12 Essential Submissive Sex Guide- How To Be A Good Submissive, Tips And Techniques

12 Essential Submissive Sex Guide- How To Be A Good Submissive, Tips And Techniques - xinghaoya official store

Many people enjoy introducing power dynamics into the bedroom to enhance their enjoyment and explore new and unique sexual fantasies, spice up relationships and play a submissive or dominant role. If you want to play a submissive role in your sex life, we are going to talk about some important tips to get you started with the power play. Which will surely bring spice and freshness to your relationships.

By this article you will learn:

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    When you learn to be submissive in bed and during sex, you'll experience a whole new world of weird, unbelievable, wild, sex. First of all, keep in mind that being submissive is not just a one-party act, but being submissive and exchanging power is a two-way street.

    If you are interested in this then you have to talk to your sex partner about it. It's best to talk about it before you talk about it, and not during the hot experiences of this time. Switching from regular sex to one that involves BDSM can be difficult or awkward at the moment. Discussing this beforehand also helps you determine what you are comfortable doing, and what you are not.

    What Does Submissive Sex Mean?

    The literal meaning of submissive sex, or submissive meaning, is sexual intercourse between two consenting adults, in which one plays the role of a submissive partner (called a "sub") while the other plays a dominant partner (called a "dom"). And both partners receive sexual pleasure and satisfaction from performing the sexual act in their respective roles (whether dominant or submissive) during the sexual encounter.

    Submissive sex dominance and submission is an element of the community. D/s, a subcategory under BDSM sex play, is a collection of erotic sex arts—practices, fetishes, and kinks—built on the dynamics of power between consenting sexual partners. Other groups within the BDSM community also include bondage and discipline (b/d) and sadism and masochism (s/m or sadomasochism). [Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

    How To Be A Good Submissive

    Before you indulge in typical activities that involve submission sex, you need to understand what it takes to be a good submissive. This action will take your words, behaviors, and even your thoughts to the next level through the right guidance as a submissive. And these guidelines not only help you best serve your partner, but they help you determine if a partner is a good match for you, based on the way you grow as a person. And it will give a new dimension to your relationships.

    The basis for submission only includes entering into a game or relationship, about which you must be aware of everything, and to which you must fully agree. The sport involves respecting your role and actions, being honest with yourself and your partner, being open-minded, and taking care of your mental and physical health. [Read: How To Eat A Woman's Pussy?]

    Important Submission Techniques

    Being submissive encompasses a wide range of experiences, and you and your partner can find reasons for any joy you like. Here are some standard and important practices that D/S players use and follow in the bedroom:

    1. Permission And Punishment

    The two major stresses at play are in the form of permission and punishment, most influential in being submissive, and during submissive sexual experiences. During this type of session, the sub must ask permission to perform certain activities - for example, having oral sex or having sex - and when they act outside the rules of Dom, they receive a necessary punishment. When starting with d/s play, it's good to consider giving Dom some sexy rules (for example, choosing sex positions or allowing suits to wear) and punishments, keeping in mind that some mixup is necessary. Common punishments include spanking, resentment, edge, chastity, and confinement. Also keep in mind that you are playing a role in sex, and you are punishing, so the punishment must be love and trust. [Read: Making Love Vs Having Sex: The Difference, Reason, And Everything]

    2. Detailed Discussion And Consideration Before Role Play

    Role-playing scenarios and role-playing d/s can help jumpstart the action of sex scenarios faster, as they provide easier roles for each person to act, and if you're feeling a little intimidated,  It can help you get over your fear. If this is you are a beginner, and you haven't done so before, learn about it, think, understand and elaborate on role-playing situations that already have an inherent power dynamic - such as Boss and employee, horny mistress and servant, teacher and student, or doctor and nurse, doctor and patient, nurse and patient. [Read: What Is Sexual Cosplay: The Complete Ultimate Guide Of Cosplay Sex]

    3. Talking Dirty

    There is a saying that real sex pleasure comes only when you become a whore and shameless in bed.

    So it's better to put shyness to the side, and using a particular slang language in the bedroom during role-playing can become an important part of submissive behavior in a D/S relationship. As a sub, you can address your partner with a respectful pronoun (such as "sir" or "ma'am") to show that they are in control, or you can tell your Dom that they are in control. Use rough-abusive language during sex.

    If you're both new to d/s sex, and you notice that your partner isn't sure how to perform as a dom, consider giving them some tips as well—such as letting them know you're their partner. What will they do for you, or how can they punish you?

    4. Erotic Spanking

    Erotic spanking is a type of influence sport in which a Dom uses a whip, paddle, or another object in his hand to manipulate parts of the sub's body for consensual and mutual sexual pleasure. Which mainly involves whipping. There are other things you can do primarily, such as making sure you use spanking as a form of foreplay before intercourse or use awkward punishment during submission and domination sex play. One important point, receiving erotic spanking can increase blood flow to your groin area, leading to increased sexual pleasure, as it releases pleasurable chemicals into the brain, including endorphins and feel-good hormones like dopamine, which are responsible for sex drive. And which can give you a powerful and unbelievable orgasm. Just show complete dedication while doing it. [Read: BDSM TEST: This Is Everything You Need To Know About The BDSM Test And Kinky Love]

    5. Spending Time On Selection Of Dress Code

    D/S often includes a specific outfit or other wearables that you can use during a scene, eg- Dom may wear leather dresses, suits, and boots or high heels, while subs may consider roleplay-based attire such as a collar, leash, or maid dress. Preparing all the roles and things can help you and your partner immerse yourself in your roles and explore your different sides.

