How To Masturbate In The Shower: Tips, Techniques, And Everything You Need To Know

masturbation in the shower

The very thought of masturbating in the shower fills your body and special organs with excitement. Masturbating with a shower is an incomparable and unimaginably thrilling experience. You can imagine how blissful your whole day will be if you start the day with a unique, powerful orgasm, and there's nothing better to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

With shower drops dripping on your body, and some rose petals along with your favorite scented body wash, there is hardly anyone who doesn't get carried away. And automatically your fingers kick into action, and you're blown away by an incredibly-powerful orgasm. Undoubtedly, nothing can be more exciting and joyful than this.

A washroom and shower is a place where you are completely alone and naked. Your naked body and private part are in front of your eyes, the flowing stream of water is tickling your body, and the drops fall on your private part. In such a situation, there is bound to increase sensation and sexual arousal in the body, and the only solution is to get pleasure from oneself, that is, masturbation. And then fills you up with energy even before you leave the house.

Masturbating in the shower is a better move. I can't think of a better way to start your day than by stopping in the shower, lathering up with excessive body wash, and getting to orgasm quickly.

And even though it's the same place where you brush or shave, it's very private and relaxing, which honestly makes it the perfect place to step down in private.

But many questions and doubts keep arising in the mind. And today we are presenting the answer and solution to this in front of you in this article. Which will remove the questions and dilemmas arising in your mind. [Read: The Pussy Pump - What Are It And Why Should You Use It?]

Is Masturbating In The Bathroom The Same As Shower Masturbation?

They are not the same. Shower (water) masturbation is when a woman uses water specifically for sexual arousal. However, masturbating in the bathroom is like masturbating in the bathroom using a variety of methods such as vibrators, clitoral stimulation, or fingering yourself.

Should I Masturbate In The Shower?

So the answer is of course it should. Not only is it okay to masturbate in the shower, but it does wonders for many benefits to your health. Masturbation and orgasm make you fresh and energized by removing your stress, and causing good sleep. And to start the day well, to keep you fresh and happy in the workplace, masturbating in the shower is a great idea and trick.

Many experts believe that masturbation provides many health benefits along with relieving stress. Not only can it make you mentally stronger by reducing stress, but it is also a great way to make you learn about your body and understand the sensual organs. So feel free to masturbate in the shower with full energy and positive thinking.[Read: 12 Powerful Masturbation Techniques For Incredible Orgasm With The Clit]

How Should I Masturbate In The Shower?

If you are new to this task, have never masturbated in the shower before, and you are imagining getting an orgasm in the shower for the first time, then there are some precautions you need to keep in mind. Your private part is the most important and sensitive part of your body, and during masturbation, water goes deep into your organs (in your body), so first of all make sure that your bathroom is clean and sterile. And the bathtub, showerhead, and faucet should all be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

  • Before masturbating in the shower, you have to take care of some special things. For example, - Do not accidentally take products containing harsh chemicals like soap or bleach inside (inside the anus or vagina).Clean the hands thoroughly with handwash, you can use things like good quality lubricants for lubrication.
  • Once you are ready to have this thrilling experience, you can do it under the bathtub, hand shower, or wall shower at your convenience, and use your hands, fingers, or your favorite sex toy as a sex toy. Go to the unique and incomparable ecstasy.
  • If you're in the bathtub, raise both legs outstretched, preferably on the top edge of the tub, and begin masturbating by stroking and rubbing the clitoris, vagina, and anus with your hands or a sex toy.

If you want, lie on your back, spread your legs, and let the top of the shower (wall shower), hand shower, or faucet tip fall on the clitoris, be sure this masturbation method will give you a super-powerful orgasm with an excellent experience. If you want, you can experience double pleasure by entering your fingers or vibrator, or dildo during this time. Undoubtedly this unique masturbation process will change your experience of achieving orgasm. And of course, you will be completely satisfied. [Read: What You Must Know to Buy Rose Toy]

Is It Safe To Masturbate In The Shower?

Of course, masturbating in the shower is safe. Yes, taking a few precautions to minimize the risks will accelerate your enjoyment.

In some people, the stimulation is excessive, so avoid rubbing the vagina or anus directly into the hand shower head or faucet by running into the ocean of stimulation. Because it may contain germs, or it may cause injury to your sensory organs, vagina, or anus.

If you are going to take a hot shower, be sure to test the temperature of the water with your hands before going straight. Because the vagina can tolerate lower temperatures than other parts of the body, too hot water can damage the vagina and other sensitive organs.

