How to Make Your Dick Bigger: 12 Penis Enlargement Methods

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How to Make Your Dick Bigger

How to make your dick bigger? 

This is actually answer that most men have been looking for, having a bigger dick is traditionally exhilarating.

Many studies and researches show that people who worry about their penis size are ordinary and average-sized.

There is a common misconception perpetuated by mainstream porn that a bigger dick is more pleasurable for your partner. But this doesn't seem right and nonsense.

A 2020 study by a reputed institute and experts in the United States concluded that combining deep kissing, genital stimulation, oral sex, and other foreplay leads to better orgasms for the vulva (female). And it has nothing to do with a big or small penis.

There have been many types of research and studies before that. In all of them, the conclusion is that instead of the larger penis for orgasm, more involvement in sex gives orgasm to the woman, and there is successful intercourse. So there is no point in worrying about it; it is entirely wrong thinking.

There is also an old belief that a bigger dick is linked to your manhood, which doesn't make any sense, and it's just rumored.

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The Truth About Penis Length In General: Facts And Figures

Unfortunately, many of us have equated our self-esteem and sense of worth to the size of our penis.

Suppose we believe that our penises are smaller than the average size. In that case, we are likely to experience slight penis anxiety—mental stress related to the belief that our penis size does not match the norm.

And the reality is that many men feel insecure about penis size, and we get caught up in it even though we have enough dimensions. And a big reason for this is the porn industry and the mainstream media leaving no stone unturned for the plight of the average affluent man. The misconceptions prevailing in our minds and society rapidly affect the everyday life of the people.

So let's clarify a few things related to the gender of men (penis), and squeeze out the misconceptions:

  • According to a study by many institutes and experts, the average penis size of a man is about 5.1 inches.
  • In all such research and social surveys, including a 2019 survey, about 92% of women were not concerned about the size of their partner's penis.
  • According to researchers and experts from the American Psychological Association, 90% of women were satisfied with their partner's penis size.
  • At the same time, only 57% of men were satisfied with the size of their penis.
  • And the average conclusion of all research, studies, and social surveys showed that most women prefer an average penis size.

So, this information is in front of you now, and it is well known that the average length of the penis is the perfect length. So after knowing this, do you still feel like increasing the size of the penis? If yes, then let's know about the ways by which you can increase the length of your penis.

1. Fat Injection Penile Enlargement

In this procedure, a specialist surgeon can liposuction the patient's fat and transfer it into the shaft of the penis using a syringe. This process, according to experts, could result in a slight increase in length of less than an inch, and an almost equal increase in width. And the consequences are not permanent, and your penis may shrink to its original size over time.

Additionally, like any other surgical procedure, there are risks involved. For example, A 30-year-old patient in the US died after penile enlargement surgery, as fat had moved into his lungs, causing the patient to have shortness of breath and die of suffocation.

2. Penis Pumps

A penis pump is a device designed to create a vacuum or negative pressure around the penis. It typically consists of a cylindrical tube and a hand-operated or battery-powered pump mechanism.

The primary purpose of a penis pump is to assist individuals with erectile dysfunction (ED) in achieving and maintaining an erection. It can also be used for other medical purposes, such as helping with penile rehabilitation after prostate surgery or improving penile blood flow. Some people also use penis pumps for temporary and cosmetic enlargement.

It's important to use a penis pump according to the manufacturer's instructions and avoid excessive or prolonged use, as it can potentially lead to injury or discomfort. If you have concerns about erectile dysfunction or penis size, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide appropriate guidance and advice.

3. Penis Enlargement Penile Plastic Surgery

In this surgical procedure, surgeons can lengthen the size of a man's penis by cutting the ligament, which may allow the penis to hang out a little more. And yes, there are serious risks that come with this procedure, such as: scarring on tissue, painful erection, infection, or inability or discomfort to have sensation or intercourse.

In addition, its cost is also quite expensive, which is almost over $10,000. Studies and expert opinion have shown that after this procedure, there is a slight increase of about half an inch in the penis, which is usually much less than the patients' expectations.

At the same time, experts also say it is difficult to maintain the result after this procedure. Later, it can be challenging to get an erection or have intercourse.

4. Penuma Penile Enhancement

Penuma is a cosmetic silicone implant that increases the length and circumference of a patient's penis, the procedure being the first implant method to receive FDA approval for cosmetic penile enlargement. This method was developed by the famous surgeon Dr. James Allist.

Penuma Penile Enhancement is now available in many reputed clinics in the USA. For which an appointment can be made quickly.

According to experts, in this procedure, an incision is made in the lower abdomen, through which the surgeon inserts the implant, and wraps it around the shaft of the penis under the skin. This procedure and implant have different growth claims, such as L, XL, and XXL sizes.

One study published in the report measured 400 patients with penile enhancement immediately before and immediately after this penis enlargement procedure, and 30–120 days after surgery, the circumference and length of the patients' penis.

The results also recorded long-term changes in patients' self-confidence, self-esteem, and satisfaction. On average, patients saw an increase in the circumference of their penis by about 57%.

Two to six years after the procedure, 71% of patients reported increased self-confidence and self-esteem, and 81% reported good or excellent satisfaction. And the sexual function of all the patients remained almost the same. They were satisfied with the result. But the procedure also has potential side effects. So take things forward under the opinion and supervision of experts-doctor.

