Top 110 Hilariously Dirty Pick Up Lines Of 2023

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Funny, Sexy, Dirty Pick Up Lines: Generally, we use the best and most flirty pick up lines to impress someone. But if you are looking for some funny, sexy, and a little dirty pick up lines, this article has everything you need.

Our research team found out that Dirty Pick Up Lines is such a demanding topic, whose demand is not being met, and people are disappointed. And that's why we researched and discovered the essential filthy pickup lines to curate a collection that's sure to be a surprise creation for you.

With some people, you can use dirty - sexy pick up lines to say to a man or woman, but don't use it with everyone, pickup lines for boyfriend/girlfriend get filthy (dirty) or sexy as you like.

Your search for dirty pickup lines ends here because you have come to the right place in this article with some of the best dirty pick up lines to impress boys and girls anytime.

Dirty pickup lines are not colloquial or used words, so when you use them, make sure that the person you are using these lines for or with whom you are using these lines is worth or used to.

Now that we've made sure you won't use them on anyone without practicing with a trusted person, here are the funniest, craziest pick up lines just for you, and unique in the internet world.

There are over 100 'funny', sexy, and 'dirty pickup lines' here that you can use if you're looking for them. Although these pick up lines are designed for entertainment purposes, you can add to your entertainment world.

Most of these lines are for men and women; of course, some lines are divided only for men and some for women, so use them according to your convenience and entertainment. [Read: 100 Good Morning Texts For Him]

