Best Sex Positions-The ultimate guide with 200 sexual position photos

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Best sex position is when you are both satisfied with each other, the key is to dare to constantly try new things to ensure that every intimacy between you and your beloved is awesome.we prepare 200 different sexual positions, you can find that suits you or derive the sex positions that suits you from them.

Sex positions guide

Adult men and women need to find a guide to different sex positions.

If you stay too conservative in one or several sex positions, you will miss too much sex fun.

Especially in couples' lives, sex positions are the catalyst for love. Diversified sex positions can provide nourishment for the relationship between husband and wife.

Men’s sexual energy is like fire; it burns quickly and quenches quickly.

While women are more like water which takes a long time to boil; and after it boils, the temperature can be maintained for a long time.

So a balance needs to be found between men and women to find sexual pleasure.

Men need to learn to use proper heat to make the water boil quickly, while women need to know how to hold the man’s irritable flames so that the fire and water are more compatible.

Sex is an integral part of a relationship between men and women, and sexual passion is like a fire. You must keep adding new firewood to the fire; otherwise, it will go out.


How sex positions maintain the freshness of love and feelings between partners?

Studies have shown that constantly trying new sex positions during sex that will make your partner even more passionate.

Most people will ask, what is the best sex position?

The answer cannot be generalized because the best sex position is different for every couple.

The best position is when you are both satisfied with each other and are willing to sacrifice and satisfy each other.

The key is to dare to constantly try new things to ensure that every intimacy between you and your beloved is fantastic, not when the feeling is not mutual.

There are too many sex positions in practice, which can be said to be endless.

The sex position we have listed is not necessarily the only position to practice between you and your lover.

Our purpose is to provide references for your partner, but try to be different, and changing sex positions is the focus of our discussion.

Studies have shown that humans are the only animals needing orgasm experience.

Sex is not only for reproducing offspring; sex can relieve stress, which may have been an issue for the other party.

Suppose you are happy and make your relationship with your lover more harmonious. In that case, you should continue to learn the different sex positions, especially for married couples.

Passionate sex keeps your love relationship fresh, and different sexual positions are necessary.

Different visual perception 

Changing sex position allows you to feel your partner's body differently.

It is important for men because men are visible animals. Men love with their eyes while women love with their ears.

Different sex positions allow a man to see and feel his partner from a different perspective.

In the doggy position, the stunning beauty of the woman's buttocks and the feedback and pleasure the man feels when he hears the female partner moan are exciting.

The missionaries' sex position is incomparable because you can only see each other's faces.

So different positions can allow women to enjoy diverse beauty, if you kiss her ears and neck, move down to her whole body, and make her boil with gentle love, she will fly with you, making you compatible with fire and water.

Different sex feelings 

In different sex positions, the penis stimulates different parts of the vagina, with different intensities and depths, making each other feel different.

Combining the feel of the penis and the vagina will give partners a different sex experience.

Compensation for sexual discord

According to a survey, about 64% of men worldwide think their penis is short (subjective and objective factors).

As the result, their women cannot reach orgasm. On the contrary, if the penis is too large, it may be impossible for women because of fear and discomfort to experience harmonious sex.

Similarly, women of different body types have different vaginal sensitivity and depth, and the penis size at this time is only relative.

Fortunately, partners can adjust their sex position to eliminate or reduce these incompatibilities.

Relieve symptoms of premature ejaculation 

As mentioned earlier, different sex positions have different intensities and sensitivity to the penis glands' stimulation. Changing or finding a suitable sex position is significant for premature ejaculation patients.

However, the term premature ejaculation is a relative term. After all, it can destroy a man's self-confidence.

Similarly, women also have premature ejaculation or sexual inactivity, and changing and finding suitable sex positions can positively help them.

Find a balance of sexual energy 

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, women are water, men are fire, and the best state between water and fire is compatibility (although it is tricky).

In the sex life between partners, men often quickly get the pleasure of orgasm in most cases. In contrast, most women need a certain amount of teasing and inducement to boil(reach orgasm). Their orgasm process is relatively slow, so men must understand their lovers deeply.

Lead them to try different positions and let them experience the pleasure of orgasm regularly.

They will not have an aversion to sex or behave indifferently because of not reaching orgasm for a long time.

You can use many sex positions to stimulate women, help them build their sex confidence, and find their sexual energy balance.[Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]


What is best sex position and how to choose one for your game?

So many people always want to find a standard answer effortlessly. Still, for the sex position, the best position is unlimited.

All the sex positions we show you are not from a textbook and not all positions. It’s just a tiny part of it. It can only feel the so-called best between your partner if you and your lover find happiness in one or several sex positions.

It’s said to be the best feeling, but only as far as you are concerned.

Although we cannot mislead you by suggesting the best position in general, we believe there are some guidelines for finding the best sex position.

Communicate with your partner

Every time after sex, while cuddling each other to reminisce about the sweet sex process, actively ask, “Are you feeling comfortable?” or “How do you feel?”

These kinds of communication can help you find the best feeling for each other and explore the best for you.

