14 Ways To Jerk Off That Will Make Your Masturbation Better

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Jerk Off That Will Make Masturbation Even Better

Masturbation is not a perversion; rather, people have been enjoying solo play for sexual pleasure for centuries. There is ample evidence of its authenticity throughout history. Archaeologists have discovered graphic cave carvings dating back at least 3,000 to 5,000 years and paintings depicting men engaging in this activity. However, in later years, it became associated with negative connotations. As pop culture helped destigmatize masturbation and with the increasing availability of porn due to the Internet, more and more people started enjoying these solo pleasure sessions without hesitation or shame. Eventually, masturbation became very common and habitual for some individuals. For example, people may enjoy masturbation during a morning bath, while at the office, or before sleeping in bed. However, it is important to note that not knowing the correct methods of masturbation has harmed many individuals, and this continues to happen today. Many people are unaware of the correct and ideal techniques, which deprives them of real pleasure. That's why we sought expert opinions for some important and new techniques that will enhance your self-pleasure and bring more joy to the experience.

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14 Important And New Ways To Masturbate That Will Make Self-Pleasure Even Better

Many men still view masturbation as a rushed act rather than a preferred one, often seeking quick ejaculation. However, this approach impairs performance and deprives individuals of true sexual pleasure. It is undeniable that many people are influenced by porn, which often portrays sex as quick, aggressive, and solely focused on orgasm. Men often adopt these behaviors instead of taking the time to slow down, prioritize their pleasure, and deeply engage in the experience. The real masturbation methods discussed in this article aim to explore and enhance sexual pleasure, providing insight and information that can contribute to overall happiness in life and relationships.

It is important to clarify that there is no right or wrong way to masturbate. However, when men prioritize the end goal of ejaculation rather than fully experiencing the journey of a masturbation session, they miss out on more powerful and satisfying orgasms. Research and studies have shown that masturbation done correctly can offer numerous health benefits for men. Therefore, it is essential to recognize that the motivation behind masturbation is the pursuit of pleasure. If you want to feel great and elevate your solo play, consider implementing the key expert-approved tips and techniques mentioned below to enhance your self-pleasure sessions.

1: Change Your Regular Masturbation Position

If you have been masturbating in the same position for years and have noticed some limitations, it may be time to make a change. Many people engage in this activity while standing, so if you regularly adopt this position, consider trying something new such as lying on your back, sitting, or sitting on a chair with your legs extended on a table. Conversely, if you typically masturbate while sitting, try standing instead. Changing your masturbation position can have benefits for your pelvic floor muscles, improving blood flow to your penis and enhancing erection quality. Not only will changing your masturbation position bring a sense of novelty, but it can also enhance your erection and provide incredible pleasure.

2: Stimulate The Perineum

As you may know, the perineum is the area between the penis and the anus, containing numerous nerve endings and being highly sensitive. Stimulating this area can provide a pleasurable sensation. You can try stimulating the perineum by gently caressing it or applying vibration. One method is to use a vibrator sex toy and press it against the perineum while simultaneously caressing the penis with your hand. This form of stimulation can lead to a unique orgasm and heightened sexual pleasure. There are various prostate massagers and masturbators available, such as those offered by Xinghaoya, designed specifically to target and stimulate the perineum according to your preferences.

3: Masturbating After A Workout

Do you often or sometimes feel aroused after working out? This is not uncommon and is considered normal. When you exercise, certain hormones are released in your brain and body, contributing to the feeling of excitement. Adrenaline and dopamine, often referred to as 'feel-good hormones,' play a role in this process. Experts suggest that masturbating after a workout can be beneficial. During this time, your endorphin levels are elevated, blood flow in your body and penis is improved, pelvic floor muscles are relaxed, and erections can become stronger.

4: Use A Fleshlight Or Other Masturbation Sleeve

It is true that initially sex toys were primarily designed for individuals with vaginas. However, over time, changes have occurred, and now there is an equal demand for toys designed for men. There is a wide variety of sex toys available for penis-owners, and one popular choice is the Fleshlight. This handheld device is designed to simulate the sensation of vaginal or anal sex, providing a realistic experience.

It is important to note that proper cleaning of your Fleshlight or any other sex toy is essential once your session is over.

5: Using A Vibrator For Masturbation

While vibrators have traditionally been associated with use by individuals with vaginas, it is worth noting that many people struggle to reach climax through penetrative sex alone. As clitoral stimulation often requires the use of a vibrator, the demand for vibrating sex toys designed for penises has also increased. Vibrations can provide pleasurable results for penises as well. Therefore, if prioritizing pleasure is important to you, don't hesitate to explore male vibrator sex toys and give them a try.

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6: Involve Anal Play, Perineum, And Prostate

Many men are unaware of the rich nerve endings present in the anus, buttocks, and perineum. As a result, they often overlook the potential for stimulating these areas and miss out on a significant source of genuine pleasure. The key to unlocking unique pleasure in men lies in the stimulation of the prostate, located in the upper part of the rectum. By properly and effectively stimulating the buttocks, anus, perineum, and prostate, one can experience powerful and distinctive orgasms. Vibrators, prostate massagers, butt plugs, and other similar products can be utilized to achieve this, leading to improved erections and heightened sexual satisfaction.