    6. Bonding Is Essential

    Bondage is a sexual practice in which one partner uses devices to restrain the other partner (usually a sub) during a sexual encounter. The most common restrictions include things such as rope, handcuffs, leather straps, binding tape, ties, leg spreader bars, ball gags, blindfolds, and chains. These restrictions are designed to restrict the sub's senses or freedom of movement to keep control of Dom's hands and increase mutual sexual arousal.

    Important Submissive Sex Tips

    If you are new to this game and want to have submissive sex with your partner for the first time, and you don't know much about this, and you are not sure where to start, how to, what to focus on important, then below are 6 important tips for you, which are as follows:

    1. Discuss The Submission With The Partner Before Starting

    To engage in a healthy submissive/dominant game, both you and your partner must agree on what you feel comfortable with before you begin. Have an open and honest dialogue with your partner about your desire to try to be submissive during sex, there should be no room for hesitation, shame, and fear, detailed discussion will help you understand things more easily will do. And sex pleasure can't be enjoyed without becoming comfortable.

    Keep in mind you're just playing a role, not really, and sex should just be fun, so no one should feel pressured, or feel like being in a particular role (whether submissive or dominant) that they have no choice. If you're curious about whether your partner is interested in submissive sex, consider watching some light sub/dom erotica with them to determine their interest level, ask them what they like, what  No, only your understanding and caution can give you a real orgasm. [Read: Why Do Some People Like To Have Sex In Public]

    2. Choice And Consent Of One Or Two Safe Words Or Gestures

    Submissions and Dominations are based on trust and mutual consent between the Partners. However, it can be difficult to differentiate between a playful erotic joke in the middle of a particular session and a sincere request to slow down or stop the experience altogether, That's why it's important to have at least one unique safe word with your partner and be sure to establish them so that you can head in the right direction.

    The safe word should be a word that either side (whether sub or dom) can easily use to indicate that a limit has been crossed, and it is time to take a break. It can be any gesture other than words. You can also select two safe words or gestures, one for a complete stop in the game and another to indicate that you are approaching a limit and that the session should be headed in a different direction. [Read: Face Sitting: What Is It, And Why is It Such A Super Hot Topic?]

    3. Indulge Yourself In The Experiment

    There are many preconceived social notions when it comes to d/s play—for example, there is usually one dominant man and one submissive woman in a relationship, or someone who is a dominant figure in their daily lives, naturally, will choose a leading role. However, people of any gender identity, personality, or sexual preference may perform part of the dom or sub. Let yourself experiment to determine which option you prefer.

    4. Rebel Image Can Make The Game Fun

    While the classic image of a sub being completely obedient to Dom's commands, there are many other methods that the Sub and Dom can adopt for mutual enjoyment, or to part ways through conversation. As such - the BDSM community can sometimes have a brutal sub - a sub who likes to be a little mischievous, playful or disobedient during a session. If you want to push back against certain orders of your Dom for some extra penalty, or put them back in your place, experiment to see how you like it. You may want to check in with your partner after a cruising session to make sure they enjoy and are comfortable with the dynamic.

    5. Spice Up The Roles

    Being interested in submission doesn't mean you can't participate in Supremacy either. Some people (called "switches") like to switch between the dominant and submissive roles in a relationship, and this certainly makes the game more fun, like having to go through power exchange. So both of you should decide in which season of the game you switch roles, also note that it's not a good idea to spend too much time, so don't be too late to do things, and do your next best. Be sure to talk to your partner about the possibility of changing roles during the session.

    6. Make Aftercare A Priority

    Like many BDSM activities, multiple D/S sessions can be more physically or emotionally intense for both participants than the traditional sexual experience, so both partners should engage in health care after the experience. After your session, talk to your partner to assess their overall feelings (likes, dislikes, areas of improvement) about the experience. Make them feel comfortable, if you think you made a mistake crossing the border during the session, definitely talk to them, and apologize. A hug with a partner after the session and assisting in cleaning can make a good impression. Finally, when you talk about knowing good and bad about each other, an emotional connection is created, which undoubtedly brings sweetness to the relationship. [Read: 18 Ultimate Ways to Have Passionate Sex]


    You must understand that you do not make the mistake of thinking yourself better submissive by studying some material on the internet. No matter how eager you are to learn and experiment, you won't become good submissive overnight, rather take things short and easy in the beginning. Becoming a true submissive takes a lot of time and patience. Many submissive people go through a formal training period, and it may take months or even years for them to become proficient.

    And if you decide to add this new chapter to your life, enjoy it to the fullest. You can choose to discontinue it in the future or take it further according to your pleasure and the comfort of your partner.  Learn from experience what you can do and then enjoy it.

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