18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex in 2023

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The beginning of passionate sex

There is always too much to keep fresh over time, and the same goes for sex life. Couples who were once hot passionate sex, after months and years of dating or married, they eventually couldn't stand the torment of time, and the passion inadvertently dissipated, withered, and disappeared. Some even separated and feel remorse for each other.

Maintaining lasting, passionate sex is something all partners should take seriously. Rekindle your family sex life, rebuild what's lost, and get back the promises you made to each other -- if you can, why not?

No matter how long you've been together, sex is the common thread of most couples' intimacy in the bedroom.

Most people don't know that passionate sex is an essential tool for regulating and balancing all stages of a relationship. Having sex strengthens a partnership, and maintaining passionate sex is the catalyst that keeps it fresh.

Lack of passion is one of the big reasons why most partnerships fail because sex without passion is often dull; reluctant sex is just like getting things done, lacking emotional connection and motivation.

The good news is that you can learn the motivations and methods for passion sex regardless of age, relationship type, either gay or straight, poor, or rich. Once you understand passionate sex, you can go all the way and savor sweet partnership all the time without passively engaging in dull and unhealthy sex. [Read: Why Am I So Horny?]

What is passionate sex?

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I believe that you can't wait to get the key to the wild passionate sex.

It is understandable. After all, between choosing to give up and restoring motivation, most people still hope to obtain a panacea. Bits and pieces of the past always revolve in our minds, just like movies. But before everything gets better, you still need to know what passionate sex is.

Passionate sex isn't what you see in a porn video; remember, pornography is all acting and not real. Passionate sex isn't about having sex anywhere or destroy crumbling beds, creaking furniture, or making loud sexual moans that disturb the neighbors downstairs.

So, what is passionate sex?

Passionate sex is an intense mental and physical state of passion or wildness that drives you to immediately want to be with the person you want to bond with and to fantasize about the feeling that this state will never go away. Imagine the sexual state you and your partner were in when you first started bonding. Most people should have experienced the beauty of passionate sex at one time or another.

An essential premise of passionate sex is that both parties have a strong desire to bond at a certain point in time. It is the coexistence of sexual desire and emotion. Sexual desire is a physical impulse, while emotion is a psychological response, and it is what both partners should state. [Read: Why Do Some People Like To Have Sex In Public]

You must know the difference between passion and desire

Having figured out the basic concept of passionate sex, we must also separate it from desire. A person's desire is always unlimited, and it is not always good most of the time.

Passion is often accompanied by positive signals, such as couples in love kissing involuntarily at a suitable location, and their hormone levels peak, and beginning to take off each other's clothes and have intense sex. It is a beautiful sight, no doubt.

Desires always give a negative feeling that seems selfish and offensive. It is shown in sex that one party satisfies the low-level needs of the body. Even if this sexual behavior occurs, the other party is done passively. If this state persists for too long, it will undoubtedly hurt the partnership.

How to Get Continued Passionate Sex

We need to share how you should maintain passionate sex and how to get back to passionate sex.

Too many relationships have been shattered by time, and the passion that once felt like a fire fades slowly over time; some even barely maintain it in pain, which is not what people want. Passionate sex is something you need to put in the effort to get and keep. We're about to share 18 ultimate ways to get passionate sex that will change your life forever, or get you back into passionate sex, and even make your partner relationships with your partner are elevated to unprecedented levels.

1, Positive attitude towards life

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A positive attitude to life always creates a strong positive magnetic field and impacts those around you. Your attitude towards life determines the quality of your life. This spiritual satisfaction is far greater than the material level, and it will also affect your material life.

A positive attitude towards life is an expression of loving yourself. If you do not love yourself, you won't love others, and if you can't express your love in your life or make others feel it, your relationships will not be harmonious.

If you love yourself, you will manage yourself, keep learning new knowledge, improve yourself, and make yourself a mirror to those around you, making them feel that being with you is worthwhile, safe, and able to grow.

Continued passionate sex requires spiritual support. Your attitude towards life determines how long your passion can burn. After all, the world is changing so fast, and you need to renew yourself and influence your partner constantly. Just think, who can have constant passionate sex with an old, conservative, sloppy guy?

Remember to consciously choose to live a positive life every day, to love yourself and your partner with sincerity, respect, and the utmost care, and passionate sex will become more accessible in your life.

2, Remember and celebrate your anniversary


You and your partner must have joined together because special magic held you together at that time. You should never forget and celebrate your important holidays on time—first date, wedding anniversary, partner's birthday, etc. And a day that made you happy and unforgettable is worth remembering and celebrating.

On these important festivals, arrange a romantic place, prepare beautiful gifts, reminisce your love's little things together, and make these days your romantic days. These times will be the catalyst for your passionate sex.

