11 Incredible Health Benefits And Potential Harms Of Masturbation

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Health Benefits And Potential Harms Of Masturbation

The first masturbation of life will be special for you because it happens to everyone. When you're first introduced to masturbation you become obsessed with it, after your first orgasm, it's the only thing you ever want to do. Masturbation begins and from that day the routine begins to feel good, and you finally find a way to orgasm. Besides feeling amazingly pleasurable, masturbation also has several health benefits, which include mental, emotional, physical, etc., from reducing the risk of certain diseases to increasing the satisfaction of both during sex with the partner and solo play. That's why even if you're regularly engaging in sex with a partner, it's still important to masturbate. Masturbation is a normal and natural part of life, It allows us to explore our bodies and provide ourselves with pleasure and relaxation. Many sex experts use masturbation as therapy and recommend regularizing it. They recommend masturbation to their patients for health benefits. Masturbation also helps in enhancing your sex session and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. So, don't consider masturbation a taboo, and give yourself some sexual pleasure. Masturbation should be seen as a strong weapon of self-care or self-pleasure rather than a bad habit, a necessary act for a healthy adult.

Continue reading below to learn about ten ways masturbation benefits your health:

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Here Are 11 Incredible Benefits Of Masturbation (Self Play)

Experts agree that masturbation should become a regular part of your personal care routine and a special way of getting pleasure, just like you do daily bathing, or brushing your teeth. Masturbation is part of a healthy sex life, and it is a completely safe and harmless sexual activity, with that said, one orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. So let us know about the various benefits of masturbation and the benefits of orgasm.

1: Masturbation Improves Your Mood

Masturbation not only fulfills your physical desires, but your mood also improves after masturbation and ejaculation. When you get aroused, or ejaculate, feel-good neurochemicals like the hormones dopamine and oxytocin release, which increase your excitement and satisfaction, activating reward circuits or pleasure points in your brain. Orgasm is the greatest non-drug burst of dopamine, this is true for everyone, no matter what type of genitalia you have. The happy hormone gives a booster dose to your happiness and mood when you ejaculate.

2: Masturbation Increases Libido

That's the human tendency, when you get a taste of something that you like or enjoy, you want to have more of it. Similarly, the pleasure or sexual pleasure derived from masturbation is an appetite, so, the more you excite yourself, the more likely it is that your body and mind will want to be stimulated more often.

However, there can be many reasons for low libido which mainly include depression, increasing age, mental stress, pain, any chronic disease, fatigue, busyness, and anxiety. It can be terrifying for any man to feel like you are losing your sexuality. So there's nothing wrong with admitting that masturbation is a great way to connect with your body, boost your waning desire, and ignite the sexual spark.

3: Masturbation Helps You Last Longer During Sex With Your Partner

This can also happen due to many reasons, ejaculating early during sex with a bed partner, or being a victim of premature ejaculation has become a common problem, which most men suffer from. But masturbation before sex helps delay ejaculation after getting aroused again, so masturbating before sex can save you embarrassment in front of your partner. However, if you observe it, things will become easier to understand, such as how long it takes you to reach ejaculation. If it usually takes you two minutes with a partner, then when you do it alone, try to make it 3, or 5 minutes or more, although this will not happen suddenly it is possible after some practice, see how many strokes it takes you to get there, as practice makes perfect.

However, the other side of this is that masturbation before sex can prevent you from getting aroused again, so you have to pay attention to how long masturbation before sex helps you get aroused again.

4: Masturbation Increases Immunity

According to experts in hormone therapy, ejaculation or sexual pleasure increases the levels of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone commonly known as the destructive stress hormone, which helps regulate and maintain the immune system, and when masturbated, arousal and ejaculation cause the release of cortisol and build a stronger immune system, meaning masturbation can create a stronger environment for your immune system. According to a 2004 research, about 1 hour after a single orgasm, the people involved in the research had more white blood cells, which improves your immune system.

5: Masturbation Helps Reduce The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Some studies in 2004 and 2008 found that men who ejaculated more than 20 times a month, whether through solo play or sex with a partner, had about a 36 percent reduced risk of prostate cancer, and those who ejaculate less than 5 times a month have a higher risk of prostate cancer. A 2016 research showed that men who did prostate massage 5 to 12 times a month had a 72% reduced chance of avoiding prostate cancer. So obviously if you do masturbation (ejaculation) and prostate massage then it helps in survival. For this, you can include a special prostate massager as a sex toy, or use a butt plug. When using a butt plug, take special care that the base of the plug is wide, as it can get lost in your anus. The anus works opposite to the vagina, where the anus sucks in an object as opposed to the vagina that pushes it out, and you never want your pleasure to be interrupted and you have to go to the doctor.

6: Masturbation Helps In Good Sleep

Masturbation may also help you to improve the quality of your sleep. Ejaculating and achieving orgasm increases the release of chemicals (hormones) in the brain such as prolactin, serotonin, and oxytocin, all of which are deeply linked to feelings of happiness, stress reduction, and relaxation. So if you are having trouble sleeping, masturbation and ejaculation may be beneficial. Experts also accept that masturbation improves your sleep. So include masturbator sex toys for better orgasm.

