Sex Position #47 Splicing

Splicing sex position
Position type:  Vagina sex  Cowgirl  Lying down  Reverse  Woman on top

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  A-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Hand clitoris stimulation

Who takes the initiative: Woman active

Position description

A man and a woman are linked together by a point. This posture explains everything vividly, and the love between you and your partner begins. The woman lies on her back, bends her knees, hips and pressed and shins are driven apart. The male partner lies on his back, too, so that the woman is between his legs, and her feet are under the man’s hands. The lady bends her arms in elbows, making the support on them, with her hands she takes her male partner’s shins and slightly raises the upper part of her body. Man’s hands are on the male partner’s hips.

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