10 Types of Proven Sex Positions Make Men Last Longer in Bed

10 Types of Proven Sex Positions Make Men Last Longer in Bed - xinghaoya official store

Things men need to know before turning off lights

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man has an orgasm and ejaculates earlier during intercourse than he or his partner would like. It’s a common problem, affecting 30% to 40% of men.

If you reach orgasm soon, your partner will certainly not satisfy. The average time for women to reach orgasm is 15-20 minutes, and the average time is about three times that of men. Your premature surrender means that they cannot get the satisfaction they deserve.

There are many ways to solve premature ejaculation, such as xinghaoya delay spray, Kegel exercises for men, Start-stop method, etc., which will produce good results, especially for men who know that persistence is victory.

However, most people don't realize that sexual activity itself is also worthy of our research. In other words, you can try to choose a sex position that is beneficial to you to extend the time of orgasm.

The sensitivity of the glans determines how long it takes for a man to reach ejaculation. In sexual activity, as long as you can intentionally reduce the intensity of glans stimulation, you can make an orgasm make a difference. The following sex positions can make you last longer. Although they are not a cure for premature ejaculation, they are indeed free techniques to make your sexual partner more satisfied.

It's time to turn off the lights, and you must realize that nothing is a joke after turning off the lights.

Postion type 1: Woman active

woman active sex position

How it works

Woman active means that she is the game's protagonist, and she will lead you into the city of dreams. During the whole process, your partner controls the rhythm of sex; no matter what degree of penetration, she will complete it to relieve the overstimulation of the penis due to your initiative and further achieve the purpose of extending the game time.

What do you do

The best way is to lie down quietly. She rides on top of you and takes the initiative to insert your penis into her body, and control the depth of advancement. During this process, you can do some extra work, such as stimulating your partner's clitoris with your hands. , Stroking her nipples with your hands, hugging their ass, etc., but you must not flash any thoughts of active attacks in your mind.

Tip: Oral sex positions are not included in woman active sex positions.

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Postion type 2: Hand clitoris stimulation

hand clitoris stimulation sex position

How it works

In the process of sex, the main is hand clitoris stimulation of the partner, thereby strengthening the partner's sexual pleasure and speeding up her orgasm process. It is best to let her achieve clitoral orgasm. You should know that the clitoris is a sensitive part of women. Studies have shown that up to 64% of women believe stimulating the clitoris can wake them up to orgasm.

What do you do

Finding such a position can insert your partner's vagina and adequately facilitate the stimulation of her clitoris by hand. Vaginal stimulation is secondary in this program, and your focus is on stimulating the partner's clitoris.

Accompanied by shallower G-spot stimulation, and neither side should advance too profoundly. The whole thrusting process requires the woman to be more active and active. Your main work is to stimulate her clitoris, some excellent clitoral stimulators also can help you.

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Postion type 3: Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

cowgirl sex position

How it works

Cowgirl(reverse cowgirl) is one of the most popular sex positions. This position mainly gives women more initiative, requires men to give up some initiative. Let the female partner control penetration and speed, and let her focus on her happiness without too much pay more attention to you so that your penis will not be over-stimulated and nervous because it needs proper rest at this time.

What do you do

Usually, you lie down, and your partner is responsible for the penetration work above. Although you are active, try not to participate in the penetration work. At this time, your hands can assist in stimulating the sensitive parts of the other party, such as the breast, clitoris, and buttocks.

To further prevent your orgasm from being awakened, you can also perform kegel exercises at this time to distract.

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Postion type 4: Spooning

spooning sex position

How it works

Spooning sex position is usually that both sides lie in the same direction, with the male behind the female and inserting her vagina from behind. It is mainly short-range sex to prevent men from exerting too much force and mistakenly entering the situation of self-entertainment.

The short-range sex is mainly G-spot stimulation, accompanied by additional stimulation such as buttocks friction, clitoral stimulation, and breast massage.

What do you do

You and your partner lie sideways, and the directions are the same and form a spoon shape. When inserting, open your partner's legs a bit, find the vagina with your hands, and enter from behind.

Remember that your penis can't use too much force at this time, but gently test back and forth to stimulate her G-spot. At the same time, stimulate her clitoris with your hands, kiss her ears, neck, and other sensitive parts, thereby awakening her orgasm.

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Postion type 5: Sideways

sideways sex position

How it works

The sideways sex position aims to reduce penis penetration and prevent the embarrassing situation of men being over-stimulated and handing in their guns in advance. It is essential for people suffering from premature ejaculation. No matter which direction you insert in, remember not to go too deep, not to push too hard, mainly to stimulate the G-spot, or even only use the penis to stimulate women's vulva.

