Sex Position #12 Morning Spoon

Morning Spoon sex position

Position type: Vaginal sex  Anal sex  From behind  Rear entry  Lying down  Sideways  Spooning

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching  Hand clitoris stimulation  Tight huging

Who takes the initiative: Man active 

Position description:

In the early morning when you wake up from the big dream, you feel that you have an erection, your partner is right next to your pillow, and the morning sex starts. It is perfect for awakening morning sex because it is not necessary to make sudden movements, jump, do acrobatics, everything is much easier. The woman lies comfortably on her side; her right leg is slightly bent at the knee. The man is behind her, one arm is around his female partner’s waist or feels her vagina, the man’s legs are along the female’s legs, that is, the left leg is straight and the right is across. If you are not familiar with this comfortable position, now you have the perfect reason for morning sex.

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