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Sex should be enjoyed and not endured. It is for pleasure and not to be painful. However, there may be a few reasons why some do not enjoy it. The reason may vary, however, from one bedroom to bedroom. Have you visited seen any of our amazing toys for men and women? You can view some of them here Xinghaoya.net. The challenge seems to be more of a women’s problem more, however. Most (conservative) women have only had to keep up with sex as a responsibility to perform to their partner.

What makes the situation more difficult is that in most chronic cases, the woman is almost unable to complain to their partner or is tired of complaining of the same thing repeatedly.

That can be a heck of a feeling.

Having to just lie down for your partner to ride you and you are not just feeling it. Your partner may be excited to come close, but you can’t just find the vibe anywhere. It is called the orgasm gap in women, and researchers have revealed that many women have always faked orgasm until they found out about amazing sex toys.

Men who are always avoiding sex or always cooking excuses may indicate that they are not finding it exciting again. So the problem of unenjoyable sex is experienced in both sexes.

Reasons why partners may not enjoy sex?

Painful sex

This condition in women has caused many of them to give up on the whole idea of sex. They find it painful. In some women who have complained about painful sex, penetrating sex seemed like being pierced through with sharp objects. In health studies, pain during sexual intercourse is described as dyspareunia. If the feeling is painful, you must expect that your woman’s days of enjoyable sex are over until you take proactive sex as the man.


Infections may also cause painful sex, and a couple of them have been diagnosed over time. The list range from gonorrhea, Chlamydia to genital herpes. Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that is sexually transmitted during unsafe sex. Chlamydia is not only transmitted during anal and vaginal sex alone. It could also be passed around during oral sex. Chlamydia is contractible by both sexes. In the woman, it results in pain and can destroy the reproductive system in women. It is the same for gonorrhea. Gonorrhea affects men and women as well. It is also passed around in all of the forms of sex. It is highly recommended that you visit the hospital for any irregularity observed in the body. You don’t want to spread gonorrhea around the entire neighborhood.


This is an instance of the pelvic floor muscle contracting anytime something is inserted into the vaginal. This is an involuntary response in women, and the pain can vary from mild to painful ones. This condition is best described as the woman’s vaginal being fearful at the instance of any object, penis, speculum, or even tampon. Women who are not aware of this may face serious pain and even complications if it is not quickly checked and resolved. It may be due to the physical fear of pregnancy or pain. When a woman is scared, it could trigger her pelvic floor muscles to spasm in response. This should be taking into consideration when choosing a sex toy. Our toys come in various sizes and up to at least ten (10) different kinds of vibration modes. You can change the vibration modes easily as you want using the wireless remote, so this way, you don’t have to scare a muscle www.xinghaoya.net.

Work stress

Work stress is responsible for why some people do not enjoy sexual intercourse again. For some men, work has become a mistress that humiliates them. Some men and even women are so engrossed in work that it kills their desire or thought for sex. In a practical instance, when a partner has a presentation to make in the office the next day, the next thing in their mind is not sex. They are either working on the data or trying to make the slides more appealing. It is not just sex; it is far from romance. However, this tends to become a habit in most men, and since old habits die hard, the loss of sex drive makes sex a burden. Thye may be forced to do it; you can be sure it can never be an enjoyable experience.


Anxiety is a state of worry and fear, a feeling of nervousness that results in compulsive behaviors or panic. It also refers to an unpleasant emotion of anticipating a bad response or result. In this case, anxiety is a condition of fear expressed by a partner due to their inability to satisfy their sexual partner. Anxiety ruins all the phases of sexual intercourse, the desired stage, arousal, and orgasm.

Anxiety works in a lot of ways in men. It is responsible for erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. For the umpteenth time, sex is also a psychological activity. There is the place of the brain in sex. For most men, the anxiety of not meeting the sexual need of their spouse freaks them out. So much so that when they go to the bedroom, they are praying that their partner does not request sex. Even in females, this may be a cause for alarm. The fear of not staying hard for as long as their partner would want could make sex an uninteresting experience, and if it is left unattended, it may be to kill the sex drive in either of the partners or even both.

Anxiety is a factor for both sexes. It can affect the libido of either partner. As we get anxious as humans, we find it difficult to concentrate on the intercourse, our need, or our partner’s needs. This eventually can ruin the entire relationship because when a partner feels they are not sexually taken care of, they may adopt a dangerous decision as a coping strategy.

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