30 Super Solid Ways You Can Love Your Wife Unconditionally And Know That Your Wife Still Loves You

Your Wife Still Loves You

If you expect your partner to love you unapologetically, then the first thing you need to ask yourself is do you still love your wife unapologetically. Or have you lost your love for them with the passage of time? If so then you need to go back a bit. And remember those times when everything was fresh and new and exciting, how much fun you used to love your wife madly, how strongly you loved her? And that same love tied both of you in a thread for life, that is why you married them and made them life partners.

After a long time, the passion in the marriage may begin to wane. And this problem happens with most couples. There can be many reasons behind this, such as busy time, overload of work, increased responsibility towards family, etc. But it is our duty to maintain and fulfill the relationship, for a husband must have unconditional love for his wife. And you can do that.

If your wife ever feels that there is a lack in your love for her, then the relationship can deteriorate. That's why you need to show them that you love them unconditionally.

At the same time, this question revolves in the mind of almost every husband in the world: does my wife still love me? And then this doubt raises some questions and leads you to look for signs of whether your wife really loves you.

If you feel like your wife loves you or not? So obviously this thing can be very disturbing for you. So if you find yourself surprised by some of his words, you'll likely want questions answered. And the answer to your same questions can be found through some hints.

However, not everyone expresses love in the same way. But there are some everyday things that people do for their love, and by using those signs, you can find out, and get the right answers to your questions. [Read: How To Make A Girl Squirt]

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10 Super Solid Ways To Make Your Wife Insanely Love You

So let's get started and first let's know the super solid ways through which you can make your wife madly in love with you.

One can try the super solid 10 ways suggested below to keep the love and love alive like crazy to your wife.

1. Start The Morning With Love

We have a great influence on the way we do things. If you love your wife, you have to show it. And it is better to start it in the morning when you wake up. You can wake up early, make a cup of coffee or tea for them and wake them up with the tray in your hands and serve them with love. If possible, feed them with your hands. Surely this will bring a lot of stability to the relationship of both of you and will fill a deep love in her heart for you.

2. Propose Wife Again

Remember the day when you first expressed your love to her. And she went mad with happiness. And embracing you and stamping your love on your love, was the golden moment of your life. So why not repeat the same thing again. You can get down on your knees again, and propose to her while raising roses towards her, or with some of her favorite jewelry. It will surely bring back old memories and add sweetness to the relationship between both of you.

3.  Express Love Through Notes

You can surprise them, for this you can take the help of notes or diary, you can write messages for them on those notes, tell them how much you love them, old things related to the love of both of you include, write about their strengths, tell them how you felt when you first met them. And then instead of giving those notes directly to them, before you go to the office, put them in a place they can find them later. Surely, after reading those notes, they will fall in love with you even more.

4. Tell Yourself Firmly That She Is Right And Trust Her

Trust is such a weapon that even breaks relationships, and also brings a lot of unrequited love into relationships. It works like a principle, if you believe something to be true, then it is true. So ignore some of her words and firmly tell yourself that she is right and you love her like crazy. Trust them, in return, you will get unconditional love from them.

5. Don't Hesitate To Praise Your Wife In Front Of People

If you love your wife then it is absolutely true that she is deeply in your mind and heart. Always be positive towards them. It doesn't matter where you are, talk positively about your wife in front of your friends, in front of relatives, at work, in front of your cousin, in church, praise her. You are hurting your relationship by thinking about what someone will think, so stop thinking about it.

6. To Cling To The Arms And Hold On To Love

Of course, there can be different ways of expressing love and love, but holding your loved one in your arms and lovingly kissing their forehead and eyes will bring a storm of love towards you in your wife's heart. This is the solid way that even spoiled relationships can be repaired. A strong hug when you come home from the office or walk by holding their hand in a public place in the market, or open the car door for them to make them sit first, is a way of expressing your love to your wife and showing love. What better way than this. This is an awesome way that will help you to love her like crazy. [Read: 153 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend]

7. Make Time Just For You Two And Spend Time Together

Every wife wants to spend time alone with her life partner, it creates depth. Sometimes there are some things that need solitude and solitude to say. So take a break from work and family and spend time with them somewhere, if you want, you can go out somewhere other than home and that moment will be only for both of you.

