Face Sitting: What Is It, And Why is It Such A Super Hot Topic?

Face Sitting: What Is It, And Why is It Such A Super Hot Topic?

Face-sitting: the face-sitting sexual position in the BDSM community called queening, is a great example.

When you are not familiar with the concept, you might have trouble understanding why facesitting is so popular among people, and why facesitting is a hot topic among people. People's minds also revolve around how the fellow downstairs does it, and how can you give someone oral sex if they're holding your breath?

But the truth is different from this. In fact, the face-sitter usually does not put all of her/his weight on his partner's face, but instead puts the weight on her knees, and places his vagina or penis on the partner's mouth. So there is enough space and comfort for the lower partner to suck, lick or say oral sex on the vagina or penis of the dominant partner, and therefore find it over-exciting.

Let's know about face-sitting in full

What Exactly Is Face-Sitting?

Simply put, face-sitting is the sexual act that occurs when one partner places, rubs or hangs his or her genitals over the other partner's mouth to achieve oral sex. It is also commonly referred to as mustache riding, in which a woman rubs her vagina on a man's face (on the mouth) or a man gives oral sex to a woman's vagina (also called a woman's blowjob).

Whereas if the dominant is male and female is at the bottom then it can be a bit difficult for the penis chain. Because in this situation, a woman cannot easily give oral sex to a man's penis, for that she has to come up a little. It is therefore generally accepted that face-sitting involves a lower partner performing vagalingus (or occasionally, analingus) on the person who is sitting on their face.

But generally with respect to facesitting - a woman is always considered to be the dominant one. And the woman is on the face of the man.

The concept of face-sitting is nothing new. It is mentioned in history, and it used to happen even centuries ago. The position was used in many ancient cultures as far back as Egypt, India, China, and Japan. Which has been mentioned by many historians. For which there is also a lot of solid evidence.

According to the facts and evidence furnished in the pages of history, in the medieval days, face-sitting or face-sitting was favored by upper-class women as a way of achieving sexual satisfaction without the risk of becoming pregnant, with her servants or slaves. They used to sit on their slaves' faces to relieve their sexual tension, and male slaves would enjoy oral sex in those women's vaginas.

It is mentioned that the queens of that time used to do this sexual activity with their slaves, without risking becoming pregnant, to fulfill their sexual desires. Whereas in Japan, some brothels specialized in providing women with men trained in the art, and this practice has persisted ever since.

Despite its long history, many people are only familiar with the concept of face-sitting. And those who know about it sometimes find it somewhat reprehensible. So while in modern times sex is fun and among those who like to enjoy something different, exciting, wild, kinky, bdsm sex, etc., they consider it as an opportunity and adventure. [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

Face Sitting Is An Advanced Sex Position

Face-sitting offers a comfortable, low-impact way to bring pure pleasure to your woman. If you find that this advanced sex position makes your woman swoon with pleasure, and she achieves complete orgasm with you, then surely this advanced sex position can become a strong link for you, your relationship. Where there is only joy. You're even happier when you feel like you're doing such a good job that your lady is overjoyed and needs a wall or bedhead to hold her back and balance. This position is great for those who are fully experienced in their tongue technique and know how to spell with the tongue, who like to give oral.

Solid Foundation Of Queening With The Best Example Of Face-Sitting BDSM, Kinky Sex

Face-sitting is especially very popular in the female supremacy, or women's supremacy, world. In fact, it is believed that the term "queening" is derived from this posture, which depicts a prominent queen seated on her throne having oral sex as a slave by a lower, or submissive, the partner has gone.

The concept has several major/submissive themes that can apply to partners of any gender, be it a woman to a woman, or a man to a man. Even though they are traditionally described in female/male terms. Chief among them is, of course, a power fantasy, in which the top partner has all the power and the bottom one is literally held as a prisoner, slave, or object of sexual pleasure.

Some who are into female-dominated activities prefer a dressed-up version of the queen. They are less concerned with physical satisfaction, and more focused on the power above and the helplessness and despair below.  It's kind of an integral part of BDSM, kinky sex that women like to play queen and slave with their men. It is sometimes combined with other aspects of erotic games such as slave-queen, servant-mistress, crushing, smelting, and breathing games. Which in modern times has a huge sex diversity, now called queening.

Face-sitting may naturally be a major and polite activity, but it is not just the province of domes and subs. This is because it is a great way for one partner to be satisfied with the other. [Read: Why Do Some People Like To Have Sex In Public]

The Joys And Pleasures Of Face-Sitting: Benefits Of Face-Sitting

Aside from the feminine and erotic aspects of face-sitting, why is it so widely accepted as an activity in the wild sex world? The answer is included below.

1. Face-Sitting Is Psychologically Empowering

It's also quite exciting for those who aren't interested in the traditional BDSM power game, and they accept it as decent sex. Because control is especially true for vulva-havers, who may be accustomed to playing a secondary or ancillary role in sexual activity that occurs in other situations. Those who get the feeling of only and only bliss without any pain and discomfort.