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5. Ligamentolysis Or Penile Suspensory Ligament Division

This surgical procedure aims to lengthen the sagging penis by cutting the suspensory ligament, which connects the penis to the pubic bone.

According to experts, the surgeon will move the skin from the abdomen to the penis in this procedure.

According to a report published in European Urology, 44 patients with ligamentolysis or penile suspensory ligament division were included and measured an increase in penis length and overall satisfaction with the procedure. And as a result, patients saw an increase in penis length by about 1.2 inches.

Those who got a silicone spacer between the penis and pubic bones reported an even more significant increase. But even then, these results did not affect those patients at all.

According to the study experts, ligamentolysis or splinting of the penile suspensory ligament or other augmentation techniques can increase penile length, but usually not to the extent that is satisfactory to the patient. The average overall patient satisfaction rate was 36%.

6. Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

This procedure is a relatively new method in which your specialist or surgeon separates your platelet-rich plasma and injects it into your penis. It is believed to stimulate blood flow to make your penis appear more prominent.

7. Jelqing - Penis Stretch Procedure

It is not clear exactly when the Jelqing method was first developed. Still, some American experts speculate that it may have been developed by the ancient Arab civilization and natural healers from the continent of old Asia. In this process, the stretch method is adopted, in which the stretching technique is tried to increase the length and girth of the penis. And Men's Health explains the process first.

In this process, your experts suggest you wait until you are almost standing. According to him, it involves lubricating and holding the base of the penis using only the thumb and forefinger. And then apply pressure, and slide your hand down the shaft, as in milking the limb, then release, and repeat this several times.

Common questions related to this method- Does the Jelqing method make your penis bigger?

According to most medical experts, their answer is no; it has not seen any significant difference in penis enlargement. And they also say that it can also harm.

According to a medical expert, some men were included and tried the Jelqing method for two weeks, but it found no change in the measurements of those men.

8. Normal Penis Extender

There are usually some devices in the market today that men can wear daily under their clothes to gradually enlarge the penis. It has two starting tools:

  • Andro-Penis
  • Golden Erect

are commonly used.

Some experts say these devices are convincingly effective. A 2017 study showed that penis enlargement from the andro-penis is about half an inch.

Another study found a penis expander designed for men who don't have Peyronie's disease. After using it for less than a month, he discovered that his penis was about half an inch longer.

However, the truth is that there is very little research on the benefits of penile extenders. And experts also say that in this method, you will have to wear them on the sensitive part of your body for hours a day, making you uncomfortable.

9. Dermal Fillers

This method involves injecting into the penis. Injecting dermal fillers into a man's penis is another way to enlarge the penis. It can increase your length and girth by an inch if done frequently over time.

But its effect is temporary. According to experts, the result will depend on how active your penis is, as more movement will increase the metabolism of fillers. And it also has potential side effects, including swelling, bruising, and lumps under the skin.

10. Penis Sleeves

Just like a dress for your penis is a penis sleeve. And it won't change the size of your actual, physical penis. But when you wear it on your penis, you will have a bigger penis to have intercourse with. It is also known by different names like penis sleeves, cock extender, cock sleeves, etc.

Penis sleeve is a device that slides over your penis like a condom, except it is heavier and is usually made of a silicone material. Penis sleeves or cock extenders were originally developed for medical purposes, including helping men with erectile dysfunction engage in penetrative sex.

But in these changing times and for the thrill-seekers in intercourse today, many people also use them as sex toys. Penis sleeves increase the circumference and length of the penis, and the outer or inner wall may have nubs or ribs to provide stimulation for either partner.

As long as you wear it, and it doesn't matter the actual penis size. It is usually available at any sex toy shop (online, offline) or medical shop. And which can be bought without any medical prescription.

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11. Trimming Or Shaving Pubic Hairs

Away from all of the above methods, if you're not ready to pull or inject your penis into a larger penis, you can at least make your penis appear larger by removing hair from the pubic area.

Think about it: If your cute penis is surrounded by thick hair, it will look smaller than it used to be in all its glory. So, clean up the pubic hair and feel your penis enlarge naturally.

12. Reduce Belly And Lower Belly Fat

Usually, fat accumulates on the abdomen and lower parts of the male, due to which the length of the penis is less visible. Because of the accumulation of fat around the penis, it looks bloated there, and the penis looks smaller than its actual size. Therefore, being free from the belly and lower back fat means having a bigger penis.


If you have any questions or concerns about your penis size, feel free to speak with your doctor. They can discuss options for enlarging your penis and explain how to do it safely; without their suggestion, it can be risky to take any steps.

Knowing how your penis responds to stretching and other forms of stimulation can help you feel more comfortable with your body. You may also notice changes in appearance or intercourse performance over time.

Remember, strictly follow any product instructions or guidelines provided by your doctor. Suppose any work or use related to this is done incorrectly. In that case, it may result in serious injury to the penis or erectile dysfunction, or other problems.

If you experience any pain or discomfort after or at any time after these procedures, or if you notice any changes in your erectile function or other gender-related issues, seek immediate medical attention.

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