#5 Angel Side-riding

Angel Side-riding sex position


Position type: Vaginal sex Women on top Cowgirl Criss cross

Main stimulation:  A-spot stimulation

Auxiliary stimulation:Breasts touching Hand clitoris stimulation Sex toy aid

Who takes the initiative: Women active 

Position description:

The woman on top is a perfect sex position for men who want to relax and have fun, so you should obviously note this position. The man lies on his back and slightly bends one leg at the knee. The female partner sits on the penis so that her legs are on one side next to the bent leg of her male partner, which female partner takes by hand at the knee and the other hand puts on the man’s chest. The male partner puts his arm on the woman’s neck and takes her knee by the other one. Woman’s hips move up and down, or spin around to make a fire; man can massage her clitoris with a clitoral stimulator.

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