One-year Warranty Registration

One-year Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing xinghaoya products and for taking time to complete your warranty registration. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest products and product support available in the market today. By submitting the Warranty Registration Form, xinghaoya’s product warranty will be extended to 12-months from the date of purchase of the unit. If you chose not to complete the warranty registration, the standard warranty of 6-months from the manufacturing date of the unit will be in effect.

Send us email to, once we receive your email, we will send back the conformation to you.

Please send warranty email in the following format:

Email title: WARRANTY for + your ID/number(For example:WARRANTY for 9ch05e966p50e61753303o8)

Email main body: Your name+Country+Mobile number(Optional) (For example: Steve+United States +12456789)

Please feel free to send us email to register your warranty, we guarantee your information is safe with us and will not be shared externally.

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Tiffany Morgan - 2月 3, 2020

I have same problems as above. Had product about 3 months and vibrations stopped working. I’ve let it die and charged it back up and still nothing. Only heating works. I’m sure my warranty is expired but letting people know they aren’t the only ones.

Alexandra Freeman - 11月 17, 2019

Had my purple butterfly vibrator for about 3 months and bought it on Amazon, it suddenly stopped working after charging it one night and only the heating button would turn on. When I would press the other button it would turn off and not work. Tried charging it again and it won’t turn on either way.

Botasha Torres - 8月 28, 2019
Two months ago I bought a fairy butterfly in pink and after the third use it stopped working won’t charge it won’t turn on it won’t do anything I like the product very much and I would like to know how do I get it fixed or get a new one
Joanne Dubus - 7月 16, 2019

Joanne dubus
United state
337 326 1754 deaf text only

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