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Big view sex position

Sex Position #120: Big view

Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex Criss cross Lying down Sideways Main stimulation: A-spot stimulation G-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Hand clitoris stimulation Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: For men suffering from premature ejaculation, this is a relaxed posture, without excessive thrusting and stimulation, and at the same time allows men to better control the entire rhythm of sex. Of course, if you want to do whatever you want during sex, xinghaoya delay spray is essential. The man lies on his side, legs are straight, slightly driven apart, but feet are together on each other. The woman lies with her back to the male partner, even...

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Fascinating sex position

Sex Position #113: Fascinating

Position type: Vaginal sex Anal sex Criss cross Sideways Lying down Main stimulation: A-spot stimulation G-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Breasts touching Holding on buttocks Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: Different sex positions can provide different sexual fantasies, which is why we encourage sex partners to switch sex positions so that you can experience different sexual pleasures. The woman lies on her back, bending her knees, driving them apart and picks them up. With one hand she holds herself for her ankle, with the second one she is caressing her crotch. The male partner lies on his side so that his penis penetrates into...

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Injection sexual position

Sex Position #78: Injection

Position type: Vagina sex  Anal sex  Lying down  Criss cross  Man on top Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  P-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: No Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: The woman lies on her back, bents her knees and presses legs to her breast. The male partner sits on top of the woman’s hips, between her legs bent in a horizontal position, facedown. His arms support his body. If his body height allows, he uses also his knees for support. The female partner can put her hands on the man’s buttocks and stroke his strong, muscular back. All Sex Positions

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Sex Position #63: Puppy Peeing - xinghaoya official store

Sex Position #63: Puppy Peeing

Position type: Vaginal sex   Anal sex  Criss cross  Doggystyle  From behind  Kneeling  Man on top  Rear entry Main stimulation: G-spot stimulation  A-spot stimulation Auxiliary stimulation: Hold her buttocks Who takes the initiative: Man active Position description: The body's flexibility determines the diversification of your sexual postures, and the sexual positions are also a manifestation of yoga. Occasional innovations can bring surprises to your partner. The woman stands on her knees, spreads her legs apart, completely leans forward with arms bent at the elbow; she puts one of them under her belly and supports on the second one. The male partner stands on one knee; the other leg is...

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