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soft silicone magic wand vibrator sex toys for women

Your Powerful Massger

Newest boneless craftsmanship creates a top-level loving sex experience; the dual tungsten steel motors allow you to enjoy your private time quietly.

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remote control wearable vibrating panties vibrator sex toys for women

Outdoor Wearable Vibrator

Elegant wireless remote control design, specially built for your outdoor passion, everything is under your control.

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powerful large size rabbit vibrator sex toys for women

Bad Bunny Vibrator

It may be the strongest rabbit vibrator on the market, and it has been favored by female users for three consecutive years.

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remote control anal sex toys vibrator for men women

Your Cute Companion

Whether you are on a business trip or on holiday, it must be your most reliable and private partner, guaranteed to obey you.

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xinghaoya's vision is to be the most popular sex toys brand.
xinghaoya's mission is to provide top-notch sex toys and sexual health guidance in a rich information stream.

It is our belief to ensure product safety and protect user privacy. All the products we provide are developed, produced, and sold by our team based on data research and analysis. We continue to offer top female sex toys, male sex toys, and couple sex toys according to user needs and are determined to become a dedicated sexual health store for users.


    September 15, 2021


    “Good sex is like eating honey; it’s sweet on all sides.” There are many sweet things in life: money, chocolate, and sleep, but sex is the sweetest of them. Sex is so sweet that even when people are not having...

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  • sex toys will help you enjoy sex
    September 5, 2021


    Sex should be enjoyed and not endured. It is for pleasure and not to be painful. However, there may be a few reasons why some do not enjoy it. The reason may vary, however, from one bedroom to bedroom. Have...

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  • how to improve your libido with sex toys
    August 30, 2021


    The WHO describes sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being concerning sexuality. This indicates that a person cannot be said to have perfect health when one of the conditions given above is not present. The...

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See Reviews From Some of Our Customers

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews

If you’re looking for a fun new toy, you’ve found it. This thing is a blast. It’s very powerful, quiet, and the warming feature adds a whole new experience to this type of toy. The remote gives the user full control of the settings without ever having to touch the unit itself.

It’s a super smooth silicon texture so it’s really easy to clean. The only downside I’ve found is that the battery life is about an hour of steady use, but it also only takes about an hour or so to fully charge.

Overall, I’d say it’s a solid product. I’d recommend it for a fun new experience.

Eugene from United States

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews

"Thank you very much xinghaoya, a trusted brand, their products have always been outstanding.

I was very hesitant to buy them as I am very petite, and was scared of the size fitting but they were perfect and very comfortable. Me and my partner couldn't wait to try them out.

Its easy to control the speeds and to turn off, the different speeds definitely got me going. I love how discreet they are and that no one around knows what is happening.

They're perfect for a car ride out, the weekly shopping or my favourite, date night."

Babyariam from United States

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews

I ordered this as a little birthday gift to myself. Best birthday gift EVER!! The silicone feels so much better than some of the previous hard, cold plastic ones I have had. The various speeds, pulsations, and intensities allow you to change it up as often as you like. The button is so easy to get to, you don’t have to loose your rhythm to adjust your vibe. The design is amazing for all of your erogenous zones, especially the G spot! This will never leave you feeling unsatisfied! I highly recommend whether it’s your first or 100th vibrator, this one is a must for anyone’s collection. Super easy to clean and has a great battery life. Mine came with a nice little bag to store it in when not in use, which is nice for discrete and clean storage. Happy birthday to me!

Anna from United Kingdom

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews

I order this item to have a bit of fun with my sister. The item arrived today and she contacted me this morning. She informed me, that she was not expecting to receive anything and was confused. She noticed that Lithium was on the box and how she expected to receive batteries. Since I included her nickname on the shipping label she was surprised at how I knew she needed batteries, when she opened the box and saw another long box in side she expected a laptop battery, once opened she contact me right away and was tickled pink. She informed me about the several speeds, the size and the low sound of the vibration. Rather she will use it or not, is a mystery. She makes it sound like this is the perfect gift for a woman. I would suggest for any male who go on long trips away from home, get his for your girl. She will definitively have something to occupy herself while thinking of you.

Andrea from United States

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews

This is obviously high quality and you get that just by un-packaging it. We were apprehensive to purchase but it really was a reasonable price. It’s nice that it has multiple settings because it can be a little too intense. We would recommend as a good mix-in every now and again. It says it’s waterproof which just made it easier for us to clean. So far no complaints and would recommend since it really isn’t that expensive.

Brooke from Canada

xinghaoya top quality sex toys vibrator testing reviews

Yes yes yes! Got to get this one!!! It's great, comfortable to wear and the perfect size too. Wear it anywhere... No one would even know (unless they sit too close they could hear it or feel it). Fun fun fun... You wear while your partner has remote... Them go in public. Have fun!!!

Joe from United States



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