23 Super Essential Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work

long distance relationship guide

It is true that in modern times it has become very difficult to maintain relationships in a busy life. Especially when it comes to long-distance relationships, it becomes very challenging, but modern technology has made it easy too. With texting and video calls (conferencing) at our hands and fingers today, it appears that it is easier than ever to maintain a long-distance relationship. Gone are the days when long-distance calls were just a luxury. But today it is happening in a jiffy.

In the olden days, the delivery of mail which was weeks old yet had to wait much longer. Now those days are old.  And today in the blink of an eye, your dears are seen in front of your eyes.

Now we don't even have to wait for our loved ones to check their emails when they come home from work. Instant messaging keeps us connected even when we are shopping at the mall, working in the kitchen, playing games, watching movies, and more. Even in seconds, they are in front of us in video conferences.

However, modern technology cannot compensate for everything in a long-distance relationship, as no one in a long-distance relationship is physically in front of you.

Many long-distance relationships still seem very difficult emotionally despite the lack of regular physical closeness, and that's natural too.

Many people often think that long-distance relationships will never work, it may be discouraged by your family or relatives, and some of your best friends may tell you not to take it too seriously if your heartbreaks. But it is true, it is not as true as it is shown.

Although it is also absolutely true that many things are not possible because of the extra distance - and no one can promise that it will be easy, so some things can be complicated, and of course, you can feel lonely and sad at times.

Still, many of us try and should. But many times people fail in this and the relationship not only creates distance but also breaks up. That's why we bring you 23 super tips that will surely make your long-distance relationship successful.

23 Super Great Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship A Success

1. Avoid Excessive Communication

In a long-distance relationship, being too close and possessive can be an unwise move. The two of you really don't need to communicate 10-12 hours a day for the relationship to be good and intact. Many people think that they should talk as much as possible which can make up for a distant relationship. But this is absolutely untrue, and it can only make things worse. More talk is also shared than talking, which reveals each other's weaknesses and flaws, which spoils the relationship, while many times too much conversation makes one feel bored, and distance starts in the relationship. So it is better to avoid it.

2. Take Long Distance Relationships As An Opportunity

If you want to be together, the first thing you have to do is learn how to live apart.  See this as a learning opportunity for both of you. This can be an opportunity for you to prove your love for each other, and you can learn how to deepen relationships. There is a very famous saying in the Indian subcontinent, which is also completely true - "Real gold prefers to burn and shine rather than fear the test of fire."

So instead of thinking that this long-distance relationship is tearing the two of you apart, you should firmly believe that this experience will make both of you stronger and that it will bring more depth to your relationship in the future. will work. [Read: 153 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend]

3. Set Some Basic Terms And Conditions For Handling Expectations From Each Other

During this long-distance relationship, you both need to be clear about what to expect from each other. Set some basic terms and conditions so that neither of you does things that hurt the other party emotionally.

For example-: Are you two exclusive? Is it okay for the other person to go on a date?  What is your level of commitment? It might be better to be open with each other about all of these things.

4. It Would Be A Better Move For Both Of You To Try To Communicate Regularly And Constructively, With Firmness And Confidence

The first and most important thing is the beginning of the day and the end of the night. Make sure to greet each other "good morning" and "good night" every day, it is very important. Also, try to keep your partner updated about your life and its events, even if some things seem mundane.

To make things better, send each other pictures, audio clips, funny and sexual mimes, and short videos from time to time. By making such efforts, you make the other person feel loved and cared for. [Read: 180 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend]

5. Dirty Talk Can Be Good

The one thing that causes the most tension between couples in a long-distance relationship is sexual tension.

There is no doubt that sexual tension changes a lot in distant relationships. In a way, sexual desire is like the glue that keeps both parties from separating. And lack of it also breaks the relationship. The sexual need for a human being is not only biological but is also very important emotionally.

So keep fanning the flames by sending each other obscene and provocative statements, photo videos, messages. Sexy sentences work great too.

6. The Companionship Of Friends Is Necessary But With The Trust Of The Partner.

If you know in advance that going to a club late at night, partying, drinking with your group of friends will annoy your partner, then you should avoid doing so, or as much as need the partner's trust before doing so, they should be assured that not much will happen, nor will anything wrong. This assurance will undoubtedly keep both of you close. [Read: Face Sitting: What Is It, And Why is It Such A Super Hot Topic?]

7. Doing It Online But Together Will Definitely Add Strength To The Relationship

You may be far away but technology has made things a lot easier so you should make the most of it.

For example : Play online games together. Watch a documentary together online. Sing to each other over a video call, dance, be together while cooking in the kitchen, eat together at the dining table. If you go for a walk, share places and things with each other through video calls. Shop each other's favorites over a video call, and send them online.

8. Do The Same Things, Or Like Each Other

Recommend each other's favorite books, TV shows, movies, music, news, and more when connected over the phone or video call. When you read, see, and hear similar things, you have more similar topics to talk about.

Even if you live apart, having some shared experience is great for relationships. [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship?]

9. Visit Each Other

Some people also like to travel. So we travel, visit each other from time to time. Every long-distance relationship is enriched by travel and fosters belonging.

After a long wait and yearning and restraint, you finally meet each other to accomplish all the little things like kissing, holding hands, hugging, walking around holding each other's hands, etc. These are typical of couples in long-distance relationships, and this leads to an increased special interest in intimacy.

