Sex Position #76: Backfeeding

Sex Position #76: Backfeeding - xinghaoya official store
Backfeeding sex position

Position type: Cunnilingus  Kneeling  Oral sex  Woman on top

Main stimulation: Clitoral sitmulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching  Hold her buttocks

Who takes the initiative: Woman active

Position description:

It’s said that you can’t believe a man’s mouth, but you must believe it at this time, especially if you are his sexual partner. There is no doubt that this sexual posture can deeply affect women, no matter how manic a woman, at this time must also lay down their arms and obey their men. The woman ceases to her knees so that the male partner’s head is between her legs and her legs respectively are driven apart, but the feet are together, the body is slightly bent forward, hands of the female partner lie on the man’s hands, and she focuses her support on them.

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