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The Xinghaoya brand was founded in 2015. Previously, we engaged in OEM and ODM for world-renowned brands. However, with the development of the Internet, we realized the need to stay ahead of the market. Our original intention in creating the Xinghaoya brand was to serve end customers directly, providing them with tangible benefits. Furthermore, customer feedback is the driving force and source of our growth. Xinghaoya brand is firmly driven by solid technology and supported by excellent services, with a warm product design concept aimed at delivering safe and high-quality products to our customers.

xing-------We focus on original sexual health products
hao--------We are committed to providing best products and services
ya----------We hope to get amazing feedback from customers
xinghaoya-----To be the most popular sex toys brand

The Xinghaoya brand promises the following:

  1. Intimacy: We aim to be close to our customers, serving them from zero distance and being available at all times.
  2. Technology: Our focus on technology enables us to provide customers with the most enjoyable sex toys.
  3. Safety: The health of our customers is of utmost significance, and we are committed to delivering products that prioritize safety.
  4. Responsibility: We will never sell to minors, and we take our responsibility to protect the physical and mental health of minors very seriously.
  5. Tolerance: We embrace customers with different sexual orientations and strive to meet their needs.

    Sex toys can be a beautiful addition to adult life, keeping passion alive and preserving youth. We take pride in being part of the adult health industry and are grateful for the opportunity to connect with customers online. The Xinghaoya brand is committed to adapting to the changing times and embracing the era of sexual positivity. With innovative technology and considerate services, we will never resort to manipulative marketing or vulgar advertising, and will only offer safe and enjoyable sex toys to our customers.

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