Sex Position #54 Attractions

Sex Position #54 Attractions - xinghaoya official store
Position type:  Vaginal sex  Anal sex  Cowgirl  Reverse  Woman on top

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  A-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Hand clitoris stimulation  Hold her buttocks

Who takes the initiative: Woman active

Position description

The eyes can discharge, especially in the process of sex, this is a good discharge position, both sides can see the whole process, so that the game adds a different kind of fun. The man lies on his back and opens his legs apart. The woman sits on the penis facing her male partner; she opens her legs wide apart and puts her hands between the legs of the male partner that serves as the main support. The man holds his mistress by her hands just above knees; the partners can watch each other, catch each emotion, move in rhythm and play the silent game that will bring them even greater satisfaction.

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