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Experience discreet pleasure like never before with our vibrating panties. Our sophisticated designs feature powerful vibrations and a comfortable fit, allowing you to indulge in pleasure anytime, anywhere. Explore new levels of intimacy and indulge in the ultimate pleasure with our top vibrating panties.

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💖Smart APP long distance panty vibrator with remote controller;
💖Multiple vibration patterns for deep stimulation of the G-Spot;
💖Customize your orgasm model, enjoy your passionate happy hour;
💖Body-safe, waterproof, and odorless silicon, no Phthalate.
$49.00$29.69You save (39%)
It is a highly ergonomic wireless wearable adult female toy. If you're looking to vibrating in public place, then it's a great choice for you. Also it's the perfect companion for couples flirting and single women for self-soothing in the bedroom.
$55.98$28.79You save (49%)
💖Detachable bullet vibrator with 10 vibration modes.
💖Protruding tongue for intense sensations.
💖Raised portion for added pleasure.
💖Perfect for outdoor adventures.
💖High-quality materials and wireless remote control.
$68.39$39.89You save (42%)
"They shipped my order within two hours after I paid it, and I received it 6 days later. It made me experience an unprecedented enjoyment! I love this APP toy, it stays in my body for a few nights and I seem to be obsessed with it, is this a healthy sign?"---One of reviews from customer
$55.00$25.94You save (53%)
$39.88$25.69You save (36%)
💖Unique scorpion-inspired design for visual allure.
💖Premium silicone construction for luxurious comfort.
💖Detachable vibrating bullet for versatile stimulation.
💖10 vibration modes for customized pleasure.
💖Magnetic charging, waterproof, and whisper-quiet operation.
$62.79$37.69You save (40%)
$45.69$28.69You save (37%)
$43.00$29.69You save (31%)
💖Dual-function pleasure: Stimulator & vibrator in one.
💖Luxurious silicone material: Smooth & body-safe.
💖Whisper-quiet operation: Discreet & noiseless.
💖Waterproof design: Enjoy in water.
💖Customizable vibrations: 10 modes to explore.
$61.38$36.89You save (40%)
💖Built-in tungsten steel motor to enjoy the invasive career;
💖Use our APP customize your orgasm immediately;
💖Women's must-have business trips/travel intimate partners;
💖Body-safe silicone, Non-porous and no phthalate.
$46.00$26.69You save (42%)
💖2 in 1 clit sucking toy and sucking panty vibrator;
💖10 vibration patterns for deep stimulation of the G-Spot;
💖10 suction modes for clitoral stimulation;
💖Body-safe, waterproof, and odorless silicon.
$45.89$28.89You save (37%)
$52.00$34.89You save (33%)
$38.00$26.89You save (29%)
$43.00$35.89You save (17%)
$38.00$29.89You save (21%)
$55.65$36.89You save (34%)
$43.25$29.69You save (31%)
$42.09$28.89You save (31%)
💖Dual stimulation for mind-blowing pleasure: G-spot and clitoral stimulation.
💖Premium silicone for a soft, comfortable, and safe experience.
💖8 intense stimulation modes for personalized pleasure.
💖Wireless remote control and app connectivity for convenient control options.
💖Perfect for solo play or couples' interactive experiences.
$72.15$43.29You save (40%)
💖Enjoy the aesthetic appeal of this adorable vibrating egg.
💖Experience 9 intense modes for exhilarating sensations.
💖Create personalized pleasure with the in-app custom modes.
💖Use the app or physical remote for solo or couple play.
💖Enjoy discreet sexual fun or outdoor adventures with its quiet and waterproof design.
$53.99$31.69You save (41%)
💖Luxurious Wireless Design: Premium silicone and ABS for a high-end experience.
💖Powerful and Customizable: 6 modes, 5 intensity levels for personalized pleasure.
💖Waterproof and Whisper-Quiet: Discreet play in water with silent operation.
💖USB Rechargeable: Convenient charging for uninterrupted pleasure.
💖Versatile Pleasure: Ideal for prostate or G-spot massage, and enhancing couple's intimacy.
$68.08$41.69You save (39%)
💖Premium Silicone Design: Luxurious feel for exquisite pleasure.
💖Wireless & Powerful: Hands-free control with intense vibrations.
💖Customizable Pleasure: 9 modes, 5 intensity levels.
💖Whisper-Quiet & Waterproof: Discreet and versatile play.
💖Solo or Couples' Delight: Elevate pleasure together or solo.
$63.59$36.89You save (42%)
💖Simultaneous clitoral suction and G-spot pleasure.
💖10 Suction Modes: Customize suction intensity for unforgettable sensations.
💖10 Vibration Modes: Explore thrilling G-spot stimulation options.
💖Soft, safe, and body-friendly material.
💖Enjoy discreet pleasure anywhere, even in water.
$55.63$34.69You save (38%)
💖Dual Motor Pleasure: Stimulate G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.
💖9 Vibration Modes: Explore a range of delightful sensations.
💖Premium Silicone Comfort: Soft, safe, and comfortable wear.
💖Waterproof & Whisper-Quiet: Enjoy discreet pleasure, even in water.
💖USB Rechargeable: Convenient and always ready for adventure.
$55.39$33.29You save (40%)
💖Dual Motor Pleasure: Targeting G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.
💖9 Vibration Modes: Explore a variety of stimulating sensations.
💖Smart App Control: Customize your pleasure with intelligent connectivity.
💖Premium Silicone Comfort: Soft, safe, and comfortable wear.
💖Waterproof & Whisper-Quiet: Discreet pleasure, even in water.
$55.39$33.69You save (39%)
💖Dual Tungsten Steel Motors: Stimulate G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.
💖9 Vibration Modes: Explore a range of sensational sensations.
💖App Control: Customize your pleasure with convenient connectivity.
💖Premium Silicone Comfort: Soft, safe, and comfortable wear.
💖Waterproof & Whisper-Quiet: Discreet pleasure, even in water.
$55.28$33.69You save (39%)
💖Dual Tungsten Steel Motors: Target G-spot, C-spot, and clitoral stimulation.
💖9 Vibration Modes: Explore a range of tantalizing sensations.
💖App & Remote Control: Customize pleasure with easy connectivity.
💖Premium Silicone Comfort: Soft, safe, and comfortable wear.
💖Waterproof & Whisper-Quiet: Discreet pleasure, even in water.
$56.38$34.29You save (39%)

