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Staying healthy and safe while engaging in sexual activities as a lady is as important as dressing up daily. Due to the widespread sexually transmitted disease such as HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis, it's crucial to getting safe to prevent yourself from such. Also, prevent diseases; some of the tools used can help prevent unwanted pregnancy.Several ways to protect yourself from sexual disease and unwanted pregnancy;

Get familiar with your Status

Checking regularly your sexual status is essential, especially if you are active sexually or still active. This is paramount as most sexually transmitted diseases don't show symptoms until a few weeks or months. Getting tested gives you knowledge of your Status, in which you would know if you have contracted it from a previous or present partner, and aid you to receive treatment as soon as possible. You could also get your partner tested so as to confirm your safety.

Always make use of Protection

This is one of the major ways to protect yourself from sexual disease and unplanned pregnancy. It helps prevent any of these. It serves as a barrier to getting anything in or out of liquid substance each time you engage in penetrative sex. The common form of condoms used for protection is male condoms. But if one doesn't want a male condom, there is another option of condom, which is the female condom. There are several types of condoms; if your partner is allergic to one, the other can be used instead.


Communicating with your partner is key. Telling your partner about your sexual preferences and past, including your decision to engage in safe sex. This enables you both to communicate effectively. This communication helps you both know your sexual history, and know if there is any potential sexual disease that may be found and give rooms and ground for testing

Abstaining from sexual activities

Through any sexual means, one can contact STI, either through anal sex, vagina, and oral sex. So to prevent this, and get full result or full safety from all these sexual diseases, would be not to have sex at all. Deciding not to have sex until you are ready to prevent complications that may be harmful to your mental health.

Limit the number of sexual partners

It's no new fact that the more sexual partners you have, the likely hood of you getting either STI or pregnant is relatively high. So limiting the number of sexual partners you have is a better decision for safety.

Dedicating yourself to your first time

Deciding to take that step into having sex for the first time might be confusing to you and scaring, because of the rumors, but it's the opposite. The enjoyment in it can't be over-emphasized enough. Here are some tips to help you for your first time and ensure you do enjoy yourself.

  1. Be Prepared:this might sound unimportant to you, but it is the main point in having sex for the first time. Having sex is not just about physical activity; it's an emotional one where your nerves can take over. Before taking action, you need to ask yourself again if you want to have it and are ready to take that decision. Be honest about what you want so that you won't regret it late on. At times expectations you have laid down for your first time may not be lived up to, which may make you not satisfied enough. So it's preferable to go with the flow and enjoy yourself during the act. Although being ready emotionally is Paramount, but having protection is also as important. And keep your mind relaxed; this enhances the sexual pleasure you feel.
  1. Giving and receiving consent before sex:this is by far more enjoyable when both partners give each other consent before having sex. The pleasure is at its peak and gives the real sexual experience to you both. Talking to your partner during sex also helps, giving your honest opinion of what you want and what you don't; this makes you feel more comfortable during the sex. And when you feel uncomfortable, you can change your mind and end it, telling your partner the reasons.
  2. Knowing they are different types of sex:there are series of sex, which are satisfactory to a different set of people. So knowing the different kinds of sex can prepare you and make you see the type of sex you want and the ones you wouldn't want to venture in. There are oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex.
  3. Engaging in Foreplay: foreplay is activities that do involve penetration, but other forms of pre-sexual activities that stimulate each of you both genitals. It helps get you both turned on before having sex, where the penis is erected for the male and wet in the vagina for the female. Most people even achieve orgasm during foreplay than penetrative sex.

The Convenience of Physical and Mental Health - Using Sex Toys

The importance of mental and physical health is of great value to everyone since illnesses are common in people to combat this. The things we spend time physically doing determine our mental Status, making it Paramount to watch out closely for our psychological and physical health. Paying close attention to your mental and physical health helps get you to become well and lead you to quick recovery from any mental or physical illness.

Using sex toys is quite beneficial to anyone who uses them, especially if you are trying to prevent emotional trauma from men or women, which can cause a phobia that would endanger your sex life. Dildo has proven to be of great importance to improving individual mental and physical health.

Sex toys are effective, just like the natural thing, which makes it seem like you aren't missing anything, but truly you won't be missing much. Most doctors prescribe the use of sex toys for some individuals for health purposes. This approves the convenience it gives for mental health and why you should get one.

The hormones released when reaching orgasm are vital to the human body, especially those depressed at that point. It gives them a sense of happiness. And there are some Sex toys such as the vagina balls that are effective for women in exercises.

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