Good sex and communication can make you dare to take risks on more complicated actions and keep your relationship fresh, which is the best.

Find a mutually acceptable position

We don’t recommend that you practice according to the pictures we provide. You need to adjust according to each other’s abilities and needs.

Whether you feel comfortable and happy with each other is the first choice, others are unimportant. Keep trying, keep experimenting, and finally find your best sex position.

Practice is the only criterion for getting the best position!

Don't be complicated

Simplicity is often the best. Positioning beyond each other’s abilities may be too complicated and distract you, reducing the experience.

It is essential to identify women’s sensitive areas and start to try the most simple possible position. It is best to make each other feel comfortable and happy.

Respecting each other is the foundation

Due to gender differences, so the sexual experience may not synchronize between partners.

If one party lacks passion due to physical or psychological problems, which will cause the quality of sex to be greatly reduced. At this time, even if one party is passionate, it should be paused.

You may need to communicate with each other. Instead of just grudgingly satisfying one party, having sex for a long time as a way of communication may hurt your partner.

Partners can find their best position only by respecting each other.

For partners suffering from premature ejaculation

People suffer from premature ejaculation or men who cannot satisfy women during sex.

Correct sex positions can indeed help couples have a better sex experience. In most cases, we consider how sex position can make men stay in bed longer.

If you follow this rule, you can get the best sex position to solve the problem.

It's time to find your best sex positions

Based on the views mentioned above and practices of the best sex positions, we have listed as many as 200 sex positions for your reference.

Click on sexual position details below each sex position.

You can see the specific information illustrated with sexual position names.

Whether you like missionary sexual positions? Oral sexual positions? Crazy sexual positions? Weird sexual positions? Funny sexual positions? Easy sexual positions? Tantric sexual positions? Flexible sexual positions? Unique sexual positions? Common sexual positions? And so much more, our sexual positions guide can help you.

But please remember that any sex position is not rigid; they are only for reference.

As we said before, the best sex position is the one you and your partner agree with through practice.

We hope you are here. Emancipate the mind and reap a beautiful partnership.

If you like our list of sexual position memes, please bookmark and follow us so you can check and get fresh love juice anytime.

We show sex positions in the form of sexual anime so you can experience your private life in a relaxing visual effect.

Now you can explore and enjoy your favorite sex positions one by one:

