Why Do Some People Like To Have Sex In Public: The Ultimate Guide

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Crowds, thrills, and sex. Actually, sex is such a thing, which can not be done without it, and doing it can also lead to many risks. The mentality of a human being is that the things that have restrictions, they definitely like to do them, and sex is also the same. For which we are ready to break every restriction, we are ready to take every risk, no matter what extent we have to go for it.

Surely I remember my college days, I would go to the college-class bunk with my girlfriend (partner) and go to a local park, and we would have sex behind the bushes there, or under a tree cover, or have sex inside my car in a bit of solitude. Do not miss the opportunity to do it, or after parking the car on any side, would have sex outside the car on the other side. But it rarely happened that we had sex completely barefoot, largely my girlfriend would strip her lower lingerie, and I would pant to the knees, or just unzip the pants.

That is to say, we used to have sex, but fearfully and in a hurry, so that no one can see, or we are not caught, or our clothes are arranged before anyone comes. Most of the day's things were quite normal and easy, and we could easily enjoy a lot of sex. But there were roughly a couple of times when a group of people complained to the police of having a random car in which we were having sex, but we were lucky to survive because our car windows were black film. The films were on, and by the time the crowd got closer to our car, we were done, we knew about the people, and we both hurried and left.

At the same time, according to a couple, this also happened when they were present on a bench in the park, there were people around, but they could not control it, and his girlfriend came on his lap. And they both sat and began to have intercourse among the people. And then he got a call from his girlfriend's mother, and he got more and more excited by her joyful groaning and the mixed voice of fear while talking on the call and he found the best pleasure of his life that day.

At the same time, according to a couple, having sex in the dressing table and in the dressing room was even more exciting.

It simply means that this thrill, hustle, and bustle, seeking pleasure with excitement and fear is probably the riskiest and most exciting part of human life, which enjoys and encourages the most. Knowing that you are doing things where you shouldn't.

When you think of sex appeal in a public place (sex in public), the first thing that comes to mind is the thrill with the fear of being caught - sex has been so firmly entrenched in the private sphere that it is powerful to bring it to the public. Can be free, and exciting. Not just fear, but also the touch of fresh air against warm skin, and also indicates a more sensual attraction to the experience of different temperature changes, as people enjoy sex in a public place. People also indulge in public sex to spice things up, avoiding the familiar. The predictable surroundings, a mix of passion and excitement fill you with adventure. And of course, for some people, it's just their favorite kind of sexual fantasy.

There is another reason why people enjoy sex in public or engage in sex in a public place. And our brain chemistry is also responsible for this, from a scientific point of view, having sex in public causes the brain to release the neurohormone dopamine, and this is the same hormone that is secreted when we do something that creates excitement and sensuality. Do something exciting, such as driving a fast car, reaching the finish line, exercising, or having sex. Dopamine also affects desire and can increase euphoria and arousal in most people.[Read: The Complete Guide To Pegging In Sex]

Why Do People Like To Have Sex In Public? When They Know People Can See Them Or They Can Be Caught

There can be many reasons for this, the main reasons are:


There is hardly anyone who does not like adventure, and when it comes to the thrill of sex, some people are ready to take the maximum risk for it.

Knowing that people can see them, or they can be caught, and they can be punished. Still, people like to have sex in public places. Indeed a risk can be taken, but to what extent? The answer to this question may not be with those who are taking this risk, yet it is legitimate and safe for them.

Sexual Fetish

Shaping, and bringing to life, fantasies are important to many people, and that is why the reality is that having sex in a public place is a fetish for some people, which they find different pleasure in doing. Even when they know that it is illegal and unsafe to do so, for which they may be punished. Some people like to do it in an open space in a park, or hidden away, or against club walls, or behind vehicles, or on an open beach under the sky by the sea.


It's true, some people like to have sex in public because they get better and more amazing orgasms than it. Actually, there can be different reasons for this, couples are in a hurry while having sex in public, due to which they have sex at a faster rate, which sometimes gives them better orgasm.[Read: Why Am I So Horny?]

Sexual Desire And Spontaneous Arousal

It most often occurs in young people who are in adolescence, or are progressing through adolescence, and occurs most often during college days. Then people take more interest in sex physically and mentally, as well as always being together with the opposite sex partner (boy-girl companion), stimulates many times a day, at this age the sexual feeling is more awakened, At the same time, it is also good to cross the restrictions at this age. For this reason, people of this age do not hesitate to take risks to fulfill their sexual desire.

