Sex Position #62: Spring

Sex Position #62: Spring - xinghaoya official store
Position type: Vaginal sex  Anal sex  Lying down  From behind  Rear entry  Reverse  Sideways

Main stimulation: P-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her buttocks

Who takes the initiative: Man active

Position description:

This is a deeply researched posture. You are constantly stretching and squeezing each other like springs. Although a little tired, the result will tell you that everything is worth it. The man lies on his side, and legs are together, knees are bent. The woman lies with her head next to his feet, puts her face on his feet, with her arms hugging the male partner’s knees, one foot she slips under his feet, the second one she puts on his legs and bends her knees so that her feet are on the male partner’s buttocks. The man takes his darling’s waist with his hands, and in this kind of head to tail, they have sex.

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