#18 Tai Chi

Tai Chi position
Tai Chi sex position

Position type: 69 sex position Oral sex Belowjob Lying down Man on top

Main stimulation:  Clitoral stimulation  Penis stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: No

Who takes the initiative: Man active Woman active

Position description

Tai Chi is an important part of Chinese culture. It means that there is me in you and you in me. It is not like this between partners, please each other and achieve a win-win situation. The woman lies on her back and fully raises the straight legs up, takes her ankles with her hands, and drives them apart as much as possible and presses to the body. The man sits down on his knees so that the girl’s head was between his legs, driven apart, he completely leans forward until his head is near the crotch of the female partner. With his hands he is hugging her at her back, without letting to lay completely.

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