Psychological Reasons

It has been proved in many studies and research that when people are excited, many types of chemicals start secreting in the brain and body, One of which is the neurohormone dopamine, commonly known scientifically as the feel-good hormone. Whenever the brain is under pressure, whether it is a physical act or a mental act, when the stimulus begins or reaches a peak, especially during sexual excitement, The brain is under maximum pressure, due to which the release of dopamine begins rapidly, and then the desire for sex awakens rapidly, and then people also take risks.

Tips To Avoid The Risks Of Having Sex In A Public Place And Have Safe Sex

Arousal is one of the main reasons why it can feel so good, and it's probably why we don't hesitate to do personal things like sex in a public place and do it by taking risks. In fact, it is more mental and sexual fantasy than excitement, for which we break the restrictions, and take risks. There is an increased chance of getting caught in legal battles, among other risks, and we'll talk about important tips on how to defuse excitement, fulfill fantasies, and practice safe sex while avoiding these risks.

  • Partner's Consent Is Mandatory

Does the idea of ​​sex in a public place add a special thrill to your fantasy life?  The reality is that there is no planning to have sex in a public place, and it happens automatically when the couple is together and gets aroused by the ocean of love, and then they go on to do it. They find a secluded place somewhere nearby, and then take the risk and start executing their game. But if you want to avoid this risk, there are other ways you can be safe while fulfilling your fantasy or excitement.

Before you get bogged down by the risks, talk about it with your partner. First and foremost, of course, this is one of those fantasies for which you will definitely need your partner's consent ahead of time. However, when you're talking, you can get a better idea of ​​what it is that excites you so much. Are you worried about the possibility that you might get caught, is it because you're fearless, and indulge in the thrill of having sex that you shouldn't? Talk to your partner as you go through it, and you may get a better idea of ​​what you love about the idea, and therefore, how you can do it more safely.

Look for the common element while talking about possibilities. For example-, if you like the idea of ​​having sex in a place that you shouldn't, you can try, but taking care of your safety.

  • In A Room In Your Own House or Partner's House

It will surely thrill you. The more fear we feel in public places. There is a fear of being caught by family members while having sex more than that. But the truth is that it can save you from legal battles. So you can sneak into a room in your parents' house with your partner to fulfill your sexual fantasy.

  • In The College Toilet

Having sex in a school-college toilet can be even more risky and scary than in a normal public place. But of course, you can secretly use the college toilet a lot to avoid legal troubles, and satisfy your sexual fantasies while quelling your excitement.

  • Having Sex On The Deck Of A Ship Or Boat Or In Some Other Relatively Private Place.

Yes, the thought of having sex in a public place is not a good idea, but when you do, there are some private places in a public place too, where your risk of avoiding legal troubles is less, and a little less scary. One of them is having sex on the deck of a ship (cruise) amidst the waves on the beach. It usually happens that there is little chance of people outside the ship for a while, people are sleeping, or busy partying, but you are excited, so on one side of the deck you can fulfill your sex desire and sexual fantasies. Be careful not to go too far over the edge of the deck.[Read: The Ultimate Threesome Sex Guide]

Try To Find Out What Excites You To Have Sex In A Public Place

The main thing that comes to mind while having sex in a public place is that no one is watching you. If what you love is that someone else is watching you while you're having sex, you may want to take your imagination in a different direction.

  • You might consider recording yourself while you have sex
  • And might even enjoy going back and watching it together later.

Get creative, once you know what it is that gets you excited about the idea of ​​sex in public, you can think of ways to accomplish it together. [Read: Making Love Vs Having Sex]

Bottom Line

To what extent can it go to have sex in a public place? Will people cheat for that thrill, take more risks, or will they just tolerate their lust? Or maybe they have sex while they know someone is watching them?

Actually, there can be many reasons for this which surround the whole thrill factor. But it's a real fetish, which involves enjoying outside sex (sex in public), and it's called agoraphobia (agoraphilia).

This is a particular fetish that some people have where they like to have sex in public. According to Urban Dictionary and some experts, it is defined as "sexual arousal resulting from open spaces or having sex in public", and you should be aware that it is illegal. So, don't try. However, it is debatable as to what other things men can do to achieve the sexual satisfaction that certainly leads to an intense orgasm, but is not always safe or ethical.

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