21 Anal Sex Tips for Beginners: A Complete Guide On How To Do Anal

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21 Anal Sex Tips for Beginners: A Complete Guide On How To Do Anal - xinghaoya official store

Whether you are a man or a woman, everyone thinks about anal sex at some point. And most people do it only once. Especially in America and Europe, the number of people who prefers anal sex is high. So, if you are new to this or are considering having anal sex for the first time, you will not be convinced and wonder how to have anal sex.

How Do You Prepare, Relax, And Enjoy Anal Sex?

Some studies and social surveys suggest that these questions are becoming more common. According to a reputable American institution survey, about 55 to 68 % of men, young people, and women are eager to learn about anal play and are searching the Internet and elsewhere. Especially women and men aged 18 to 65 years are involved in this.

So to answer your first-time anal sex questions, we spoke to several experts, and everyone's advice was almost every day, which we present to you through this article. And emphasizes that the key to enjoying anal sex according to experts - is preparation, knowledge, awareness, and consent.

Most Importantly - Is Anal Sex Safe?

Of course, anal sex is completely safe. They provided that it is done with proper methods and special care of cleanliness. Sometimes you're just not in the mood for anal sex, and sometimes your butthole isn't in the mood for anal sex.

Like vaginal sex, oral sex, or other forms of sex, your body and mind cross the limits of sexuality for anal sex. But anal sex requires special care of hygiene, preparation, communication, and consent. That's why it's so important to be prepared, and educating yourself guarantees safe anal sex and pleasure.

Anal sex can be a bit daunting for newcomers/beginners who are going into anal sex for the first time or are considering getting started; that's why the methods, techniques, and tips described in our article can make you a great knower and guaranteed to be fully prepared for anal sex and a powerful orgasm with better pleasure.

You should research resources and toys for better knowledge and focus on finding answers to questions that can be comfortable and enjoyable for you and your partner. You better spend valuable time communicating your needs, fears, and hopes before going in for anal sex and start planning.

19 Super Essential Tips And Techniques For Beginners To Anal Sex

Consider relaxation, lubrication, communication, consent, and automatic timing to make your first anal sex a pleasurable, memorable, and wonderful experience. The advice and tips below will give you a great experience through this article. 

Read on for more in-depth advice on preparing for anal sex and making your first anal sex safe, comfortable, memorable, and enjoyable.

1. Stay Away From Stress And Relax Your Mind And body

You need to be mentally and physically ready for anal sex. Therefore, it is very stressful for you to release the tension before attempting anal penetration. If you're stressed, hesitant, nervous, or don't want to be involved, so your pleasure may turn into pain, and you will be a participant in a failed anal sex. 

If you're considering trying anal sex for the first time, make plans and spend some time relaxing. Take a hot bath, have sensual talks with your partner, and ask them to do a sensual massage; you can even meditate. To prepare for anal sex, you can incorporate a particular relaxant into the muscles of your anus. Sex toys such as butt plugs or dildos may prove to be better for increasing arousal, relaxing, and added pleasure during anal sex.

2. Feel Free To Communicate With Each Other

Communication is what makes things easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. Therefore, openly discuss anal sex with your partner. Find solutions to all issues, concerns, and ideas. As with all types of sexual activity, anal sex is also an act that should be discussed in advance. Have a conversation with your partner about your fears and expectations, and ensure you are equally about speed, depth, timing, etc. 

3. Establish Boundaries Before You Start

Tell your partner about the whole experience of anal sex. It is your job to pay attention to what you are feeling and also convey it to your partner so that they are comfortable and can share their expectations and wants with you. Also, keep in mind what to do in case of discomfort. If something feels uncomfortable or painful, tell your partner. You can choose a safe word to let your partner know that you are not comfortable moving on, want to go a little slower, or want to take a break. Also, to what extent and depth would you like to go?

4. Feeling Scared

There is a lot of turmoil in many people's minds about anal sex; what will be your partner's reaction in the anus or on your penis during anal sex for the first time? How will anal sex work, will we get pleasure or pain, and will we be able to reach orgasm? Well, this is a natural fear, but to get rid of this fear, you relax, talk to each other, and take a hot bath, which will make the nerves of your body soft.

5. Give Extra Time To Foreplay

One of the best ways to enjoy anal sex or anal penetration to relieve pain is to ensure you're already highly aroused. And the best way and technique is to spend extra time in foreplay to get the excitement.