10. Make A Goal, Always Stay Focused And Stick To Your Goal

Are we going to be apart for a long time, if this happens then what will be the effect on these relationships in the future? There are some burning questions that you should ask yourself, as the answers to these questions will determine the course of your relationship. Therefore, face firmly such things and worries.

Actually, a couple can't last forever in a long-distance relationship, in the end, we all need to be together. So make a plan together. Set a timeline, mark the estimated time and time together, create an end goal, and stick to that goal.[Read: 30 Super Solid Ways You Can Love Your Wife Unconditionally]

11. Remove Loneliness And Enjoy yourself With Friends, Relatives, Or Family

You are alone, but you are not alone unless you want to feel that way. You don't have to build your own world around your partner - you still have friends, relatives, or family. Set aside this time to do more with your friends and family.

Go to the Yoga class and gym more often. Don't miss out on getting a new hobby. There are many things for you to do that your partner is not involved in but can be friends, relatives, family. So make the most of the opportunities instead of letting them pass you by.

12. Even If You Are Far Away, Honesty And Loyalty Are Essential

Talk openly about your fears, insecurities, jealousy, apathy. Never suppress your feelings, express them to each other, and resolve to show sincere loyalty. If you try to hide anything from your partner, then that secret will swallow you from inside to outside. Instead of solving everything on your own, share it with your partner. Show loyalty and honesty with each other. If your partner is able, let them help.  Support and support each other. It is better to eliminate the problem during its early stages until it is too late.[Read: How To Be A Better Lover And Spice Up Your Relationship]

13. Know And Respect Each Other's Time Schedules

It is helpful to know when the other person is busy and free. So that you can message or call at the right time. You don't want to disturb your partner when they are in the middle of a business meeting, having an urgent discussion with one of your clients, or are on an urgent trip. Make sure you are aware of small and big events in everyone's life, ie, college midterms and exams, important business trips, meetings, job interviews, etc. Especially if you live in different time zones, this becomes more important. And respect each other's time schedules.

14. Stay Connected With Each Other's Social Media Activities

View each other's FB and Insta, Twitter photos. Tweet each other, tag each other on FB, post stuff on each other's walls. Tell them publicly that you care about them. Enjoy chasing each other.

15. Stay Close To Them With Personalized Gifts

Memories increase in strength. No matter what it is – a simple item, a ring, a keychain, jewelry of her choice, a collection of songs and videos, perfume bottles, clothes, and so on. Everyday objects and things have meaning to us, whether we realize it or not.

We all try to store memories in physical things so that even when our brains fail, we can still see or hold onto something that helps us recall our memories. This is why something so simple means so much to a person when others see little or no value in it.

16. Staying Connected To A Good Messaging App Is A Must

Of course, this is extremely important as texting is the most frequent and common form of communication between the two of you. You must have a good messaging app on your phone that allows conversations through words and emojis. With this, you will be able to inform them from anywhere and at any time through 2 words, how are you, whether you are busy in any meeting, or even in any travel.

17. Express Each Other's Feelings In Notes And Mail

Even though the handwritten letter may have become an old thought, a small note like a letter will be very much liked by them. Or writing in the mail detailing the time spent by both of you along with their goodwill gives a nice and wonderful experience.

18. Caring For Each Other With Positive Thinking Always Gives Good Returns

You need to continuously observe positive energy to keep the long-distance relationship alive. Yes, the waiting can be painful, and you may feel lonely at times, but you need to remind yourself that in the end, the fruit will be as sweet as heaven. A great way to stay positive is to be grateful all the time. Be grateful that you have someone to love - someone who loves you back. Be grateful for the little things, like a handmade letter that's safely delivered to your mailbox the next day. What happens when you are away? Being mindful of each other's health and safety will ensure the safety of both of you.

19. Keep Each Other Updated About Each Other's Friends And Family Instead Of Just Thinking About Yourself

This will help both of you get to know each other's culture and values. Knowing each other's little habits helps develop mutual understanding and build mutual trust. Talking about family and friends gives you more topics to talk about.

20. Call Online Whenever Possible Keeping In Mind Each Other's Time Schedule

Couples in love can sometimes look into each other's eyes and hear each other's voices to make everything feel fine again. A video call though is nothing like being together but it is the sign and the best thing for cohabitation in a long-distance relationship.

21. Give Each Other The Name Of Love (NickName)

It's important, it adds to the familiarity, and feels like he's only there for me. Special names reserved only for each other are heartwarming. Hearing that one word with love lifts our spirits, and we feel reassured again. And when that word is heard from the mouth of the beloved, it is certainly very comforting.

22. Phone Sex Online Sex Is Also Important

Technology has progressed a lot. So we should take full advantage of it. The most important thing in distant relationships is the physical relationship.  But there could be more to it than just taking each other's parts into one another.

You can accomplish this through phone sex, video sex. Masturbating with each other's sensual voices, or gawking at each other's naked bodies and ejaculating with the magic of your hands and voice will be a wonderful experience. And will give a new dimension to the relationship. But there is a slight risk involved, so always be careful and careful when having sex over a video call. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]

23. Send Them Your Favorite Cute And Sexy Gift

Wherever you are in the world, send each other gifts from time to time around the world. Flower delivery on birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day. Shop online and surprise each other with cool t-shirts, sexy underwear, bra - panty sets, sexy lingerie.


With the best wishes….

Arguably none of us expect long distance in a relationship, but if you are in this kind of relationship, you have to make the most of a difficult situation. These tips for long-distance relationships will strengthen and hopefully help you stay strong and happy when apart from each other.

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