The Best Exercises for Better Sex: Sex Workout For Men And Women

The Best Exercises for Better Sex: Sex Workout For Men And Women - xinghaoya official store

It is entirely true that sex is a kind of workout in itself. Research from an American institution found that sex burns about five calories per minute for men and four calories per minute for women. But an average sex session of less than 15- 20 minutes doesn't work that much. Another result of the same research shows that 30 minutes on the treadmill burns more calories: About 275 calories for men and about 215 calories for women.

Despite all this, the truth is that a more muscular body has more potential for sex drive than a generally fit, and the vital body receives more stimulation towards sex. Strong muscles and a fit body make the sexual session better or improve sexual performance. Whether male or female, specific exercises or workouts activate the hormones responsible for sex and help to get better sex. So focusing and doing those exercises for more feel-good sex can improve your sexual desire and performance.

Generally, you must have heard that working out benefits giving and receiving sex and sexual stimulation and sexual satisfaction. It is also worth noting that to feel stimulated, your body does the same thing as you do when you exercise. When sweating during sexual activity or in bed, your body keeps its heart rate, blood pressure, flow, respiratory rate, and muscles engaged and active. It's just like exercising in the gym. By working out, the body gets stronger by increasing muscle activity. And activates hormones for arousal or better sex.

By the way, many such workouts make you fresh and vital. But sex-responsible exercises that are directly responsible for your sexual activity, arousal, and orgasm should primarily be done by you.

Which Part Of The Body Should Be Given Extra Hard Love And Care?

Some research helps us know which workout strengthens the humerus muscles and which makes us stronger sexually. Or induces better sex and helps, for example, pelvic floor muscles. Several studies have found that a pelvic muscle exercise routine 6 to 10 weeks after delivery can increase potency and sexual self-efficacy.

Or helps to gain confidence in a woman's ability to successfully perform sexual functions, sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and sexual, emotional responses. Because during pregnancy and after delivery, the pelvic floor muscles see tremendous changes, which directly impact sexual life. So through this article, to help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the main workouts to target the major muscles for your better sex, which will give you the ultimate pleasure of sexual pleasure. You need to know that regular practice makes you perfect and witness a happy and joy-filled moment.

Top 12 Workout Routines For Better, Satisfied, And Stronger Sex

It is the perfect time to take advantage of the feel-good endorphins, testosterone, etc., and the new energy that can be gained with a few short workouts. Set a timer for 15-30 minutes for better sex, and repeat this routine until the timer goes off, or you can do this routine three or more times as per your convenience. Plus, master these golden and special training techniques to lift your partner's mind to bed.

It can help with better sex by doing some workouts before even having sex. One study found that moderate exercise just before sexual activity surprisingly improved arousal in women taking antidepressants, so in men also helped to get better stimulation and erection.

1: Swimming

Researchers at Harvard University found in their research that the sex lives of male and female swimmers in their 60s-70s were similar to those under 25. Swimming strengthens your muscles and builds your stamina, increases blood flow, improves flexibility and strength, reduces stress, and most importantly, activates hormones responsible for sex and accelerates shedding. Swimming also burns some serious calories. It is well known that being overweight causes low libido and poor sexual performance, especially for obese and vulnerable men with erectile dysfunction.

2: Simple And Easy Cardio

This exercise can physically increase happiness for you and your partner. Any exercise or general activity that makes your heart beat faster, you breathe faster, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming can promote blood flow, including your lower regions (penis and vagina). It is a bonus for both sexes (male and female). Stronger erections for men and more women stimulation are essential for better sex. And the results of many research show that cardio contributes significantly to this.

3: Core And Abs Exercise

Your strong belly is not only good to look at but is also directly responsible for sexual performance. A strong and flexible core helps you perform most of the tasks you do with ease. Your strong abs take the movement to the end, including performing well in bed or sex.

4: Frog Pose

It is not only a workout but a tangible way to affect your sexual activity directly. It is a solid and intense hip opener that stretches your inner thighs, waist, and hips and increases blood flow to your genitals. It also eases the tension and stiffness of your muscles. It makes you sexually strong and aroused. And it strengthens women and men equally. This workout or activity will make you more flexible and energetic during intercourse.

5: Hinge

Although this exercise is very beneficial for all men and women, especially for women, it provides depth. While bending towards your back, take your legs out if you can bend your knees and bring the legs back. To help position itself in a favorable position, the Neporent hinge provides superior flexibility. And lean back at a 45-degree angle for a few seconds before returning straight, and repeat this several times. If possible, you can do this multiple times. 

6: Kegel

If your pelvic floor muscles become weak, you have to face many problems. It causes incontinence, passing urine or stool, pain or discomfort during intercourse, premature ejaculation, etc. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, increasing your sexual activity and intense orgasms, among other benefits. This exercise is very beneficial, especially for women. While women can get more sexual pleasure from Kegels, this exercise also helps men to prevent premature ejaculation. But some studies report that about 52 percent of people do not do Kegel exercises correctly. So, be sure to take expert advice to give you better benefits.

