Wearable Silicone Strap On Dildo Panties Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples - xinghaoya official store
Wearable Silicone Strap On Dildo Panties Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples - xinghaoya official store
Wearable Silicone Strap On Dildo Panties Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples - xinghaoya official store
Wearable Silicone Strap On Dildo Panties Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples - xinghaoya official store
Wearable Silicone Strap On Dildo Panties Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples - xinghaoya official store
Wearable Silicone Strap On Dildo Panties Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples - xinghaoya official store
lesbian dildo
strapon dildo
female sexual toys
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A-Solid Standard SizeA-Solid Large SizeB-Hollow Standard SizeB-Hollow Large SizeB-Solid Standard SizeB-Solid Large Size

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💖Wearable dildo panty for Lesbian, Couples;
💖Just enough arousal to give your partner the most genuine sex possible.
💖Body-safe, waterproof, and odorless silicone ensure you can enjoy worry-free bedroom game;
💖Flexible/Bendable, suited for any positions.



Brand: Xinghaoya

Product Name: Strapon dildo
Material: Silicone
Color: Flesh
Waterproof: IPX7

Size: As photo showing

Features: Wearable
Packing List: Wearable dildo *1, Manual*1




Wearable Silicone Strap Dildo: This realistic strap on dildo features a wearable design with one-piece molding silicone underwear, making play between you and your partner more fun. Xinghaoya develops such amazing sex toys to make lesbians or couples experience top bedroom life.

Two Different Versions: There are two different versions of our lesbian sex toys. One is A version solid dildo. You can start to enjoy it as long as you wear it; the other is B version strap on penis. At the same time, each version has two different sizes for you to choose from.

Premium Material: This harness strap-on dildo is made of high-quality soft silicone material. The snap fasteners is easier to wear, and the most important thing is that once you put it on, you will be as confident and pass the love on to your partner as a real man.

Waterproof Design: The strap on dick sex toy is 100% waterproof, you can enjoy your sex in any water condition. Please wash it before and after use, and rinse directly under running water. And you can use mild soap. Store dry after washing.

Privacy Delivery And Easy To Storage: The realistic strap on will pack in a discreet box without any trace of sensitive tags/words to protect your privacy. When you don’t use it, you can roll them as rolls, and then put them in a storage bag to save.

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
very realistic!!

super stretchy, great performance, comfortable, and easy to put on!

Shiloh Knight
So comfortable!

Okay so I was worried I was gonna sweat with the silicone underwear part or like have trouble getting it on but nope! Very maleable, soft silicone, not too hot because of the minimal coverage!!! ( ididn’t get any complaints from my partner either if you catch my meaning…;))

Silicone Wearable Dildo Panties

At first glance unusual.
My first suggestion is to rub down with baby powder or corn start for easier putting on and taking off.
Very nice size😈. Realistic!!
Easy to clean and store

Works great

This wearable strap is easy to put on easy to clean and has a real smooth feel to it doesn’t hurt at all when using and is great to use with your partner

Hmm...interesting, and we are having fun with ours. It's worth exploring.

Wellll...this is our first experience with a product like this. We have been looking for a strap-on to add a little extra...errr...dimension to our play time, and while this certainly isn't something we thought we needed, we figured it might be fun to try. I don't typically like products like this that are so anatomically realistic, but it kind of works here. The 'pants' part of it is very stretchy to accommodate a wide range of people, but it does have its limits, and it feels tight on both of us. It can get hot, too, and is sometimes tricky to remove without damaging the...umm...you know...sticky outy part. But I think the material is a lot more forgiving than we initially gave it credit for, because it snaps back and hasn't torn or become too stretched out or anything.

Speaking of the sticky outy bit, it is kind of long, but not terribly girthy. I think that gives it a bit more flexibility in terms of who gets the business end. It is articulated, so you can sort of 'pose' it to adjust the angle of entry or whatever else you might want to do with it. It is kind of weird that this thing has a rear orifice. Not quite sure why or what that's about, exactly, but it isn't our jam, so we just ignore it. For now, anyway. ;)

I was surprised when we opened this thing up that it didn't have a strong or horrible chemical smell to it. Very grateful for that. Cleaning it is pretty easy, but just feels awkward, and the silicone holds onto hairs and fuzz, even after rinsing. This thing isn't perfect, but it has been fun so far--more fun than we expected, really--and we both look forward to playing around with it even more! Four stars.



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