30 Best Sex Games For Couples To Spice Up The Relationship

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sex games for couples

If you want to spice up your boring sex life, or if you want to try out some new sex positions, or fancy sex adventures, you might consider playing some raucous games to take it up a notch.

Of course, the game is not the type of game of your childhood, but surely it will feel the same adventure as childhood, the only difference is that in childhood you used to get pleasure from small neat games, but this game is not in sex. Will fill countless colors of adventure not only in your life but also in your partner's life.

So if you want to call them adult team sports, these games are a lot more fun, and a lot less complicated. And it will work to bring bitter and hot spices in relationships with absolute freshness in your boring sex life.

It's always best to start lightly, so you can start with some dirty text.

But we have covered everything from adult sex games, online sexy games, and dirty DIY games to kinky bdsm sex experiences and apps in this article for you, if you are looking for new ideas to explore each other's souls and bodies, then definitely you can try those games included below. [Read: 12 Essential Submissive Sex Guide]


Best Sex Games For Couples

If you're looking for more ways to spice things up in relationships or other things for yourself and your partner, you need to pay attention to these.

1. Taking Off Each Other's Clothes

It is a game, but it is more like a challenge than a game. But the goal is nothing more than to take off your partner's clothes.

You can give each other time, and the person who takes off their partner's clothes the fastest wins a naughty prize.

It can be any clothing, from outerwear like tops to undergarments like bras and panties.

2. Stripper Twister Adult Sex Game

The game means game or theatrical adaptation, so play it as it is, and play with fun and excitement, as you normally do.

You can play it online or even buy it. Every time someone falls in this game, you have to remove a layer of clothing. And ends up being nude. [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

3. Pubic Hair Remover

This is a purely adult game and can be played by 2 or more people, where, after each round, the other side removes a hair from the pubic area (female-male genital) of the person with the low score or the loser (female/male).

It's a really fun game for adults and couples that gets you hooked on sex.

4. Truth Or Dare

This adult game is the new version of the game you played as a child you can call it the NSFW version of Childhood Truth or Dare, for the truth, you can go for the craziest sex fantasy you ever imagined or any such hot or scary or painful place where you have had sex at some point or the other.

You may have had sex in a public place, and have not been able to have sex properly for fear of being caught. And for courage, consider doing something outside of your comfort zone (that's safe for you).

Here you can indulge in a striptease or any new situation that fills both of you with courage and excitement.

For example, you are having memories of having sex in high school on the toilet or behind an empty classroom desk, or in a strange basement.

Strip dancing, nude video calls, sexting, stripping each other, and so many other dirty truth or dare dares will take this adult sex game up a notch.

5. Dare And Flirt

It's a super easy and sensual fantasy game that's a great, fun, and funny board game for adults and couples.

Here you have to choose a card, and answer the question, or fulfill a romantic dare with your partner.

This game creates a strong bonding between you and your partner. [Read: The Ultimate Guide Of Lingam Massage]

6. Fantasy Sexy Art

It is completely based on one's thinking and imagination, which happens at some point of time in everyone's life.

No one has ever imagined a sexy or nude image. That's why it requires a drawing board, and to sketch your imagination for your partner, or your partner to complete the task given to her because of the victory.

Or another is that you draw a sketch for your partner, and they will guess, if they guess the sketch you drew correctly, you will do what they say.

You or anyone can do it. Such as being nude, and kissing the vagina or penis.

It's a fun way to create a better bond with your partner, show love, and be creative and laugh.

At the same time, while doing this, you will all be excited and can get the experience of a wonderful orgasm. [Read: The Ultimate Guide for Nuru Massage You Should Know]

7. Use Of HouseHold Items Like Wine, Chocolate, etc

Use wine, strawberries, chocolate, ice cubes, wax, feathers, and anything else that will stimulate your partner's senses to the maximum.

When they are lying naked, rub, or touch, objects on their bodies, and let them guess what it is.

Don't rush, go slow, take your time, and place the object on sensitive areas like the neck or inner thighs, breasts, clit, etc. And give them time to guess so they can think and guess.

8. Adult Dress Up-Props

Like I used to play in my childhood. Playing dress-up as an adult is still quite exhilarating and fun. Variety of costumes & props & accessories props role-playing while wearing it, and fulfilling your naughty fantasies, will surely bring you a new and wonderful adventure.

It's a kind of sex fantasy, so get as dirty as you want with it, you'll have a great experience! [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship?]