2. Pleasure Without Pain And Suffering

In many positions, the person having oral sex is subject to the whims of his partner, and he also gives pain to the partner in orgasm.  Whereas in face-sitting they are in control of themselves. They can position themselves to receive and give pleasure, where and how they want, and they can move back and forth as necessary to exert the right amount of pressure on the genitals or anus. So we must accept that the top is the primary actor and not the dominant one.

3. Provides Easier And Better Access To Both Male And Female Partners

The facesitting or legs wide open position ensures that there is no obstruction to direct clitoral stimulation, and they easily climax with their female partner. And some vulva-havers say they are more likely to climax with oral sex in facesitting than in any other position. 

This position provides easy and immediate access to the clitoris and other areas of the vulva as well as the anus for those who enjoy both the vagina and the penis(check more positions for men). Because the person on top of the other at the bottom has full access to tease or play with the hair, face, anus, and breasts of the bottom - and even if they reverse their position, easy access to the genitals of the bottom one can get it.

4. The Partner Below Focuses Completely On The Woman's Orgasm.

In most sexual positions, partners are engaged in pleasing each other. Whereas during face sitting, the only goal is maximum satisfaction for the top partner with no distractions. Think of it this way - "Give and Take". There is no aspect of quelling "You do this for me, now I'll do it for you".  The sitter can relax and fully enjoy the activity, and orgasmic sensations.

5. Face Sitting Gives A Full Opportunity To Observe The Sexuality Of The Female Partner And Her Happy Gestures During Sex.

In the midst of a fire-filled bedroom session, most people are too busy to soak up and admire the beauty of their partner's body, or the smells and sounds of great sex. Face-sitting allows the partner below to lie back and take in everything that happens up and around, which is usually not possible during more traditional sexual activity. This allows them to really see the sex they are involved in, and how sexist the woman feels from their activity.

6. Body Function Is Not Important

People who may be sensitive to their appearance may be unfazed by the fact that their body is not a problem when their partner is sitting on their face, the only external part of their body that matters during work is their tongue and mouth.

7. Face Sitting Is More Powerful Than Other Activities

Yes, the partner below can be in a submissive position, and in role-playing, bdsm, kinky, fetish. But being able to fully enjoy a partner with abandon – once allowed to do so – can also provide an unusual sense of the power of a different kind.

8. Special For Those Who Like To Test Female Discharge

Orally pleasing a penis-holder can lead to a huge payoff, at least in the view of many: ejaculation on their face or in their mouth. If the vulva-havar squirts at the time of climax, it is most likely that the ejaculate will reach the partner's body or mouth. Because of their position during face-sitting, it may actually be the owner of the cunt who caresses his partner's face.

9. Face Sitting For Both Partners

Any sex expert will tell you that being different and experimenting is best for sex and relationships. And this is why they often suggest sex toys and something different, wild, and adventurous to couples who need to liven up their bedroom game.  And you see it as sexist, weird, or just plain fun. Facesitting can add an extra layer of excitement which will undoubtedly act as a lifesaver for both the sex partners. [Read: how to have passionate sex]

Some Important Things Before Starting Face-Sitting

Before trying face-sitting or face-to-face sitting, it is very important to know some prerequisites.

  • First and foremost in this action is the consent of each other. Discuss the possibility with your partner, and make sure they are comfortable with what might be a new type of sexual activity for them. If they're curious but still a little reluctant, try starting out slowly. Ask the potential top partner to stand on top of the bottom half of the mouth with the mouth facing you on all fours – and slowly lower your crotch to acknowledge the verbal stimulus. If all is well, then face-sitting or face-to-face sitting would be a natural next step.
  • The other essential component is a safe word or a physical signal to stop, even though the intent of face sitting is not or may not be a form of BDSM play. One partner will be hovering over the other in a potentially dangerous situation, so there should always be a substitute for a safe word or a sign to stop the drama if needed.
  • One partner should lie back on the bed or wherever they can lie flat and comfortably, and the top one should kneel on either side of the partner's chest with the knees extended to provide good access. It would be better if it happened. They can hold the headboard of the bed for balance or rest their palms on the wall behind the bed.
  • The upper partner's genitals (vagina and anus) should now be above the lower partner's face. Slowly go down until there is contact between the upper genitals and the lower partner's mouth. Once the position is felt comfortable, the top partner can move away or closer to the bottom partner's face to control the amount of pressure on their clitoris, and their position to intensify or reduce the sensations. can increase or decrease. If you're on top, try to be still and let your partner do all the work, then let your partner standstill (put your tongue out) and let your body explore all those different kinds of pleasure. Do what you can generate.[Read: The Ultimate Threesome Sex Guide]

Varieties Of Face Sitting

There are other types of face-sitting that you can try if you are comfortable, do not hesitate to try different positions of face-sitting. Instead of facing forward, the top partner can try to face the bottom legs and feet. For example - doing reverse cowgirl to cowgirl.

If both partners feel that they are comfortable doing so, there is always the option of BDSM/femdom enhancement, including breath play or smothering, but remember to have that safe word or gesture ready before that, because this may be even more important as the orgasm and drama automatically intensify.

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