Masturbation Before taking the shower (shower sex) directly, it is also good to make sure that the stream of water coming out of the tap or shower is not too hurtful.  A moderate force is good enough to stimulate your clitoris and vagina and get you an orgasm. You can increase the water pressure later if you want, but take special care, after all, you are going to play with the most sensitive parts.

How Can Masturbation In The Shower Be Made Better?

Of course, this is a different level of sexual fantasy and masturbation art, so to make shower masturbation more exciting, incomparable, and enjoyable, different from normal masturbation, some extras can be included, taking your pleasure and experience to the next level.

  • The music serves to add sweetness and joy to every act, so you can turn on your favorite music, and the pleasure can play a double role if the music is romantic.
  • An erotic audiobook can add depth to your pleasure, whether it is before going to the washroom or during masturbation, you can play an erotic (porn) movie on the display if you want.
  • Sex toys and vibratorsare sex tools that help you get pleasure without much struggle. You can take more than one sex toy (vibrator, dildo) with you to the washroom and bathtub if you're looking for double pleasure, just make sure the toys are waterproof.
  • Wine provides heat to your body, so if you consume wine, you can also take the wine of your choice with you. Keep in mind that you are going to enjoy, not sleep in the bed, so it is always beneficial to keep things within limits.
  • Masturbation does not mean that only you do it alone, it is not necessary that only the penetration of the vagina and penis with a partner leads to intercourse. If you want, you can also involve your beloved in this wonderful action. Having sex every day in bed and under the shower with just foreplay or sex toys, or with just fingers and tongue, you will have incredible experiences in the form of orgasm, as well as depth and warmth in your relationship. Also, there will be variety in the sex life of both of you. [Read: Why Am I So Horny?]

Toys For Shower Masturbation

By the way, most of the sex toys on the market nowadays are waterproof. But there are exceptions, and making sure the toy you're about to use in the shower is waterproof can provide a better result and experience.

  • During shower masturbation, it may be better to use a vibrator instead of a normal dildo, this will give you freedom from holding the toy, and your hand free to caress or touch other parts. And if you're single, remote-operated sex toys may be the best addition to your pleasure.
  • If you are going to enjoy (masturbation-sex) in the shower with your beloved, using a vibrator with a dildo, other vibrators, clitoris massager, g-spot massager, and other vibrating modes can provide a better experience. If you want, you can also take a butt plug or prostate massager with you for mutual pleasure.

Play (Masturbate-Stimulate) With Your Showerhead

Showerhead masturbation can be an exciting experience. Use your hand shower head to stimulate your clitoris and vagina. You can elevate your feet and use your hands for external stimulation. If you want the water to hit your vagina-clitoris harder, you can place the showerhead a certain distance from your clit-vagina. The showerhead method will enhance the normal masturbation experience and give you an intense, incredible orgasm.  This is one of the best masturbation techniques in the bathroom.

Benefits Of Shower Masturbation

Shower masturbation is one of the best masturbation techniques for women and is mainly the first to get a great orgasm.

  • This improves blood circulation in the body and releases feel-good hormones like endorphins and dopamine. Due to this mental and physical stress is removed, due to which the curiosity of pleasure increases in your mood.
  • It gives you a chance to discover all the pleasure points in your body, and diversify the way you get an orgasm from masturbation. It helps to incorporate those things during your intercourse.
  • It's also a type of vaginal workout, which brings tension to the muscles of your pelvic floor and vagina,making you feel comfortable and satisfied.

What About The Risks Of Shower Masturbation?

Before masturbating in the shower, make sure you follow all safety measures. However, masturbating does not pose any risk other than slipping or falling. If you feel unsteady, you may find something to hold on to. This will reduce the risk of slipping and getting injured. Remove all soap surf before standing or walking to prevent slippage on the floor.


If your old masturbation techniques or the same everyday masturbation style, or boredom in sex with your partner has made your sex life boring, then shower masturbation can break that boring monotony. And can give a new dimension to your experience of orgasm and pleasure. This is a great way to provide your body with the needed dose of dopamine (a feel-good hormone). With this technique, you can achieve a better orgasm without doing much. This unique form of masturbation also allows you to incorporate, and experiment with, different things. And you can find out what works best for your sexual satisfaction, shower masturbation is the better technique to get all these experiences.

Before masturbating or having sex, put all your worries away, just think about your pleasure and orgasm for a while. It is well known that sexual satisfaction removes physical and mental stress in a person's life. It enables one to gain mental strength. Many studies and research have even found that masturbation or sex (a great orgasm) relieves your headache or pain in other parts of the body. Overall, it is a fact that being positive and content not only makes you happy, but also contributes significantly to bringing you decision-making, stability, and perseverance.

Hope you have got all your questions and dilemmas answered. So now you can, of course, feel free to go enjoy shower masturbation.

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