3, Have deep emotional communication with him/her


No matter how busy you are, please spend time with your partner, and deep talk with your lover to getting know your partner more, learn new things together, and enjoy life with them.

As time goes on, partners get to know each other better, and the relationship becomes more comfortable. We become the easiest and best people to understand our partner, so we should communicate with our partner compassionately.

Deep communication and caring will make a partner feel deeply loved. As long as it goes on, this kind of love will not overwhelm and kill your passion, including passionate sex.

4, Try having sex in a new venue

have a good sex with couples

Most traditional and conservative couples lock up sex in the bedroom. You should know how boring it is to do one thing in one place repeatedly for a long time? So you should be open to creativity and imagination to have a good sex with your partner.

Move your sex to a new location: living room, dining room, car, parking lot, etc. In short, any place that doesn't affect others can be your "battlefield." At the same time, the form of sex should also be innovative; opening a piece of warm music or dancing a seductive striptease can arouse the wild heart of the partner.

Research has shown that new sexual spaces can activate desires and passions in both partners and take the sexual experience to new heights.[Read: How To Eat A Woman's Pussy?]

5, Unsuspecting sex

different sex for couples

Don't limit time for sex, and boredom happens because you know when something is going to happen, and it's repeated monotonously over and over again.

Surprises will make your partner's heartbeat faster and produce enough hormones, and the more hormones he/she produces, the better he/she will enjoy sex.

Come on, blowjob while watching a movie or tv in a passionate scene, stroking his/her body just after exercising, in a steaming lust...... these sneaky acts seem simple, but it does have strong sexual desires. [Read: How To Make A Girl Squirt]

6, Switch sex positions and gain new experiences

different sex position

Experimenting with different sexual positions are especially important for conservative couples, too many of whom stay in the normal missionary position for too long, making sex time dull or even a given.

We should try some different positions and open the conservative mind because new sex positions can convey different senses and sexual experiences and promote the excitement of sex life.

As long as you want, there are hundreds of sex positions waiting for you to explore, and you should continue to investigate to obtain new sexual experiences continuously.[Read: Face Sitting]

7, Correctly understand the physical condition of your partner

There are innate differences in sex between men and women. Studies have shown that women take about three times as long to reach orgasm as men. What's even more frustrating is that more than one-third of men will suffer from premature ejaculation at different times in their lives, magnifying the already existing differences.

And women are no exception. one study showed that the average rate of sexual dysfunction in women of different ages was 46.2%.(FSD was detected as 45.3% of women with desire problems, 37.5% of women with arousal problems, 41.2% of lubrication problems, 42.0 % orgasm problems, 44.5% satisfaction problems, and 42.5% pain problems)

When you have a physical problem, be sure to face it positively and communicate with your partner. With the development of technology, there are many effective ways to solve similar problems, so don't get frustrated, such as premature ejaculation spray for men, premature ejaculation wipes, and taking medicine under the guidance of a doctor, so don't get frustrated. Severe cases should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

It is impossible to experience continuous passionate sex without good physical condition. Regular exercise with your partner is essential, and a good habit such as quitting smoking and alcohol.

8, Create a space suitable for sex

romantic bedroom

The suitability of a sex space directly affects your sexual experience, and it is essential to create a first-class atmosphere for your bedroom or sex space.

Sex is a sensual physical and mental activity, and a sexy and rambunctious space will allow your partner to have intense emotions and passionate and wild sex. Let your hearing, sight, and taste feel free. for example:

  • Light candles and wear sexy costumes to attract their attention;
  • Play warm and sexy music, remember to adjust the volume to the best listening position;
  • Spray tempting perfume on the bed or body, strawberry flavor? Vanilla flavor? Grape flavor? Whatever suits you is good.
  • Make sure to be gentle when undressing, slowly explore the sensitive parts of their body, and gradually activate their excitement.

In short, slowly let their five senses get stimulated and satisfied, and then enter into passionate sex and experience an unprecedented orgasm.

9, Explore the unknown with your partner in new ways

An unknown place is always full of fantasy and a desire to explore. It's just as exciting to explore new things with new methods or tools. It is exactly how you should treat your partner every time you have sex with your partner.

There are so many areas of your partner's body that you've never explored before. You will be surprised by these; activate them with your tongue, hands, or even your toes. Buy a couple's interactive sex toy, and you'll be amazed at pleasures you missed or didn't know about before. The world is beautiful because of exploration, and passionate sex does not wither because of continuous exploration, just like a blooming flower.

10, Respect is the foundation of harmonious sex

Always respect your partner's emotions. They also have emotion low times and physical discomforts (such as women's menstrual periods). At this time, you should take the initiative to care for them and don't try to have sex during their physical or psychological down time.