7: Plank

This exercise is very beneficial for both men and women. It is the perfect way to strengthen your abdominal muscles (such as the transversus abdominis), upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. It also accelerates the blood flow to your genitals, producing arousal and a better erection. At the same time, the muscles involved help to stabilize you so that you can be more active with your partner. You can do this two times a day or more.

8: Cow And Cat Stretch Exercise

You can also call this exercise yoga, and it is not wrong to call exercise or yoga posture another form of foreplay. This exercise constricts your spine, enhances your ability to breathe, and helps you achieve focus. Therefore, your mind remains under your control so that you can control your senses and ejaculation during sex. At the same time, it also helps increase blood flow in your genitals, which gives you stimulation and erection. Don't be in a hurry to do it and proceed with an easy and steady flow so that during each round, take a full breath in and slowly exhale.

9: Pelvic Thrust

Your sexual performance is responsible for your and your partner's happiness and the right direction in the relationship. Whether your preferred sex position is missionary or cowgirl, this activity or exercise is an integral part. Through which, you can get a long sexual session. But it can become a push or tiring when you're out of shape or don't do it correctly. To do it right, focus more on your glutes, calves, and hamstrings to build stamina and flexibility. 

10: Exercise Date With Partner

The smell of a man's body and sweat excites the woman. Hence there is a famous saying, couples who sweat together stay together for a long time. So don't miss any chance to have an exercise date with your partner. Studies show that challenging physical activities lead to greater arousal, whether a woman or a man. It will make you more attracted to your partner after the workout. Coordinate your actions to strengthen further the emotional connection and relationship with the partner (For example, run at your partner's pace or help your partner do her workouts), and it will prepare the body for sexual activity, giving stimulation to both of you.

11: Push Ups

Push Ups are one such exercise that is very important for the whole body. It is a great exercise to strengthen muscles and increase stamina. Pushups are a must for anyone who wants to experiment with positions or try new things and something different. Push Ups are essential for improving body and arm strength, which requires your entire body to engage in that position.

  • To do this, start with your arms straight and palms shoulder-width apart so that your shoulders are directly over your hands.
  • Keep your head and neck neutral and core strength in the right places and direction so that your body forms a straight and flat line from top to bottom.
  • Your feet should be hip-width apart unless facing the accessible version.
  • Now lower your body by bending your elbows and bringing your chest to the ground. Push up with your palms, and extend your arms.
  • Don't let your lower back, waist, and hips sag. Maintain a straight and neutral spine and neck in a straight line.

12: Pigeon Pose Exercise

Pigeon pose creates a deep stretch in your groin, hips, and glutes, helping each muscle improve and strengthen. It increases flexibility in your lower regions. And provides better flexibility and better pleasure of sex.

  • To do this, bring your right knee forward and let it go behind your right wrist.¬†
  • Then swing your right leg up and to the left, followed by your right ankle next to your left hip.
  • Now, straighten your left leg and slide it back behind you, pointing your toes.
  • Then, by bending your elbows and letting your upper body drop towards the ground, lower your body as comfortably as possible. Your pelvis should be towards the bottom during this movement and stretch, but do it as you are comfortable with, and never try to force it.
  • There may be some problems initially, but it will feel effortless after some practice.

And if you lack flexibility, you can also consider a gentler move.

  • For this, lie down on the ground on your back.
  • Then lift your left leg off the ground and bend your knee so that your leg forms a 90-degree angle.
  • Then bend your right leg, and rest your right ankle on your left thigh.
  • Then reach through your legs to grab the back of your left thigh, hold in this pose, and pull until you feel a stretch.

Yoga For Better Sex

Some yoga postures give excellent results for better and more satisfying sex. Before starting any workout, start with a flow of a few rounds of this essential yoga pose to help you build limbs and flexibility.

First, take your arms upwards and slowly bend forward, reaching towards the ground. Place your hands on the floor and step your feet back into a plank position. Slowly lower your entire body into a pushup position until you reach the ground. Then fall your feet to the ground, lift your upper body up and off the ground, bending slightly through your back flexion. And you look straight at you in an upward dog pose. After staying in this posture for some time, come back to the floor, and bring your hips down towards the ceiling. In this position, move your legs between your hands, slowly stretch your arms upwards and stand back straight.


According to experts, working out for better sex seems better than using sex as a workout. The calories burned to testify to freshness and strength. You have to understand that no one routine guarantees having better sex, but exercise helps a lot. Sex depends on heart rate, blood pressure, strong muscles, stamina, respiratory rate, and muscle contraction. So think more intuitively about which muscles you use in bed or during sex. 

Despite experts and popular opinion, you don't want to be harsh with yourself or your partner when it comes to sex, especially when it comes to your muscles. Mobility, patience, and strength are essential if you want to be at your best in the bedroom and during intercourse with your partner. You have to be flexible. Here is this workout routine which is very helpful for your body. That works for your muscle groups, and this routine will help you heal some of those non-core conditions. And in the end, you will get the wonderful experience of successful sex.

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