Crossbow Sex Position

Sex Position #89: Crossbow

Position type: Vaginal sex  Anal sex  Kneeling  Right angle Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  A-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching  Hold her buttocks Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: Whether the spark between you and your partner can be ignited depends on eye contact. Husband and wife should trust each other and continuously encourage each other. Sex without cooperation will not last. The woman lies on her back and slightly turns her pelvis to the side so that one leg is straight and the other is bent. The man ceases to his knees beside in such a way that one leg is between her legs. He...

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Porn Tongue Sex Position

Sex Position #84: Porn Tongue

Position type: Cunnilingus  Kneeling  Oral sex  Woman on top Main stimulation: Clitoral sitmulation Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her buttocks Who takes the initiative: Woman active Position description: If your partner is not satisfied with a normal sex life, it is time to take out your weapons and let her experience unprecedented pleasure. Your mouth and tongue are the best weapons, do it until she surrenders! The man lies on his back, legs are together, knees are bent. The woman gets on all fours so that the male partner’s head is between her legs. The female partner’s head is slightly tilted back, arms are straight, and support is on the...

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Sweetheart Sex Position

Sex Position #83: Sweetheart

Position type: Vaginal sex  Anal sex  From behind  Doggy style  Kneeling  Rear entry Auxiliary stimulation: G-spot stimulation P-spot stimulation Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: A man’s sexuality is like a fire. It is easy to be ignited, but it is also quickly extinguished. At this time, the woman may have just entered the role. The husband and wife must find a balance to make each other sexually happy. The woman lies down on her belly with face down, putting out hands and opening her legs. The man stands on his knees between her legs and having opened his thighs her legs become...

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Faithfulness Sex Position

Sex Position #82: Faithfulness

Position type: Blowjob  Kneeling  Oral sex  Man on top  Main stimulation: Penis stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: No Who takes the initiative: Woman active Position description: If your partner accepts this sex position, it means that she loves you very much, because this position is entirely dedication for you, so you should also love her and satisfy her.The woman lies on her back with her legs bent and driven apart. The man kneels for the woman’s breast to be situated between his thighs, he leans on his straight hands and holds the upper part of his body. The mistress puts her hands on the man’s back...

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