Be aware that even if they grudgingly agree with you, this kind of sex will not be of high quality, and this coping sex will hurt your relationship in the long run. And all you have to do at this point is compassionately care about their physical and mental health and be there for them.

11, Learn to get along well with your partner

High-quality sex between partners only happens when there is mutual harmony. Tension and discomfort will rush sex hastily. Most people admit that their first time was terrible because of the pain and discomfort, not the sex itself.

The best sex happens when we're with the person we're most comfortable with, so it's essential to make our partner comfortable, make ourselves comfortable, and make our living environment comfortable. Let all be comfortable and be free of anxiety to experience passionate sex.

12, Pay attention to sex safety

sex safe is very important

Valuing sexual safety is an attitude of respect for physical and psychological boundaries.

Having offspring is only a small part of having sex, and most sex is done for mutual physical and psychological needs, so proactive safety measures is a sign of respect for each other.

You need to learn to cherish and love your partner and create loving relationships, which in turn fosters a passion for partnership and sex. Knowing how to respect others also get respect for you, it is the true meaning of human relationships.

13, Express positive sexual experiences

During sex, communication isn't just physical. When your body is hit and gratified, express it boldly, it's an affirmation of your partner. For example, if they advocate a new posture and experience a new pleasure, you should acknowledge! When his tongue makes you scream, you should express it.

Expressing a positive sexual experience is a kind of affirmation for the other party. This affirmation will please him/her, therefore promoting the feelings of both parties and improving the quality of sex.

14, Don’t ignore foreplay time

foreplay time

If you don't take foreplay seriously, your sex may end with a “bang”like shooting.

Foreplay is essential for women because they take longer than men to orgasm. Unlike men, who only think about erection and sex, women need foreplay to activate their bodies, and only after the clitoris is erect and wet can they get the pleasure of orgasm.

Many women need kisses, hugs, and caresses to create lubrication in the vagina, which is essential for comfortable intercourse, knowing that women especially need emotional reassurance and that the man they're about to have sex with really wants them to be together.

15, Oral sex is necessary

oral sex for couples

Many partners ignore the importance of oral sex. Oral sex is a meaningful way to please your partner, and you don't necessarily have it every time, but it should be an essential part of sex.

Oral sex is essential for women to achieve orgasm. The female clitoris is constantly engorged and erected under the stimulation of the tongue, gradually lubricating and reaching its peak in the process. Studies have shown that the clitoris is more sensitive and accessible to orgasm than the vagina, please use your tongue to please her, and she will appreciate your work.

16, Explore your body with sex toys

sex toys for passionate sex

Most people have long accepted sex toys, but talking about sex toys still seems less than decent. The use of sex toys to satisfy bodily desires is often considered a physical and psychological problem, which is a very big misconception.

Studies have shown that up to 70% of women need to stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasm, and there is no doubt that sex toys are a good choice in addition to a partner's tongue. Presently, many sex toys with good interaction on the market are the best tools for couples' sexual interaction. Accept and try to explore your body with sex toys, mutual masturbation with sex toys is also part of passionate sex.

Sexual cosplay is a good way to build a passionate sex if conditions allow, it will enhance your sex life, and activate your sexual fantasies. Today, cosplay sex is admired by many partners, and many are even addicted to cosplaying. Before starting, you may need to prepare some props such as sexual collars, dominatrix outfit, latex lingerie, bondage bunny, sexual chokers, sex chair, or some sluty clothing outfits, and so much more if you can.

17, Pay attention to your partner’s experience

pay attention to your partner

The purpose of sex should not be to experience an orgasm only, and if you want to share passionate sex, you shouldn't have sex like housework.

Orgasm is very easy for most men, but it shouldn't be the goal but rather focus on physical and emotional communication with your partner.

Results-oriented sex breeds a desire for physical gratification and hurts the desire for passionate sex, and just the urge to gratify the body is not conducive to the development of passionate sex.

18, Love is the foundation of having passionate sex

love couples

In the traditional concept, too many husbands and wives' relationships are maintained in a legal document; they do not love each other and often even hurt each other. It is conceivable, how can such a relationship obtain passionate sex?

You can't get all of the above without love, which is an integral part of intense sex. If you've ever been unhappy, but from now on, try to love each other, bit by bit, to repair your love because it's worth giving to each other.


Sex is the dinner in every partner relationships, and passionate sex is the dinner cooked by top chefs. Enjoying the craftsmanship of top chefs satisfies our taste buds. It experiences the distinguished service of the restaurant, which gives our mind and body the same sense of dignity as passionate sex.

Sex itself is a bodily urge, intense while passionate sex must go beyond physical satisfaction, and it can further develop your partnership, making your love stronger and your life sweeter.


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