Sex Position#42: Creeping

Sex Position#42: Creeping - xinghaoya official store
Creeping sex position

Position type: Vagina sex  Anal sex  From behind  Lying down  Man on top  Rear entry

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  A-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Kissing  Breasts touching

Who takes the initiative: Man active

Position description 

If you taste one thing for a long time, you are destined to get bored, and the good news is that people are creative, as long as you are willing to change, every day can be brand new, and the same is true for couples' lives. The woman lies down with her face, one her leg is straight, the second one is bent and lifted up. The man lies on top to put one leg between her thighs. He slips his hand under her arm to be able to caress his female partner’s face. He leans on his free hand, and his legs are slightly bent at the knees, for better stability. This position is good for men who have strong hands, that it is important for woman not to feel discomfort.

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