Sex Position #7 Waist Tango

Sex Position #7 Waist Tango - xinghaoya official store
Position type: Vaginal sex Woman on top Face to face Standing 

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation P-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Kissing Breasts touching Breast kissing Holding her buttocks Tight hugging

Who takes the initiative: Man active Woman active

Position description:

It is a challenging sex position. The woman just climbed to the man's central axis and came into his arms,the man strung his beloved woman with his penis. The female partner's legs entwine his thighs on both sides; he hugs her waist with one arm and holds her buttocks with his second arm. The woman throws her head back, thereby opening her excited but deprived of caresses breast in front of the man's lips. Her hands are free, and she can hug his neck, caress the strong man's back and torso. Alternatively, It can practice this position near the wall; in this case, it will be easier for the man to hold his female partner.

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