The most complete and latest classification of female sex toys in 2023

female sex toys

It can be said that most adult women will have their own vibrator, and many women even have multiple vibrators with different functions. Nowadays, there are so many female sex toy products on the market. For ordinary consumers, it may not be possible to distinguish them clearly? Today I will explain to you in detail, I hope it will be helpful to your choice.

1. Realistic dildo: Realistic appearance makes people want to stop. The realistic penis is very popular because of its imitation and it can convey real sex fantasy to users. Most lifelike dildos are equipped with suckers, which can be fixed to objects with smooth surfaces and can change their sex positions by attaching them to desktops, walls, and other places. In addition to imitations of human penises, merchants also introduced wolf dildos, horse dildos, and dragon roots, and other weird-shaped simulated dildos. However, since simulated animal dildos are usually larger, so for beginners, please try them carefully.

2. Nipple toys: The nipple is also a sensitive area for women. By stimulating the nipple, the heartbeat of women can be accelerated and excited. Nipple stimulators include nipple clamps, nipple suction cups, and nipple lifting weights. Although these toys are not mainstream sex toys and are not expensive, they are very helpful for pre-sexual provocations. They activate and turn on women just like boosters. The valve of desire.

3. Vibrators: Vibrators are the main female sex toys, and they are also the type that most women often buy. Obviously, there must be more than one type of vibrator. They can be divided into the following types according to their functionality:

1) Clitoral stimulator: The clitoris is the most important area of female orgasm. Studies have shown that for nearly 75% of women, penetration alone will not lead to orgasm, and 83% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve it. Therefore, the clitoral vibrator is an important area for women to obtain orgasms. Of course, the clitoral stimulator is a very important type of female sex toy. All vibrating toys are suitable for stimulating the clitoris, but for the convenience of use, many businesses have developed small clitoral stimulators, which have also made many optimizations in terms of functions. At present, more of them are swallowing, sucking, and simulating tongue licking. , And vibration, or a combination of several functions. The clitoral stimulator is very suitable for beginners of sex toys. It does not need to be inserted into the vagina. It is used externally and slowly tested.

2) G-spot vibrator: It can be seen from the literal that it is a toy that stimulates the female G-spot. The G-spot stimulator usually has a vibrating motor, which is mainly based on vibration. At present, it has derived expansion, swing, flapping, swallow and spit. , Sucking and other functions, but the experience is not satisfactory.

3) Rabbit vibrator: The rabbit vibrator is developed on the basis of the G-spot vibrator. It has dual stimulation functions for the G-spot and the clitoris. Similarly, the rabbit sex toy has been added with expansion, swing, flapping, swallow and spit, sucking, etc. The function and experience are equivalent to the G-spot vibrator.

4) Realistic vibrator: This kind of vibrator is actually developed based on the appearance of the dildo. It adds a vibration, telescoping, swinging, and other functions on the basis of the fake penis. It also has a suction cup simulation vibrator and a handle simulation The vibrator can be selected according to personal preference.

5) Butterfly vibrator: It is also called wearable vibrator, invisible vibrator, panty vibrator, etc. The original intention of developing this sex toy is to make it more convenient for users to use. Most of these toys have remote control functions. When you wear it, all you do is pull the trigger of the remote control and enjoy everything. You can wear it to sleep, or even run to the street for a stroll. Of course, you have to make sure that your expression cannot betray you. Wearable vibrators are divided into tongue-worn vibrators and G-spot vibrators. Tongue-worn vibrators mainly stimulate the clitoris and cannot be inserted into the vagina, while G-spot vibrators can usually be inserted into the female vagina and can stimulate G. Point, but also stimulate the clitoris.

6) Bullet vibrator: bullet, as the name implies, is a vibrator that is small in size and easy to carry. It usually looks like a bullet or a camouflage vibrator-like lipstick. Because of their small size, most of these vibrators have only vibration functions. And the vibration strength is relatively weak, but it is convenient to carry and has good concealment.

7) Finger vibrator: This kind of vibrator is certainly not unfamiliar to everyone. Finger stroking the clitoris or thrusting in the vagina is the way most women masturbate. Finger vibrators can provide great help for female masturbation. This kind of masturbation toy can be worn on a finger like a ring, and the clitoris can be stimulated by vibration to achieve orgasm. The experience is very good.

8) Vibrating egg: The vibrator for vibrating egg is developed from the Kegel ball. The function of the Kegel ball is mainly to help women recover from postpartum vaginal tightening. Later, the vibration function is added, so it is called a vibrating egg, or love ball. Vibrating eggs are generally controlled by wireless remote control, similar to wearing vibrating appliances.

To sum up, nowadays, there are many choices of female vibrators. Due to market competition, the so-called differentiation of merchants has led to various vibrators with peculiar shapes. Remember that the choice of vibrators must first consider safety. Choose safe and non-toxic sex toys. As for the shape and function of the vibrator, it depends entirely on the user's personal preference.

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