#36 Reverse Spoon

Position type: Vaginal sex¬† Anal sex¬† Cowgirl¬† Reverse¬† Woman on top Main stimulation:¬†G-spot stimulation¬† A-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation:¬†Hand clitoris sitmulation¬†¬†Holding her buttocks¬† Breasts touching Who takes the initiative:¬†Woman¬†active Position descriptionÔľö Research shows that sexual excitement can make people smarter. No sex will not make you sillier, but proper sexual activity may make you smarter. This position does not require any control. Just trust each other, and the scales will weight evenly from one to the other side. Man lies on his back and bends the knees. The woman horses the penis in a position facing her male partner, bends her...

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Close-up sex position

#20 Close-up

Position type:¬†Vaginal sex¬† Anal sex¬† From behind¬† Lying down¬† Rear entry¬† sideways¬† spooning Main stimulation:¬†G-spot stimulation¬† A-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: breasts touching¬†¬†hand clitoris stimulation¬†¬†kissing Who takes the initiative:¬†Man active Position descriptionÔľö An eclectic two-person life, no rigid rules, a colorful life is what you should pursue, let‚Äôs take a close-up. You can experience this spooning variation without much effort. The man lies on his side on the edge of the sofa, bends his legs at the knees, spreads them apart, and crosses his ankles. It‚Äôs a kind of spooning sex position, so the woman lies with her back to the...

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Morning spoon sex position

#12 Morning Spoon

TAGS: Position type: Vaginal sex  Anal sex  From behind  Rear entry  Lying down  Sideways  Spooning Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching  Hand clitoris stimulation  Tight huging Who takes the initiative: Man active  Position description: In the early morning when you wake up from the big dream, you feel that you have an erection, your partner is right next to your pillow, and the morning sex starts. It is perfect for awakening morning sex because it is not necessary to make sudden movements, jump, do acrobatics, everything is much easier. The woman lies comfortably on her side; her right leg is slightly bent at the knee. The man is behind her,...

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Cream Jelly sex position for couples

#11 Cream Jelly

TAGS: Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex  From behind Lying down Sideways Spooning Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching Kissing Tight huging Who takes the initiative: Man active  Position description: Like breakfast, sex breakfast is also a wonderful thing, and the cream jelly sex position will start your day. The woman lies on her side, her arms are raised up, legs are bent in knees and driven apart. The man throws one bent leg over her thigh, his other leg is straight. With one hand he takes his female partner’s hip and penetrates in her like from behind. This position is very crucial for those men...

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