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Worry-Free One Year Guarantee Free replacement within one year.
100% Free Discreet Fast Shipping! No one knows what's inside the package.
Ship Your Order In 48 Hours We will ship your order in 48 hours once you pay.

Men's Sex Toys

Generations ago, men experienced and enjoyed a certain level of pleasure that could only be achieved through Xinghaoya. But, in this current age where technology and innovation surpass any expectation we can imagine, there's no stopping what you can do to make your experience with Xinghaoya even better than ever before!

Xinghaoya offers the finest selection of men’s sex toys available. Our products range from bullet vibrators and prostate massagers to masturbators and penis pumps - designed to provide maximum satisfaction from every angle.

All our toys are made from top-quality silicone or body-safe plastic that is both safe and durable. They’re also discreetly designed for easy access and portability, which lets you take your pleasure wherever you go!

With Xinghaoya, you have available multiple options for personalizing your sexual experience with some of the most creative male sex toys on the market today. Our products come in diverse shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and functionalities; this means that you can find exactly what best suits your wants and needs when it comes to achieving ultimate pleasure. From beginner to advanced levels, Xinghaoya has something for every man – no matter which kind of stimulation they crave.

And because our products are made with comfort and safety in mind, you don't have to worry about any uncomfortable incidents occurring while using them. With reliable control settings included on all our devices, you’ll be able to easily adjust the intensity of your sensations so they align perfectly with your wants and desires!

For optimal satisfaction like never before - try one of Xinghaoya’s signature sex toys today!

What are male sex toys?

Male sex toys are entertainment products developed to satisfy male sexual pleasure and fantasy. Some male sex toys are not just for entertainment but also health, such as male penis pumps.

The dangers of wrong ideas

Men's toys have never been as hot as female sex toys. Maybe it's because male use of sex toys is considered a sign of incompetence. Or maybe most people think that hand masturbation is perfectly adequate? Whichever view is preventing the use of male sex toys is incorrect.
Almost 100% of men experience masturbation, and most do it by hand early on. It is very natural for men to become sexually motivated and try to masturbate when they are sexually mature (probably before they reach adulthood). But conventional wisdom rejects masturbation or considers its privacy that shouldn't be known to others. Based on this view, masturbation is often done in a stressful state of mind. You may indeed experience the instant pleasure of ejaculation. Still, you don't experience the beauty of the sex process, and healthy sex is to enjoy the pleasure of the whole process.
At the same time, the tension when masturbating with bare hands is not conducive to the healthy development of male sexuality. Early nervous masturbation causes many people's premature ejaculation problems in the later period. It is only a conditioned reflex, and the tense mental state causes you to constantly suggest to yourself: hurry up and ejaculate and finish this damn behavior! Because of this, you may have trained yourself to be Mr. Half Minute.

Why do you need male sex toys?

Sex toys for men are like children who need toys. Sex toys can develop and train men's sexual abilities and skills. Based on the following points, men must use sex toys.
  1. The interaction of sex toys can prevent premature ejaculation caused by masturbation
  2. Male sex toys can train men's sexual ability and skills
  3. Male Sex toys can bring you a variety of sexual experiences

Which male sex toys are the most popular?

The basic idea of ​​xinghaoya developing sex toys is safety and user experience. All our products promise to be free of phthalates. We have strict requirements for sex toy experience testing, and many years of industry experience ensure that users receive the products we develop well.

1. Pocket Pussy

The Pocket pussy is one of the most classic male sex toys, and at the same time, we have made it top-notch. The most challenging thing about Pocket pussy/male stroker is its natural and realistic appearance; we have hired top sculptors to thoroughly stimulate every user's libido and sexual experience. We have prepared several boutique pocket pussy for you; you just need to choose the look you like.

2. Electric male masturbator

Electric male masturbators have been developing and gaining popularity recently. In xinghaoya, you can have various choices, and we do not show thousands of styles; we only provide products with top experience, and our product line can meet the needs of most users. The most popular ones are the sucking masturbator and the telescopic masturbator.
Oral sex is a pleasant thing, If you look forward to experiencing the pleasure of oral sex but suffering from no sexual partner, then it becomes very necessary to have a blowjob machine. In Xinghaoya, you can have a lot of choices. Our auto blow job machine allows you to experience dreamy oral pleasures.

3. Penis pump

The penis pump is not a purely recreational male sex toy but an erection aid for male users with erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are safe and have no side effects. xinghaoya has also developed a hydrotherapy penis pump based on the traditional penis pump, which can be used as a daily penis care tool for users.

4. Anal sex toys

Anal sex toys are also one of the most popular male sex toys. Since we only target mid-to-high-end sex toys, our anal toys are all functional, mainly vibrating and retracting.

5. Prostate massager

The prostate is a male-only organ, and a prostate massager with male Kegel training is essential for men. Kegel training and prostate massage can relieve conditions like prostatitis, male incontinence, and more.
You need to note that prostate massagers are different from anal sex toys. The head of the prostate massager must be tilted slightly forward to fit the prostate gland. At the same time, anal sex toys are very versatile.
The above are several types of mainstream male sex toys that can satisfy most male users. For professional sex toy players, this classification may be a little rough. Still, we believe that professional players may not need us to classify them.

Buy toys for men from xinghaoya

The last thing we need to tell you is that when you buy male sex toys at xinghaoya, you can experience the top products and services in the industry. You won't be worried about any product you buy with us because our professional team is at your service on 7/24. Follow us; the industry's top male sex toys will be continuously updated.