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If you’re looking for a fun new toy, you’ve found it. This thing is a blast. It’s very powerful, quiet, and the warming feature adds a whole new experience to this type of toy. The remote gives the user full control of the settings without ever having to touch the unit itself.

It’s a super smooth silicon texture so it’s really easy to clean. The only downside I’ve found is that the battery life is about an hour of steady use, but it also only takes about an hour or so to fully charge.

Overall, I’d say it’s a solid product. I’d recommend it for a fun new experience.

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews
Eugene from United States

"Thank you very much xinghaoya, a trusted brand, their products have always been outstanding.

I was very hesitant to buy them as I am very petite, and was scared of the size fitting but they were perfect and very comfortable. Me and my partner couldn't wait to try them out.

Its easy to control the speeds and to turn off, the different speeds definitely got me going. I love how discreet they are and that no one around knows what is happening.

They're perfect for a car ride out, the weekly shopping or my favourite, date night."

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews
Babyariam from United States

This is obviously high quality and you get that just by un-packaging it. We were apprehensive to purchase but it really was a reasonable price. It’s nice that it has multiple settings because it can be a little too intense. We would recommend as a good mix-in every now and again. It says it’s waterproof which just made it easier for us to clean. So far no complaints and would recommend since it really isn’t that expensive.

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews
Brooke from Canada

Yes yes yes! Got to get this one!!! It's great, comfortable to wear and the perfect size too. Wear it anywhere... No one would even know (unless they sit too close they could hear it or feel it). Fun fun fun... You wear while your partner has remote... Them go in public. Have fun!!!

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews
Joe from United States

I ordered this as a little birthday gift to myself. Best birthday gift EVER!! The silicone feels so much better than some of the previous hard, cold plastic ones I have had. The various speeds, pulsations, and intensities allow you to change it up as often as you like. The button is so easy to get to, you don’t have to loose your rhythm to adjust your vibe. The design is amazing for all of your erogenous zones, especially the G spot! This will never leave you feeling unsatisfied! I highly recommend whether it’s your first or 100th vibrator, this one is a must for anyone’s collection. Super easy to clean and has a great battery life. Mine came with a nice little bag to store it in when not in use, which is nice for discrete and clean storage. Happy birthday to me!

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews
Anna from United Kingdom