sensation of foreign bodies inserted into the anus (this is also a kind of pleasure), have a tail, or some adornments are for flirting.

Anal plugs (Butt plugs) are not only liked by men but also by many female users. After inserting anal plugs, many women enjoy sex more. Especially in the process of partner sex, inserting anal plugs into each other will make your sex more exciting. [Read: What is Butt plug]

2) Electric anal masturbation device

There are currently stimulus types such as thrusting, swing, vibration, air expansion, microcurrent pulse, or their combination. The development of anal sex toys is very fast, and more and more consumers accept it, but if you are a junior player, we recommend you try a small one first.

At the same time, lubricant is an indispensable auxiliary. If you feel unwell, please stop using it immediately. If you accidentally get injured or have persistent pain, don't hesitate to contact your doctor in time.

Here should be the most comprehensive classification of anal sex toys/prostate massagers on the Internet. Of course, my literary talent is limited, and expression is inevitably lacking. I hope to get your understanding. We will continue to update more articles about sex toys. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you.

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