9. LoveHoney Bondage Beginners Game

Everyone is curious about bondage (BDSM toys, Kinky Sex), but everyone is afraid to do it, and the biggest question that arises in this is where do we start?

That's why this game is perfect for the beginner bandage junkie, giving you a full deck of ideas, as well as a satin blindfold and easy-to-use restrictions for an endless game. You can fully enjoy the bondage (bdsm-kinky sex) fantasy in it.

10. Time Play Fantasy

You can use whatever type of timer you want, and choose a time interval that suits you – a minute or two, for example, would be fine.

Whatever interval you choose, you choose a form of non-penetrating touch, whether it's kissing, fondling, biting, petting, breast pressing, vaginal/penis touching, etc.

Then you all constantly switch between each other. And try to get two or three non-penetrating touches before giving in to your wishes. [Read: 23 Super Essential Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work]


11. Kamasutra E-Book Adult App

As known all over the world, Kamasutra is a very sensual sex art. And inspired by the same Kamasutra, this app tells you about over a hundred sexual positions in nine categories, including everything from Cowgirl, Missionary, Ordinary, Wild, Adventurous, and Western Sex Fantasy.

Discover the right position based on the next levels of intimacy, complexity, and strength.

You can also track your progress from Novice to Grand Master by marking the positions you've tried. Surely, it will not only remove boredom in your life but will add a new dimension to relationships.

12. Blindman And The Hoax

This is a classic adult sex game. The two of you take turns blindfolding each other and touching, kissing, and so on, basically in any way you see fit, it gives you sex. and takes it to the next level. [Read: 30 Super Solid Ways You Can Love Your Wife Unconditionally]

13. Tear Each Other's Clothes

Living a game with laughter, and getting involved in it creates an adventure in itself. So have you ever really wanted to tear your partner's clothes off?

If you want to save your expensive clothes, you can complete the game by buying cheap underwear, tops, or other outfits for both of you.

Keep in mind that you are playing, so there is no place for seriousness in this, just let yourself go crazy in the fun, and tear each other's clothes naked. [Read: How To Be A Better Lover And Spice Up Your Relationship]

14. Sexopoly

This is the type of Monopoly that you won't mind playing for hours on end, so while it's based on strategy and fun, you and your partner will enjoy the cheeky sexy challenges.

You can play it with two people, or if you're adventurous, you can even double-date with it. It is completely up to the ease of you and your teammates.

15. Pleasure Machine Adult App

It's a sexy game that can offer a far more thrilling experience than a night out in Sin City Las Vegas.

Using an erotic slot machine, the game features three rotating reels with displayed parts of the human body such as the neck down, erotic movements, and time limits.

For example, you have to lick and kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend's neck with your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds.

In a truly gambling genre, it's not always clear who will please whom, so it will keep you guessing. This is the perfect foreplay warm-up match for the big show.

16. Nude Pillow Fight

No online or in-app games here. Rather a simple and strong bonding sex game, which involves having sex after playing.

The two of you could be completely naked in your bedroom, and then lovingly attack and fight each other with pillows.

Yes, of course, your pillow may also explode, but it will benefit you more than your loss because it will improve the relationship completely.

Yes, you do not have to show seriousness during the entire session, but you have to execute with a smile. [Read: What Is Erotic (Sexual) Massage]

17. Strip Jenga Adult Game

Combine that with the tension of regular Jenga and trembling fingers, and add the sexual tension and excitement of nudity, and imagine what you get. Surely you will end it only after sex.

18. Strip Poker Card Game

When we're on a stripboard game trip, why not pay homage to the classic strip card game? Strip poker has been played in the movies, on TV, and may soon appear in your bedroom.

You need to know how to play poker to be fun. And no doubling down on socks and pants, it's just tricking you into getting into the fun part early.

Unlike the tables at Sin City Las Vegas, this card game has no real losers at the end and ends with a draw.

19. Reading And Sustaining Sex Literature

No doubt you all must have heard of Literotica. It is exactly what the name suggests - the term was coined to describe creatively written erotic literature.

This sexy game takes turns reading stories with your partner, paying attention to the most exciting scenes, and patiently seeing who can last the longest without taking into account your erotic desires.

So isn't it the funniest thing?

20. Honey Trail Adult Sex Game

Grab some honey with a blindfold, and get ready to get busy. Once you've covered your partner's eyes, rub a little honey somewhere on your body that your partner doesn't think it necessary to see.

Then have them use their mouth to find the sweet spot. Just think of it as a mischievous scavenger hunt.

