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Sex Position #118: Chauffeur

Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex Kneeling Right angle Main stimulation: A-spot stimulation G-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching Hand clitoris stimulation Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: Sexual relationships that are constantly updated will last. This requires one party to actively stimulate the other's desires and give sex new vitality. Only in this way can your life be stable and long-lasting. The woman lies on her back, legs are straight and lifted up. The male partner sits down on his knees next to the woman’ buttocks, legs are driven wide. With his hands, the man takes his partner’s ankles and spreads her legs apart, he...

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solo sex position

Sex Position #117: Solo

Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex From behind Kneeling Rear entry Main stimulation: P spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: No Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: The pleasures of sex are inherently exclusive to human beings, but few people talk about them publicly in real life. But inexperienced or inexperienced partners hope to obtain relevant information, which may be the meaning of our existence. The woman lies on her stomach, hands behind her back, legs are driven apart. The male partner ceases on his knees, driving them widely apart, between her legs, with his hands he takes her by the hips and slightly raises the body...

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bulldozer sex position

Sex Position #110: Bulldozer

Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex Kneeling Right angle Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation P-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Hand clitoris stimulation Breasts touching Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: It is an exciting position for those who practice different types of sex. It allows you to get to know each other closely and deeply, and tactile feelings play a significant role. The woman lies on her back; one arm is put behind the head, feet together are raised. The man stands on his knees at the female partner’s buttocks; legs are driven widely apart, the head is located between the extended legs of the female partner in the...

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Plumber sex position

Sex Position #106: Plumber

Position type: Oral sex Belowjob Kneeling Main stimulation: Penis stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching Holding her buttocks Who takes the initiative: Woman active Position description: Dare to try new things to experience a prosperous life. It is an exciting and non-standard position for a blowjob, which you certainly should try with your male partner. The man stands with his legs at shoulder length and squats in such a position. The woman stands on her knees in front of him and elbows facing his intimate zone. The male partner’s arms are on her back; he can stroke and massage his woman's back or stand still and have fun. As...

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