8. Surprise Is The Best Way

There will be hardly anyone in the world who does not like surprises, and in the case of women, it becomes very special. Women love surprises. So you can suddenly take her out to dinner some evening without informing her, or take her to a movie of her choice, or something of her choice that she's been wanting to take for a long time but couldn't. You can give it to them. Surely it will change a lot.

9. Carrying Her Picture In The Wallet Can Make Her Fall In Love With You

Yes, it is necessary. But not only keep their picture in the wallet but tell them about it. Like you ask her to take something out of her wallet and she might be surprised to see her picture and happily give you a lot. Also, show her picture to friends and other specials and say how cute and beautiful she is looking. Whoever this message will reach at one time or another. And then more love for you will awaken in their heart.

10. Making Their Dreams Your Dream

This means a lot and can make a big difference in your wife's view of you. If she has some dreams that she wants to fulfill but is not able to do it, then you should help her to achieve that achievement and tell her whether she will fulfill her dream or will help. [Read: 180 Super Impressive Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend]

So you can charm your wife with these super solid 10 ways. Surely it is very effective.

Do You Have Any Solid Way To Know If Your Wife Still Loves You?

Human nature is the most different in this world. In any long-term relationship, there comes a time when the flame of the initial love fades away. Workload increases in life, family responsibility becomes a priority, due to which sometimes people start separating from each other.

It is completely normal for husband and wife to feel a little lacking in love with each other at times, while the truth is that they still love each other very deeply. Your wife will still show some signs if she still loves you, even if she doesn't do all the loving work around you as she did at the beginning of your marriage. [Read: How To Flirt With A Girl Or Guy]

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20 Super Solid Ways You'll Know Your Wife Still Loves You

Maybe she is expressing her love through her actions and gestures. Or maybe he just needs to be a little different from you to bring things back to the way they were in the beginning. And you have to understand those signs, and by that, you will know that your wife still loves you. And those signs we're talking about below. [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship?]

1. Showing Their Affection

It doesn't matter how many years you've been married, how many years you've been together, or how busy your two lives are, if your wife loves you she will show subtle signs of affection, and that affection. Will do nothing to show it, and it always will be.

Some research and studies show that doing small things to show your affection and care for your partner goes a long way in keeping your relationship strong and healthy.

If she holds your hand while you're walking, kisses you when you're happy, or hugs you from behind, it's a sign that she still loves you, and in fact, you're the one. Living a happy married life.

2. Feel That She Puts You Before Herself

She does not think before making personal sacrifices for you, but she stands by you even when it is inconvenient for her.

3. If Your Wife Finds An Excuse To Touch And Kiss You

She does not think before making personal sacrifices for you, but she stands by you even when it is inconvenient for her.

Physical touch isn't meant to be just about sex. If your wife touches you on one pretext or the other, likes to kiss you, kisses you frequently, hugs you after work is over, then it is a sign that she still loves you unconditionally.

4. Sacrifices Herself To Make Your Dream Come True

If your wife supports you in achieving your dreams and aspirations, even sacrificing her dreams, then of course she still loves you.

5. Believes Instead Of Spying

If your wife still loves you as before, then it is most likely that she has total confidence in you, so she does not absorb your actions as much. She doesn't want to know about your whereabouts from you over and over again.

Or when you're late, she doesn't suspiciously ask where you were till now to check up on you. Rather it asks whether there was more workload in the office?

6. Your Respect Is Paramount To Her

She is very proud of you and appreciates you a lot. She may have issues or conflicts with you, but if any of her friends or family members try to insult you in any way, she stands by you unconditionally and opposes them. So if she respects you, it is an undeniable sign that your wife still loves you unconditionally.

7. She Tries To Meet Your Needs

She is always ready to meet your emotional needs as well as physical needs, even if she is not comfortable with them. Or some of your needs that you are not able to fulfill, and she is giving up her needs and fulfilling your needs. Because she wants your happiness.