6. Use A Lot Of Lubricants

More lubrication is the key to getting a great experience and pleasure of anal sex. You have to note that, unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its lubricant. That's why you'll need extra lube; the more lube you use, the more comfortable and enjoyable anal sex will be.

If your partner uses a condom on the penis or straps on, use a water- or silicone-based lubricant. You should also note that oil-based lubricants are incompatible with condoms and may break your condom. According to the need, you apply the lubricant repeatedly, whether it is to be applied on the penis or walls inside the anus. More lubrication always provides a better anal sex experience, and you get a better and more comfortable orgasm.

7. Choose A Favorable Sex Position

The receiver must remain relaxed to have anal sex for the first time. The idea of ​​rough or wild anal sex for the first time is not good. Therefore the receiver must have a sex position controlling the depth and speed of penetration.

The receiver doesn't have to be on top to experience anal sex for the first time. Follow these tips for a favorable sex position for the first time. For this, the receiver can lie on his back on the bed, and the entrant can stand. Then you place your feet on your partner's shoulders, bend your knees, hold them back, and walk forward. This position allows your pelvic floor to be very relaxed and open. And your partner will quickly enter too.

During this, your partner can play with your breasts, clitoris, and butts for added excitement and pleasure. Or even kiss your lips. Spooning is also a fantastic anal sex position for anal sex, especially for beginners, and you can go back in instead of going inside the penis, strap on, or dildo.

8. Slow Stroke Or Start

No matter how much lube you use, your anus is not the same as a vagina that automatically lubricates or is already ready for sex. Anal sex for the first time should be approached as if you were finger-checking the water temperature in a hot bathtub. First, and during foreplay, you gently stroke your finger around the opening of the partner's anus, then insert the lubricated finger into the anus. According to their ease, two fingers can also enter one after the other. If you're using a penis, a finger, or a sex toy, gently caress the anal opening with the tip before inserting anything more profound. Then insert.

9. Try A Sex Toy

Start with small dildos, butt plugs, anal vibrators, or other sex toys, followed by the finger. Keep in mind that the sex toy should always be small and should be lubricated. Communicate consistently during this time, and notice the partner's reaction. If things get too uncomfortable at any point, feel free to let your partner know. Another critical point is that, unlike the vagina, the anus can suck toys inside. So use butt plugs or other toys with a base.

10. Avoid Direct Vaginal Penetration From The Anus

Whether it's your finger, a sex toy, or your penis, make sure that the butt never enters the vagina directly after penetration. It can cause significant harm to your partner and you. 

Will increase the chances of getting a UTI. In addition, other infectious diseases can also flourish. If you want to switch to vaginal penetration after anal sex, go to the shower to continue the action, or keep a tub of baby wipes on your nightstand for occasional cleaning. Don't forget to replace the condom. It is better not to enter the vagina after anal penetration.

11. Take A Break And Remember To Breathe

Arousal in beginners to anal sex can be on a different level, so you may forget to breathe and try to do so continuously, so take a break between pleasure and deep breaths. Holding your breath can cause the muscles to contract, which will only cause pain. Take a deep breath and relax the body. If you are uncomfortable, take a warm bath.

12. Tell Your Partner About The Pain

Anal sex for the first time will be full of new sensations and adventures, some strange, some wonderful. In such a situation, what you should not feel is pain. If penetration becomes painful at any point during the activity, tell your partner immediately, prompt them to stop, add more lube if they want to resume, and take things slow. Or hold it for a while and focus on foreplay. If you are in a missionary position, you can put a pillow under the butt or waist.

13. Use A Latex Condom

Condoms are the only way to have safe sex and prevent sexually transmitted infections. Whether it's a penis, a strap-on, or another sex toy, using a condom will provide you with ease and protection. Do not enter the vagina from the anus with the same condom as there is a chance of spreading the infection. If you have to switch from anus to a vagina, change the condom and take care of cleanliness. Before entering the vagina, remove the anal condom and put on a new condom.

14. Don't Forget Clitoral Stimulation.

Between the walls of the vagina and anus are many shared nerve endings, which are highly sensitive. Therefore, stimulating the vagina with a stroke in the anus may be pleasant. If you feel comfortable, you can insert a vibrator or dildo into your vagina during anal play. You can also rub the clitoris, and you can do this yourself or ask your partner to do it. Your breasts may also intensify the stimulation. So include the breast and clit with anal penetration.