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Experience a world of discreet pleasure and tantalizing sensations with our exquisite collection of vibrating panties. Designed to ignite your desires and add an exhilarating twist to your intimate moments, our vibrating panties are the epitome of sensual indulgence.

Slip into the smooth embrace of our luxuriously soft panties, adorned with a discreetly integrated vibrator that pulsates with arousing vibrations. With a range of enticing patterns and intensities, you can effortlessly customize your pleasure to match your mood and desires.

Whether you're exploring your sensual side in the privacy of your own home or embarking on a thrilling adventure in public, our vibrating panties are designed for discreet pleasure. Whisper-quiet motors ensure that your secret rendezvous remains your little secret, while the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit that stays securely in place.

Take control of your pleasure or surrender it to a partner with our wireless remote control feature. Feel the anticipation build as they tease and tantalize you from across the room, or surrender the power and let them dictate the rhythm of your pleasure.

Crafted from high-quality, body-safe materials, our vibrating panties prioritize your comfort and well-being. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your intimate experiences are always hygienic and worry-free.

Unleash your inner seductress and elevate your sensual encounters with the captivating allure of our vibrating panties. Rediscover the thrill of anticipation, the delight of secret pleasure, and the electrifying sensations that will leave you craving for more. Surrender to temptation and let our vibrating panties ignite the spark of passion within you. Experience pleasure like never before with Xinghaoya.

Frequently asked questions for vibrating panties

1. Q: What are vibrating panties?

A: Vibrating panties are a type of wearable vibrator that feature a discreet built-in vibrator. They are designed to provide pleasurable sensations and can be controlled remotely or through a small controller. Vibrating panties can also provide outdoor sexual pleasure for women.

2. Q: How do vibrating panties work?

A: Traditional vibrating panties have a small pocket or pouch that holds a removable vibrator, and new vibrating panties just straight to insert vagina. The vibrator can be turned on and off, and its intensity or patterns can be adjusted using a remote control or controller.

3. Q: Are vibrating panties safe to use?

A: When used properly and with good hygiene practices, vibrating panties are generally safe. It's important to clean the panties and vibrator before and after each use, and to follow the manufacturer's instructions for care and maintenance.

4. Q: Can vibrating panties be worn in public?

A: Yes, vibrating panties are designed to be worn discreetly under clothing, making them suitable for public use. However, it's important to be mindful of noise levels and to adjust the vibrations to a level that is comfortable and discreet in public settings.

5. Q: How long do the batteries last in vibrating panties?

A: The battery life of vibrating panties can vary depending on factors such as the intensity of use and the specific product. Generally, they are designed to provide several hours of continuous use before the batteries need to be replaced or recharged.

6. Q: Can I use vibrating panties with a partner?

A: Yes, vibrating panties can be a fun addition to partnered play. The remote control feature allows a partner to control the vibrations, adding excitement and anticipation to intimate moments.

7. Q: Can I adjust the intensity of the vibrations in vibrating panties?

A: Yes, most vibrating panties offer multiple intensity settings or patterns that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Experiment with different settings to find the level of vibration that feels most pleasurable for you.

8. Q: Are vibrating panties waterproof?

A: It depends on the specific product. Some vibrating panties are waterproof or water-resistant, allowing for use in the shower or bath. However, it's important to check the product specifications to ensure its water resistance before submerging it.

9. Q: How do I clean vibrating panties?

A: Cleaning instructions may vary depending on the specific product, but typically the vibrator can be removed from the panties for separate cleaning. The panties can usually be hand-washed or machine-washed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

10. Q: Can I use lubricant with vibrating panties?

A: Yes, you can use a water-based lubricant with vibrating panties to enhance comfort and pleasure. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants, as they may damage the material of the panties.