Best 110 Funny, Sexy, and Dirty Pick Up Lines

  1. Hello darling you are so hot, maybe that's why my zip is melting and falling.
  2. I want to be for you the one who tells you that my life has changed since I met him.
  3. People say kissing is the language of love, so I want to start a conversation with you. Will you do too?
  4. Do you have a mole on your bum, maybe I saw it in my dream last night.
  5. I have lost my car keys, can I check your pants pocket?
  6. People say I have wine on my lips, if you want to get intoxicated then you can drink it.
  7. If you want, can I take you like a lift and come over to you?
  8. If you are feeling cold, can I come over to you like your blanket?
  9. Baby I am very thirsty, can you give me a drink with your lips?
  10. You say you are hot, so may I bake bread on your bum?
  11. I love watching the sunset happen, but more than that, I'd love to see you from behind.
  12. If you're a mask, I'd like you to be on my face.
  13. I wish I was your mobile phone, so you would touch me all day.
  14. If you have an open heart, I would like to read it.
  15. I'm so afraid of the dark, can you sleep with me tonight?
  16. Can my key fit your lock?
  17. Which pen were you using when you were away from me in lockdown?
  18. If you are hot then I have ice to cool you down which will do it at your behest.
  19. Your smile is absolute poison, and I like to drink poison, shall I drink it?
  20. If you have a cup of hot tea, can I have you?
  21. You like 6 and I like 9, if we both get together, it will be 69.
  22. Can you lend me a kiss, I promise I'll give it back with interest.
  23. My name is A, but at night you were shouting B's name.
  24. I don't feel myself today, can I feel you if you allow?
  25. We can save a lot of water if we take baths together. 
  26. I like rounds rather than triangles.
  27. Yesterday when you were sitting behind me on the bike, something was pricking in my back.
  28. The ink of my pen is very thick, that's why I do not write on your paper quickly.
  29. Do you like to drive a car or a bike?
  30. In which gear do you like to drive the most?
  31. Do you prefer to drive or sit back?
  32. Why is the zip of your pants raised?
  33. Your car makes a loud noise while driving.
  34. Do you prefer to drink hot milk or cold?
  35. My tea is very strong, just like yours.
  36. Do you like apples or lemons?
  37. Last night you entered No Entry.
  38. You were driving on the wrong side last night, didn't you realize?
  39. If you want, I can get you to ride my horse cart.
  40. What do you prefer, hitting fours and sixes or a test match?
  41. Do you have more grass on your ground?
  42. My ground is always clean, you can land your jet whenever you want.
  43. Are you from the USA, I thought it was from my heart.
  44. Baby where's your switch, I want to turn you on.
  45. Is your bat small, but I like a big bat?
  46. ​​Do you like to take runs or hit fours and sixes?
  47. Last night it felt like my finger would melt.
  48. Why is the battery of your mobile so weak that it gets discharged quickly?
  49. Do you like the taste of cream?
  50. Your balloon is so cute, can I touch it and see?
  51. Come home early at night, I will feed you hot food.
  52. How do you like my sandwich?  I mean what I made.
  53. When do you like to drink milk before eating or after eating at bedtime?
  54. I love the ink of your pen.
  55. I'll kiss you, and if you don't like it, give it back to me.
  56. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star My car is ready for you.
  57. If you want, I can give you oxygen.
  58. If you want to burn calories, you can kiss me, because doctors say kissing burns calories.
  59. If your period is bothering you then I am the specialist and can stop your period for 9 months.
  60. If you want, you can test your pen by running it on my paper.
  61. Your heater is always very hot.
  62. I have lost my virginity so can you give me your virginity?
  63. If you want to work, I have the Kama Sutra.
  64. Yesterday when you were lying naked on the beach, my black dragon was getting uncontrollable.
  65. When you take your head between my thighs, my chin goes out.
  66. Your chicken farm must have the medicine by which I can make my cock grow.
  67. Although I don't predict the weather, you can enjoy 6-7 inches of deep rain.
  68. How would you feel if I slam my bat on your ball?
  69. My volcano is about to explode, if you want it can erupt inside you.
  70. If you want, you can dive in my sea.
  71. He comes alive when you caress my balls.
  72. I am blind, can you put your stick in my hand?
  73. When you touch me, my lips swell, and I get wet.
  74. Do you prefer to bat on a grassy pitch or a clean pitch?
  75. Moisture remains low on my pitch, so pour water before batting.
  76. Do you like doggy or mares?
  77. Whenever I miss you, some part of me gets wet.
  78. If you let me plug my socket into your socket, then together we can generate electricity.
  79. I love your bat because he hits fours and sixes.
  80. Last night my player got injured because your ground was very slippery.
  81. If your player is new then he can play on my ground easily because my ground is big.
  82. Would you like to warm up before getting into my swimming pool?
  83. I am in awe when you enter through the back door.
  84. You forced your way into my back door last night, don't you like the front door?
  85. Your tongue feels good about the test.
  86. You start playing straight while I like to warm up first.
  87. I like to eat oranges by pressing them.
  88. You can come and eat in my kitchen whenever you want.
  89. The water in my swimming pool is warm, you can take a quick bath if you want.
  90. Last night my friend was very sad because her batting partner was injured.
  91. Which is your favorite place, Circle House or Sydney Bridge?
  92. If you see a hair in your food, you start dancing, but at night you eat it like vermicelli.
  93. If I put my grease in your machine, the road may be blocked for 9 months.
  94. Do you have more depth in your mouth or a Triangular swimming pool?
  95. Do you like volleyball or bat ball?
  96. Your player gets tired quickly, feed him energy
  97. Do you like to eat cream wrapped around your finger or put your mouth directly in the bowl?
  98. The more noise there is during the game, the more I enjoy batting.
  99. OK, you test first then beat my heater with your stick.
  100. Why does your player vomit so fast when I want him to bat more now?
  101. I think you are the cause of global warming because you are very very hot.
  102. Your stick was stinging me a lot last night, keep it safe.
  103. Your cup of milk is huge, which I like.
  104. If you want me to drive, will you sit or lie down?
  105. Why do you drive so fast, I sprain my waist.
  106. Which job do you like? Blow-Job?
  107. I am thirsty. Can you give me your tap water?
  108. My friend says you are very hot, has she ever touched your warmth?
  109. Your warm breath is warming me too.
  110. What do you like to have the most, cucumber, carrot, or brinjal?

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