However, if this is your first anal sex, consider focusing only on the clitoris. Vaginal stimulation can increase the tightness of the pelvic floor, and make anal penetration very comfortable, so it would be a good idea to focus on foreplay and warm-up and clitoral stimulation to increase blood flow and stimulation and help the pelvic floor muscles relax more easily.

However, including the breast with the clit, and the kiss, if both of you are comfortable. The clitoris is the primary driver of sexual arousal for most women. It also directs the end goal along with the excitement. It is straightforward to stimulate vaginally when anal play is taking place. The receiver can also do this independently, using a vibrator or manual stimulation.

15. Can Detect Spontaneous Situations

When you are naturally comfortable having anal sex with your trusted partner, you can explore different positions during this time. Spooning can be another excellent pick for anal sex. This position gives shared control to all partners and adds an extra tactile dimension of joy, which can also help you relax. In contrast, the doggy-style sex position allows your partner to enter anal sex quickly but also puts them in complete control, which may not be suitable for your first experience. If you feel pain or discomfort at any time, ask your partner to stop or change positions. This will bring you both to a comfortable position.

16. Additional Preparation

If you have little knowledge, your first time trying to have anal sex can be a bit messy, so you'll have to prepare accordingly. You'll want to keep extra things around during sex like condoms, lubricants, etc. So you can keep an extra towel on the floor or stand to prevent the spread of used condoms and sex toys, and keep it in the right place. Also, use latex or nitrile gloves to help prevent contamination and to protect the delicate anal tissue from sharp nails. 

17. Anal Sex Is Neither Dirty Nor Is There Anything To Be Ashamed Of

Many people associate anal and anal sex with anything dirty or unclean, while the truth is quite the opposite. Like the vagina, the anus is also capable of achieving powerful orgasms and giving you a sense of peace. Because the anus also has many nerve endings like the vagina, which are very sensitive and provide extra pleasure to sex.

So forget that anal sex is a dirty thing. And be shameless because the other side of pleasure is shamelessness, and sex is the door to pleasure. If all the partners agree to anal sex, there is nothing wrong or dirty, which is the most significant proof of pleasure.

18. Be An Inspiration To Each Other

Things will be impossible if all the partners motivate each other to move forward. Therefore it is necessary that if a partner is confused about anal sex, then the other partner should encourage them, tell him about pleasure, and pave the way for them to move forward. Be each other's support, guide, and mentor.

19. Anal Sex Is A Door Of Possibilities, Of Opportunity, And It Has No Fixed Time

If you are wondering when is the right time to have anal sex for the first time, or when is the right time, so remember, anal sex is as common as any other type of sex, and your mind and body have to be prepared to do it. There is no fixed time; instead, you can do it anytime and take a dip in the ocean of bliss. If you are an adult, there is always the right time for you.

Remember, this is an unmatched way of possibilities for you, if you want to liven up the bedroom, add a new dimension to sex, or want to add to the thrill or anything that can bring you great happiness, this is an opportunity, and your aim should be to seize every opportunity. Of course, anal sex is taboo for some people, especially those suffering from STIs or other infectious diseases.

20. Have Vaginal Sex Before Anal Sex

You can also do vaginal sex first to make anal sex more accessible and more enjoyable. Don't be afraid to do what turns you on and on and on; feel free to do it. One or two orgasms can go a long way in having anal sex before trying anal penetration. The more stimulated you are, the more relaxation, stimulation, and pleasure your sphincter muscles will receive.

21. Anal Porn, Porn Photos, Videos, Audios, And Erotica, Your Partner

Anal porn will help you overcome your hesitation, fear, and confusion—also a great way to clear your mind and open the doors of possibilities. Use erotic audio, photos, or videos to arouse or maintain excitement.

It can be a way to detect any fetishes, kinks, and aphorisms that will pique your interest, remove hesitation, remove confusion, and most importantly, it will help in a comfortable orgasm by eliminating the barrier to pleasure.


As with all types of sex, use sensible protection like condoms, good-quality lubricants, and other sex toys with butt plugs. Be careful, as the extra friction involved or the wrong stroke can damage the walls of the anus, tearing off the tissues, so use excessive lubrication. Have sex with a trusted partner. Avoid ejaculating semen directly into the anus or vagina. Take care of extra cleanliness after sex, and take a shower after sex. With a long-term partner whose sexual history you know, he will be a better partner for you.

So naturally, now you are the master of anal sex, so feel free to go and indulge in anal play and travel to the ultimate goal of pleasure.

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