Sex Position #86: Amazon

Sex Position #86: Amazon - xinghaoya official store
Position type: Vaginal sex  Anal sex  Cowgirl  Face to face  Woman on top

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  A-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her buttocks  Kissing  Breast touching

Who takes the initiative: Woman active

Position description:

The Amazon sex position is one of the most famous sex positions. The contact between the most intimate parts of two people with high heartbeats, the solid electromagnetic field sucks them tightly, and they have entirely entered another world. The man lies on his back with legs bent at the knees; he presses them to the body and spreads widely. The woman stands on her knees between her male partner’s legs, spreads her legs apart, and her feet are closed; she makes support on her male partner’s chest and leans slightly forward. The man puts his ankles on his mistress’ buttocks, with his arms to fix the legs.

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