Sex Position #70: Licking

Sex Position #70: Licking - xinghaoya official store
Licking sex position

Position type: Oral sex  Belowjob  Standing

Main stimulation: Clitoral Stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her buttocks

Who takes the initiative: Man active

Position description:

After being in the same sex position for a long time, you will naturally feel boring. On the contrary, trying different positions can relax you, and you look forward to everything. The man is standing with feet shoulder-width apart, and his torso is very inclined forward. The woman gets on her hands and holds her body on her palms, she bents her at the knees and embraces the buttocks of her male partner, and crosses her feet. The man supports the waist of his lady with his hands helping her to be in this position, and with his lips he can caress her belly as if showering her with kisses.

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