8. She Finds Ways To Spend Quality Time With You

She finds ways and excuses to spend time with you. It doesn't matter how busy she is with work, but your wife will manage to spend quality time with you.

So, if she has sent the kids to her mother's house, so that you have full time and space, and you both can spend time freely when there were no kids in the beginning. So this is one of the signs that your wife still loves you.

9. If Your Wife Seduces You And Initiates Sex

Yes, one of those ways is that your wife instigates you for sex, and initiates it herself. So think why would she do this if she doesn't love you anymore?

She may be shy and hesitant to make the first move, but she responds well and cooperates well when you start, it means you find her attractive, and she likes your actions, and then she loves you with all her heart. Learn about passionate sex with your lover

10. She Dresses Up For You And Tries To Look Good

Let's say if your wife puts on a new outfit, and she asks you how she looks, it's a sign that she still loves you, and wants to look good for you, so she can impress you trying, and she cares what you think of her appearance because she loves you.

11. If Your Wife Respects Your Opinion

If your wife still loves you, she will fully respect your advice if she considers it necessary to discuss it with you before taking any action. Your advice will be important to her.

She can make her own decisions independently. But she does include you in every aspect of her life because she respects your opinion.

12. Your Wife Gives You Freedom

She lets you live life outside marriage without any controversy, she doesn't refuse to go out with friends on holidays. If she will let you spend time alone with friends every time without getting angry because she cares about your happiness. So it's a clear sign that she respects your feelings and still loves you. [Read: How To Be A Better Lover And Spice Up Your Relationship]

13. If She Flirts With You And Comes Close To You For Some Reason Or The Other

If your wife is smiling in front of you, humming, or lovingly elbowing you, coming closer to you, rubbing her body in your body for no reason, coming up to you and complimenting you. So of course she still loves you.

14. She Takes Care Of You

If you're coming home exhausted from the office, and she gets upset at the sight of you, or you're feeling unwell and she immediately starts worrying about it, then she's clearly still in love with you. Because if she doesn't love you she won't spend her sleepless nights taking care of you.

15. If Your Wife Tries To Comfort You

Suppose there is a loss in your business and you are very upset about that thing, but your wife is assuring you that there is a loss in business, we will try again together and make up that loss or what is lost. We will get him back. So it is a clear sign that your wife still cares about you and she still loves you.

16. She Plans To Go On A Date

If she wants to go out on dates with you the same way she did before marriage, she may either plan it herself or ask you to plan it. So the sign is clear that she still loves you as much as she did before. So, don't ignore these signs and pay close attention to them.

17. She Always Remembers Your Likes And Dislikes

She cares that you look good, she pays attention to you. Whether it's picking out clothes for you or buying yourself undergarments or lingerie of your choice to seduce you, if she manages to get you what you love, then of course she still loves you.

18. If She Surprises You

Whether it is a matter of taking a surprise or giving it to her husband, women like it very much. So it doesn't need to be special occasions for her to do something for you, she not only misses to surprise you on your birthday but also presents you the gift of your choice without any occasion. So in this way if your wife surprises you, then you can understand, these are signs that your wife still loves you.

19. If She Takes Care Of Things Related To Your Health

You may be careless about yourself but she really cares about your health and asks you for food or drinks, or chooses if she wants you to take your medicine on time, or go out  Time puts your medicine in your bag by memory, and instructs you to take the medicine on time. So it is a sign that your wife loves you.

20. If Your Wife Takes An Interest In Your Interests

If she plans to watch a tennis match with you when she finds it boring, but she does it because she loves you. She shows respect for your interests and tries to be a part of them.

If your wife takes care of these things then do you need to know anything more, whether your wife still loves you or not? These signs clearly show that your wife has full respect for you, she is worried about you, and still, she is in love with you unrelentingly. [Read: 23 Super Essential Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Work]


What if your wife doesn't show any or most of the above symptoms? Does that mean she's out of the relationship completely? This is something that you have to take seriously and understand things.

It's time to understand your relationships and find out what's really going on in her mind. And if there is anything you will have to work hard to reconnect and fix it. And really you'll never know the truth if you don't try.

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