7: Use A Cock Ring

An important sex toy for men is the cock ring, also known as a penis ring. This device is a band that is placed around the base of the penis, and sometimes the testicles, to maintain an erection by restricting blood flow. Longer-lasting erections can lead to extended sexual sessions or masturbation. Cock rings are commonly used to enhance stamina during partnered sex, but they can also be used during solo play, providing increased stimulation and heightened pleasure. Numerous surveys conducted on men have shown that the use of cock rings can result in stronger erections and deliver unique, intensified orgasms.

8: Change Your Grip And Stroke Speed

You may not have heard of Death Grips. If you find yourself ejaculating early during sex with your partner or experiencing difficulties in reaching orgasm, it could be due to gripping your penis too tightly and engaging in fast, intense strokes during masturbation. These habits can lead to a pattern of quick ejaculation. Experts suggest that a strong grip and rapid pace, combined with excessive pressure, can hinder sexual pleasure. While it may provide initial pleasure, it can later become problematic and result in difficulties achieving orgasm. To avoid this and experience more genuine and pleasurable sensations, consider slowing down or adjusting your hand grip and stroking motion on the penis. By varying your techniques, you can train yourself to experience ejaculation in different ways and discover unique forms of pleasure.

9: Adopt The Stop And Start Method Or Edging

There's a saying that quick work is the devil's work, so if you have developed a habit of rushing through masturbation, it may be time to switch gears. If you have a little extra time, try slowing down instead of engaging in quick sessions. One technique you can explore is called edging, also known as the stop-and-start method. This method involves taking brief breaks at the edge of ejaculation, allowing your erection to rest for a few seconds and temporarily halting ejaculation. Repeat this process four to six times just before reaching orgasm, and you may experience deeper, more pleasurable, and powerful ejaculations.

10: Switch Hands From Right To Left Or Left To Right

Many people tend to use their dominant hand, which can lead to a habit known as the death grip. When masturbating consistently or exclusively with the same hand, you may apply more pressure and engage in intense strokes, resulting in quick ejaculation but potentially limiting the experience of true sexual pleasure. By exploring new techniques and using your non-dominant hand, you can discover more creative methods that naturally delay ejaculation and provide a seductive experience of pleasure. The next time you masturbate, consider using your opposite hand and try using a few fingers instead of a tight grip. For instance, you can hold the penis between your thumb and two fingers, form an "O" shape with your thumb and one finger, or move your fingers in a downward motion instead of upward. These variations in speed and pressure during the stroke can enhance pleasure and create a difference in sensation.

11: Involve Your Balls

There's no need to be confused or think that the testicles can only be involved during sexual activity with a partner. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that your testicles have almost as many sex-specific nerve endings as your penis and glans. So, why ignore them when they can contribute to a strong orgasm and heightened pleasure? When you caress or stimulate the testicles, you can enhance your ability to achieve an erection, and it can automatically increase pleasure levels.

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12: Sometimes Masturbate Instead Of Having Sex With Your Partner

Masturbation is often associated with giving oneself sexual pleasure, but that doesn't mean it has to be done alone in a closed room. Mutual masturbation with a partner can add an extra level of excitement to an intimate experience. At times, sexual encounters can become routine or lack novelty for both or all partners involved. In such situations, engaging in mutual masturbation, whether vaginally or sexually, can bring about enhanced pleasure and excitement. There can be various reasons for exploring this, including a more accessible and enjoyable alternative to sexual intercourse when both partners are too tired. Experts emphasize that sexual pleasure is not limited to penetration; there are numerous ways to experience pleasure. Sex encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual, and erotic connections, and mutual masturbation falls within this realm. Additionally, observing how your partner touches themselves and your body can be an excellent way to learn about their preferences and desires in the bedroom.

13: Focus On Sex Instead Of Pleasure

This may seem counterintuitive or contrary to common belief, but fixating on orgasm can actually hinder sexual performance. It's important to be less obsessed with reaching orgasm. The less you obsess about orgasm, the better and more enjoyable your sexual performance and experience can be. In the pursuit of achieving orgasm or ejaculation, we often overlook the fundamental aspect of the sexual experience, which is pleasure. Therefore, it is recommended to slow down and prioritize what feels good instead of rushing towards a goal. Experts suggest that many people engage in masturbation with the sole intention of reaching ejaculation, whereas the focus should be on experiencing pleasure.

14: Incorporate Mindfulness (Meditation) And Deep Breathing

You may not think that masturbation and meditation can be combined, but according to many experts, this combination can yield remarkable results. This approach can help you maintain a heightened state of awareness throughout the entire experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasurable sensations. As you progress towards climax, your breathing and arousal naturally increase, but you can slow them down through conscious breathing techniques. Attempt to keep your mind calm and focused while engaging in masturbation. Granted, it may not be easy at first, but with practice and effort, it can become possible and more comfortable.


There is no doubt that exploring new and unique methods, as suggested above, can lead to wonderful and unparalleled sexual pleasure, surpassing the traditional approaches to masturbation. Experts emphasize that your skin is the largest sexual organ, and focusing solely on the penis, anus, prostate, and testicles can be limiting. During masturbation, you can experiment with various sensations and incorporate temperature play. For example, running ice over your body before masturbation can create a tingling sensation on your nipples, ear lobes, or other erogenous zones. Using lubrication can also enhance sexual pleasure.

To further enhance the experience, you can consider using specialized male sex toys such as Fleshlight, Cock Ring, Prostate Massager, Perineum Stimulator, and Satisfy Men Heat Vibration, which includes an erotic warming function. Additionally, techniques like the stop-and-start method, squeezing, temperature play, and exploring the edge can add excitement and intensity to your masturbation practice.

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