Sex Position #1: Time Shuttle

Sex Position #2: Passion Cat

Sex Position #3: Rear-End Collision

Sex Position #4: Push Trolley

Sex Position #5: Angel Side-riding

Sex Position #6: Romantic Boat

Sex Position #7: Waist Tango

Sex Position #8: Cosmic Explosion

Sex Position #9: Tongue Dance

Sex Position #10: Soldier Grinds Gun

Sex Position #11: Cream Jelly

Sex Position #12: Morning Spoon

Sex Position #13: Passion Swing

Sex Position #14: Erotic teddy

Sex Position #15: Exciting Train

Sex Position #16: Indian style

Sex Position #17: Considerate Man

Sex Position #18: Tai Chi

Sex Position #19: Hedonic Man

Sex Position #20: Close-up

Sex Position #21: Riding Princess

Sex Position #22: One-Knee Romance

Sex Position #23: Huntress

Sex Position #24: Two-pronged

Sex Position #25: Sex Flame

Sex Position #26: Female Judge

Sex Position #27: Luxury Boat

Sex Position #28: Scissors

Sex Position #29: Tendency

Sex Position #30: Discharge

Sex Position #31: Princess Hug

Sex Position #32: Sagittarius

Sex Position #33: Leg Press

Sex Position #34: Half Squat

Sex Position #35: Bison

Sex Position #36: Reverse Spoon

Sex Position #37: Archery

Sex Position #38: Flying Eagle

Sex Position #39: Millennial Turtle

Sex Position #40: Reel

Sex Position #41: Self-appreciation

Sex Position #42: Creeping

Sex Position #43: Focus

Sex Position #44: Darling

Sex Position #45: Lollipop

Sex Position #46: Snake

Sex Position #47: Splicing

Sex Position #48: Sex-rose

Sex Position #49: Missionary

Sex Position #50: Squat

Sex Position #51: Mermaid

Sex Position #52: Sloth Workout

Sex Position #53: perineum

Sex Position #54: Attractions

Sex Position #55: Free access

Sex Position #56: Standing Doggy

Sex Positon #57: Dragonfly

Sex Position #58: Sex Sofa

Sex Position #59: Caress

Sex Position #60: Auger

Sex Position #61: Strand

Sex Position #62: Spring

Sex Position #63: Puppy Peeing

Sex position #64: Folded Hug

Sex Position #65: Horizon

Sex Position #66: Cowgirl

Sex Position #67: Chair

Sex Position #68: Exploration

Sex Position #69: Superman

Sex Position #70: Licking

Sex Position #71: Fastener

Sex Position #72: Lying Flower

Sex Position #73: Milking

Sex Position #74: Wrench

Sex Position #75: Lingering

Sex Position #76: Backfeeding

Sex Position #77: Hungry wolf

Sex Position #78: Injection

Sex Position #79: Confrontation

Sex Position #80: Blowjob master

Sex Position #81: Wonderland

Sex Position #82: Faithfulness

Sex Position #83: Sweetheart

Sex Position #84: Porn Tongue

Sex Position #85: Slow heat

Sex Position #86: Amazon

Sex Position #87: Eagle

Sex Position #88: Frog

Sex Position #89: Crossbow

Sex Position #90: Flying Fish

Sex Position #91: Passion Bridge

Sex Position #92: Driver

Sex Position #93: Performer

Sex Position #94: Yacht

Sex Position #95: Rosette

Sex Position #96: Gardener

Sex Position #97: Shoal Passion

Sex Position #98: Leisure

Sex Position #99: Spider

Sex Position #100: Reverse Cowgirl

Sex Position #101: Wild Lily

Sex Position #102: Tsunami

Sex Position #103: Cowboy

Sex Position #104: Appeasing

Sex Position #105:Female Eagle

Sex Position #106: Plumber

Sex Position #107: Spoiled

Sex Position #108: Private Plane

Sex Position #109: Wild Beast

Sex Position #110: Bulldozer

Sex Position #111: Bend over

Sex Position #112: Mermaid

Sex Position #113: Fascinating

Sex Position #114: Docking

Sex Position #115: Snuggle

Sex Position #116: Electric drill

Sex Position #117: Solo

Sex Position #118: Chauffeur

Sex Position #119: Prisoner

Sex Position #120: Big view

Sex Position #121: Cradling

Sex Position #122: Python

Sex Position #123: Corkscrew

Sex Position #124: Caramel

Sex Position #125: Bicycle

Sex Position #126: Elephant

Sex Position #127: Passionate Bridge

Sex Position #128: Spiderman

Sex Position #129: Spring

Sex Position #130: Eiffel Tower

Sex Position #131: Downward Dog

Sex Position #132: Fire Hydrant

Sex Position #133: Spork

Sex Position #134: Torch

Sex Position #135: Leapfrog

Sex Position #136: Concubine

Sex Position #137: Hot Lunch

Sex Position #138: Fusion

Sex Position #139: Lotus Flower

Sex Position #140: Wheelbarrow

Sex Position #141: Gemini

Sex Position #142: Libra

Sex Position #143: Capricorn

Sex Position #144: Master

Sex Position #145: Young stallion

Sex Position #146: Inseminator

Sex Position #147: Ladyboy

Sex Position #148: Japan

Sex Position #149: Legs on shoulders

Sex Position #150: Mature lady

Sex Position #151: Superhero

Sex Position #152: Soft landing

Sex Position #153: Zero Distance

Sex Position #154: Asteroid

Sex Position #155: Rocking chair

Sex Position #156: Hostage

Sex Position #157: Knot

Sex Position #158: Froggy style

Sex Position #159: Tight Squeeze

Sex Position #160: Special breakfast

Sex Position #161: Pioneer

Sex Position #162: Spicy dish

Sex Position #163: Fervor

Sex Position #164: Giraffe

Sex Position #165: Princess

Sex Position #166: Cave

Sex Position #167: Sensual touch

Sex Position #168: Beautiful scenery

Sex Position #169: Propeller

Sex Position #170: Spark

Sex Position #171: Phantasy

Sex Position #172: Doggy on the edge

Sex Position #173: Exotic foreplay

Sex Position #174: Waiting hall

Sex Position #175: Lizard

Sex Position #176: Wild yoga

Sex Position #177: Shameless

Sex Position #178: Awesome idea

Sex Position #179: Soul Meeting

Sex Position #180: Intimate launch Pad

Sex Position #181: Pokemon

Sex Position #182: Reverse connection

Sex Position #183: Bent cowgirl

Sex Position #184: Low start

Sex Position #185: Barrier

Sex Position #186: Grasshopper

Sex Position #187: Swing Rose

Sex Position #188: Fantastic elevator

Sex Position #189: Jamaican cocktail

Sex Position #190: Chef

Sex Position #191: Sucker Punch

Sex Position #192: Low doggy

Sex Position #193: Merger

Sex Position #194: Rear admiral

Sex Position #195: Tantric Cosmo

Sex Position #196: Cobra

Sex Position #197: Сanadian

Sex Position #198: Truck

Sex Position #199: Superwoman

Sex Position #200: Zodiac


In conclusion, sex positions are personal choice, and what works for one person may not work for another. It is essential to communicate and negotiate with your partner to ensure that both parties feel comfortable and enjoyable. The 200 popular sex positions we have explored in this blog post are just a few examples of what is possible. Experiment with different positions and find what works for you and your partner.

Remember that sex is not just about positions; it also involves emotional connection, interaction, and communication. In sex, it is important to establish a good emotional connection with your partner, respect each other's needs and desires, and maintain communication and attention. We hope this blog post has helped you and your partner explore the world of sex positions and enjoy more pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life.

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