What do you do

Let your partner take a comfortable position first, and then you can accord to her place to match the side-entry position wisely. At this time, the penis may not be able to enter directly, and you need to cooperate with your partner or find the vagina with your hands, then gently push it and stimulate the sensitive parts of your partner that can be touched with your hands.

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Postion type 6: Sitting

sitting sex position

How it works

The core of the sitting sex position is that the male sits, and the woman on top to performs alone. Let her enjoy the pleasure of deep thrusting. Remember that she may sometimes bounce crazy pushing, and hips rotate and stir periodically. Your partner, not you, does these.

What do you do

You can sit anywhere, usually sitting in a chair, and then your partner takes the initiative to advance the work. Your role at this time is to sit back and enjoy the rewards.

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Postion type 7: Criss Cross

criss cross sex position

How it works

The criss-cross position aims to limit your madness, let men and their partners into a cross position, reducing the area of contact between the two sides. At the same time, in this position, you can't exert force profoundly and thoroughly to avoid the penis from being over-stimulated so as not to go into the embarrassing situation encountered by most men.

What do you do

You can lie down, or on your side, your partner makes a 90-degree angle with you, and then moderately advance the insertion and mainly stimulate the G-spot or vulva. It is a relatively relaxed position. The area you can contact is mainly concentrated on the hips. It will feel extremely comfortable, unlike the contact positions with more other parts. It just feels the pleasure brought by the contact of each other's hips and friction.

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Postion type 8: Woman on top

woman on top sex position

How it works

This position requires your partner to be on top and limits your attacking ability. Your partner is here to play 100% queen status; it's time for her to be active. She controls everything above, and she decides the depth and intensity.

What do you do

You lie flat, let your partner ride or sit on you, and start this game; you can stimulate her clitoris with your hands, touch the breasts, and other auxiliary stimulation.

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Postion type 9: Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus sex position

How it works

Oral sex is an indispensable part of a partner's sexual life. Especially for women, their clitoris, vulva, and vagina are full of nerve paths leading to orgasm. Wise men must be good at using their mouth and tongue to please their beloved women, especially for men who cannot control their time, and it is an effective self-protection.

Add the appropriate skills and use your tongue to make your partner look at you with admiration. If you are always fascinated by penis sex, you should use this item during foreplay.

What do you do

Your partner stretches her legs enough to leave a working space for you, use your tongue/tongue to repeatedly stimulate her clitoris, vulva, vagina, attention shift, and rhythm control. Keep learning these skills, and it will positively impact your sex activities.

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Postion type 10: Kneeling

keeling sex position

How does it work

The man keeps kneeling position, and uses the strength of his hips to thrust forward, but he should not use too much force. This posture's principle is that the power-point is restricted, distracting male attention and delaying orgasm ejaculation.

What do you do

Keep your kneeling position, and your partner is lying face up. You hold her waist or buttocks with your hands, form a vertical position with her, and start the game.

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Why do these sex positions make men last longer?

In most partner sex, it takes longer for women to reach orgasm than men, about three times that of average men (excluding men with premature ejaculation).

The survey shows that most couples lack sex position conversion during sex. Many couples don't realize that switching sex positions can make their sex last longer.

Whether it is for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, or men who cannot satisfy their partner during sex, they should know that these sex positions are helpful to them. The reasons are:

  1. These sex positions do not allow the thrust to be too long or too deep to prevent you from being over-stimulated.
  2. These sex positions do not rely on thrust or penetration, thus limiting the speed at which it can awaken you.
  3. These sex positions are challenging to perform. Your attention is focused on maintaining the position rather than the feeling of the penis.
  4. These sex positions allow you to sit in the driver's seat, allowing you to control the degree of stimulation you receive and preventing you from getting over the edge.
  5. These sex positions give priority to her feelings and reduce feedback to you.

Summary: The correct choice of sex positions can make men last longer in bed

Sex is a game for two people. Any position that is uncomfortable for either party should be discarded. Respect and experience are equally important.  It is the premise.

Don't be superstitious of a particular sex position. The sex positions we listed are not specific but a collection of sex positions. This guide is not to guide you to imitate but to provide a kind of sexual thought. You can enter our collection of more sex positions for detailed guidance.

The core of making men last longer is to prevent over-stimulation of their penis and limit the thrust to delay the speed at which you are awakened.

One or two sex positions may not achieve good results. You should constantly switch sex positions during the sex process. Choose 3-5 of the above sex positions and switch to use them for better results.

Through continuous learning and summarizing, choose the best sex position or combination of positions that suit you and your partner and allow you to last longer.

If you still cannot achieve good results after testing and using the above sex positions or a combination of them, don't be disappointed; xinghaoya delay spray can help you.

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