You'll be getting extra sticky, so you'll need to jump in the shower together to wash up afterward, which will end only after intercourse, and experience incomparable orgasms before it's over. [Read: Sex Sounds Leaks]

21. Patience, Race, Masturbation, and Warmup Foreplay Game

This game is purely based on sex, where you and your partner lie next to each other completely naked.

The object and priority of this game are to masturbate, and the first person to cum is the winner. The winner's prize is to help eliminate the loser. And although it's referred to as a race, you can take your time.

You are both winners in this situation, so if you think about it, don't rush it. It's a form of foreplay to prepare the two of you for a night of bliss.

22. Yes/No or Maybe, Fun Sports

In this game you and your partner make three lists: "yes, no, and maybe", these are three lists.

"Yes," the list will give details of all the sexual activities you want to try.

The "no" list will contain all the raging things you never want to do.

And the list will probably contain all the things you wouldn't mind trying or are just curious about doing. Perhaps the list is a chance to suggest things you were too shy to try before.

You and your partner will indulge in a night full of yes and probably unless they are on the no suggestions list. This will be a night of sexual exploration, so remember to relax and have fun.

23. All Night Love Affair Adult Sex Dice & Card Game

Sex races are regular, but this game will keep you moving in more ways than one. In the all-night love affair dice and card game, you roll the dice and pick up a card that asks you to perform a sexy activity.

This can include bonding, sex toys, licking, and more. After a few rounds, the game can end a bit early, but it makes for a great experience. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]

24. O-ing Tower Love And Naughty Stacking Tower Adult Sex Game

If you love Jenga, you'll find joy in O-ing Tower Love & Naughty Stacking Tower.

Each block you pull from the Quiver Tower contains a combination of 30 truth, or dare questions and another 30 challenges that get you and your partner closer to the big O. And finally you end up with an orgasm with a sunderer pleasure.

25. Remote Operated Vibrator and Companion Key Pleasure

You're heading out on town for dinner, but before you leave the house, you fit a small vibrator in your panties, and the remote is in your partner's hands.

It should be one of those remote-controlled vibrators so that your partner can buzz you (orgasm-satisfy) the whole time you're out of the house.

You have been able to orgasm several times, controlling yourself in a public place without intercourse, or have gone crazy with excitement and now you are in a hurry to reach home so that you can get your partner in your partner's arms as soon as possible.

To quench the thirst, and when you get home, you'll be straight in the bedroom, and end up with a great orgasm and excellent satisfaction. [Read: Five Ways to Reduce Pain During Intercourse]

26. Shower Sex Games

This is an old, famous, and thrilling sex game experience. You first dim the lights, light-colored lights, light a candle, and both people go to the shower with lukewarm water.

It is very basic but extremely hot. Switch the showerhead to the desired flutter mode and ask your partner to have sex in this sexy game were getting dirty has never felt so good. Surely it will satisfy both of you. And will bring a new adventure in life.

27. Public Place (Picnic Spots) And Sex Adventures

Make a list of all your favorite places where you want to have sex. It doesn't need to be a proper public place. It can happen anywhere, like outside in the park, in the car, in a public bathroom, or even in your mom's bedroom.

There may be other public places as well. There is no chance for anyone to win in this game, but what is most important in this is to choose a safe place. Because by having sex in a public place you are breaking the rules.

28. Ohmibod Adult App

It is a great adult game app that can be used alone or with a partner, it connects to a variety of vibrators, great for long-distance couples who want to connect physically and intimately, there are five different modes for them to choose from - rhythm, touch, tap, wave and voice; and its biggest feature is that it will also log your orgasms. So what could be more incredible than this?

29. Licking

When you and your partner are getting down and dirty for intercourse, challenge each other to see how neat you can make them.

Use whipped cream, Nutella, or frosting to cover the sensitive parts of your partner's body.

The goal is to lick the area cleanly. After cleaning each other up, debate who did a better job. The loser will have to lick the other again.

30. Online Adult Kindu App

It's an app that encourages couples to "find each other," it's the perfect app if you have trouble communicating your deepest desires.

Download the app, create an account, and once you're hooked up with each other, you and your partner can swipe through over 150 naughty suggestions to choose from, which you like, dislike, or maybe can.

If both of you say yes, then it is a match, which gives a full thrill and sex experience. [Read: Ten Things For Couples To Try In Bed]


All these sex game ideas will surely add more heat to your sex life, and bring to life the already boring and dead relationships.

These are all available almost for free, and are great naughty games for couples that won't cost you anything, and will add a lot of spice to your relationship.

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