7: It Improves Heart Health

However, a common misconception among people is that rough sex can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, on the contrary, regular orgasms help protect you from heart disease. According to a report from the Massachusetts Aging Study, men who had sex once a month or less were more than 45% more likely to develop heart disease, but those who ejaculated 10 to 25 times a month had much less chance of heart disease. However, this study included people who achieved orgasm through partnered sex and masturbation. So whether you engage in sex with a partner or achieve orgasm through solo play (masturbation), it is important to avoid heart disease and add your favorite Fleshlight Masturbator or other male masturbator sex toys into your life for the next level of masturbation fun.

8: Masturbation And Ejaculation Make Your Skin Glow

If you have frequent orgasms, it makes your skin beautiful. Orgasm increases the blood flow in the skin, due to which the blood vessels open in a healthy manner, which helps in making the skin look beautiful. Apart from this, oxytocin released with orgasm can reduce inflammation, thereby reducing facial pimples or rashes.

9: Masturbation Helps You Know Your Body Better

If you don't know what feels good to your body, what turns you on, what makes you feel more sensual, you are missing something, so satisfying sex is meaningless. Even if you have been masturbating from a young age, knowing what feels good to your body is possible only if you pay special attention to which acts make you more happy and aroused. You have to insist on trying new things and see what the body likes and what it doesn't. When you know what feels good to your body, and how you feel more sensual, you can tell it to your partner, making your partner's sex or mutual masturbation more fantastic. So enjoy masturbation to the fullest with Xinghaoya Masturbator and get to know your body better.

10: Masturbation Can Increase Your Lifespan

In a research that was conducted continuously for 18 to 20 years, an increase in the age of 1400 men was observed. According to the study, men who had orgasms or ejaculations 2 to 5 times a week or 20 to 25 times a month died at half the rate of those who had fewer ejaculations or orgasms.

11: Masturbation Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor

When you masturbate, your lower back stretches, and your pelvis contracts, and this happens frequently so it makes a difference, and your pelvis becomes stronger.

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Potential Drawbacks Or Harms Of Masturbation

Masturbation indeed has many benefits, but you may also be wondering whether it has disadvantages too. So of course, masturbation can have disadvantages but they are not so serious and can be easily fixed. There are 7 possible disadvantages or drawbacks of masturbation which are mentioned below:

  • While you can hurt yourself by masturbating carelessly, masturbation is generally harmless, and it mostly has benefits. But if you are careless while masturbating, such as shaking too forcefully or rubbing the penis with a sharp object, your penis may get injured, or if you masturbate too often, too much, or for too long, it can also cause injury. Injury can also occur if you push against your body's signals while masturbating. Such as the feeling of tingling, burning, itching, rash, soreness, etc. in the penis. Usually, all these signs indicate to you that it may be time to stop the session or activity and rest the body.
  • If you use household appliances as toys while masturbating, you are more likely to injure yourself.
  • If you use sex toys during masturbation, you should make sure they are completely clean and free of bacteria before using them, especially if your first toy was used by someone else.
  • If you're using a toy during solo play or mutual masturbation, including self-penetration, make sure the adult toy is the appropriate size for your penis.
  • Death grip syndrome can also cause injury to your penis, if you apply more pressure or a stronger grip than necessary, there is a higher chance that your penis will be scratched.
  • Additionally, if you masturbate with high pressure consistently, you may develop a habit of premature ejaculation, which may affect your ability to orgasm with a partner.
  • If you come from a culture, religion, or family where self-pleasure (masturbation) is frowned upon, you may feel embarrassed or guilty after trying it. But some of them may not consider it wrong to masturbate with male sex toys, in such a case you can use a good masturbator.

So to avoid all these possible harms or injuries, use a good and comfortable masturbator or male sex toy.

How Much Masturbation Is Too Much Masturbation?

Masturbation is a natural act and a necessary activity of the body. If you like to help yourself to pleasure, that's great, but do you masturbate a lot, and is it too much? So the truth is that there is neither an exact answer nor any limit to masturbation. If you feel happier, and more sensual by doing more, this is normal, and even experts accept it. The frequency of masturbation can vary from person to person, and there is no right, accurate, or wrong amount of masturbation. But if your jerk-off routine is bothering you, or if it's preventing you from completing essential tasks or concentrating, it may be time to reevaluate your jerk-off habits. So any number of masturbations done healthily without causing any harm is not excessive but is normal.


There are generally few side effects to masturbation and it is often fun and pleasurable. Plus, it's essential for your body and life, and masturbation has a long list of health benefits. Unfortunately, though, there are also many myths about masturbation, many of which try to make you feel that masturbation is bad for you, or worse that you shouldn't be doing it, somehow making you a bad person. The truth is, however, that masturbation is a pleasurable, completely normal, natural act, and even good for your physical, and emotional well-being, and mental health. Additionally, it is the safest alternative to real sex, as there is no risk of pregnancy, STIs, STDs, or other serious infectious diseases. If you add a male masturbator or male sex toys then it will surely give you extra sensual or orgasmic pleasure along with all these benefits.

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