Sex Position #103: Cowboy

Sex Position #103: Cowboy - xinghaoya official store
Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex Doggy style From behind Man on top

Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation A-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching

Who takes the initiative: Man active

Position description:

Since ancient times, males have always liked to dominate the process of sex. This is a sexual posture that reflects men's self-confidence and can fully satisfy their partners. The woman stands on all fours – elbows and knees, but more downwards. Her legs are driven apart, palms are nearby. The male partner crouches over his lady so that his feet are next to her knees, his arms are straight, palms are doubled in fists and are located on the floor on both sides of the female partner, the main support is on them. The position a little primitive, but still can work.

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