The Ultimate Guide Of Lingam Massage: How To Perform And what Are Its Benefits

The Ultimate Guide Of Lingam Massage: How To Perform And what Are Its Benefits - xinghaoya official store

If you are a veteran of tantric sex (tantric massage sex), then surely you may also be familiar with tantric massage therapy. Lingam massage is a healing method similar to tantric massage, which involves massaging the penis and its surrounding organs such as the anus, testicles, etc. Lingam massage is not just meant to achieve an orgasm. Rather, it is a meditative blending of sex and spirituality to gain experience.

There are different types of sexual and sensual massage, including activities such as happy ending massage or orgasmic massage, which are actually designed to give you an orgasm without orgasm, such as vaginal massage. A tantric massage that aims to remove the physical-mentally arising sexual arousal along with mental and physical stress and to develop and calm the sexual sensation and feeling inside the vagina.

But lingam messages specially designed for people of the male gender (Penis), are often unfairly overlooked.

 Lingam massage can be a great way to explore the body of yourself and your partner involved in your sex life, as well as open yourself up to a whole range of new feelings and sensations. Hence, this article has everything you might be curious about and need to know about Lingam massage. [Read: Why Am I So Horny?]

This article will cover what is lingam massage, how to do lingam massage on your own or with your partner, and some of the best benefits of this tantric massage therapy.

What Is Lingam Massage?

Lingam massage has a long history of use as a tool to help develop spiritual awareness of sexual activity. Contrary to some modern interpretations of this mythological tradition, tantric practice is not entirely about sex. Instead, tantric massage therapy involves harnessing sexual energy to experience a pure sense of bliss.

The word lingam is a Sanskrit word and is derived from the same lingam massage, which is lexically a form of lingam massage. Basically, it is a type of tantric practice that involves massaging the male gender (penis) and its surrounding areas (including the anus). During Lingam massage there are various body parts to be massaged which are as shown below:

  • Penis
  • Testicles
  • Anal
  • Perineum (the sensitive area between the anus and the testicles)
  • Prostate- a type of gland (extremely aphrodisiac and sensitive part of man)

The purpose of lingam massage is not just to enjoy orgasm, but the ultimate goal of lingam massage is to experience spiritual bliss with full-body sexual activity.

Origin Of Lingam Massage

If you are interested to know about Lingam massage, then you will undoubtedly want to know all the topics related to its origin. Indeed the phrase Lingam Massage has entered into the midst of people with Hinduism and their rituals as a type of genital massage (Penis Massage).

Its mythological interpretation is that the lingam is actually a representation of the Hindu god Shiva who is phallic in shape. So you can easily guess why for so many people it has come to mean gender.

Although it has now taken the full form of a medical practice, which has also been scientifically proven that Lingam Massage is a treatment, which is proving beneficial in many physical and mental disorders along with the sexual forms. It is also true that it is now being emphasized by sexologists, massage therapists, and other experts all over the world.  And they accept that lingam massage removes all physical, mental, and sexual defects.

Although it is difficult to determine exactly when this practice developed, it is explained in many religious texts and historical books of the Indian subcontinent and the continent of Asia, which are described in detail in anyone. [Read: The Ultimate Guide for Nuru Massage You Should Know]

How To Do Lingam Massage

Massage is such a subject in it seems very easy to see, whereas the truth is quite the opposite. Not only for Lingam massage but for all types of tantric massage or any type of massage, it is very important to have knowledge of better techniques. Therefore, we are going to explain the best technique to do Lingam massage for yourself or your partner, which is described below.

It is important to have a comfortable environment for Lingam massage.

Before starting a lingam massage, it is very important to do some important preparations carefully, and one of them is a positive and relaxed atmosphere. Creating a positive atmosphere and mindset can make Lingam Massage a pleasurable experience for you and your partner.

Before beginning the massage, keep in mind a few important things to determine your things and create an open mindset, such as making the masseuse feel comfortable, and keeping all worries away from the person receiving the message to be established at a single center, doing so can help set up the emotional mood for the massage and allow you to enjoy the experience both spiritually and sexually.

Creating A Sensual And Relaxed Atmosphere

Lingam massage itself is a hot and sensual massage therapy method, it purely aphrodisiacs the person, and gives the pleasure of orgasm without having to have sexual intercourse.  Anyway, the sensual scenario is prepared only when the surrounding is warm and pleasant. And for this, it is very important to keep some things in mind.

For example -

  • Fresh and comfortable bed
  • Dim light
  • Some candles can be used for illumination
  • Some slow erotic music
  • If possible, some movies and photos related to massage and spirituality.

These are all important things that can help in creating a comfortable and sensual environment before starting the massage.

Oils And Massage Gel-Liquids

The aromatic and lubricating oils go a long way in reducing friction and enhancing the sensation during the massage. Well, there are many different types of massage oils, including scented and non-scented oils.

But Lingam massages are directly related to the penis and anus of the male which are very important and very sensitive parts of the human body, and it will not be beneficial to apply every type of oil on them.  Therefore, it would be better to adopt only special types of oil for lingam massage. Because it can be directly related to health benefits and harms.

For a tantric lingam massage, an aromatic oil can help increase awareness, satisfaction, and arousal. Some natural and hypoallergenic oils are best for lingam massage, especially for sensitive skin like the penis and anus. Popular natural oils to use below:

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Almond oil

Flowers oil, etc.

Always Start The Massage Gently And Softly

It is true that lingam massage is as the name suggests, which is related to the lingam (Penis) and its surroundings. But massage should always be done on the whole body. And it is always better to start with the upper parts of the body like the shoulders, back, waist, etc. Better results can be obtained from this. Because massaging on other parts of the body gives a feeling of faster and more stimulation in the penis and its surrounding areas.

So start the massage by focusing on peripheral areas, such as:

  • Shoulder
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Lower abdomen
  • Upper thigh
  • Naval
  • Inner thighs

Run your hands slowly across the skin in circular motions, setting the stage for a sensual and sexual arousal experience.

If you're doing a lingam massage and you already know your partner's erogenous zones, massaging these areas can go a long way in awakening that initial bliss without going too fast, leading to a feeling of a happy ending. The goal of a Lingam Massage is to experience all the pleasurable sensations and achieve a happy ending without orgasm.

Move On With Overly Aphrodisiac Organs

With a slow and smooth start, it is time to move from the erogenous zone to the more sensitive areas.  Starting around the penis and testicles, be sure to massage this area as gently as possible.

If you or your partner agree, the perineum may be another sensual area to explore. When you are ready to move on, move your massager towards the bottom of the penis, using gentle stroking motions. As you move up the shaft and towards the head of the penis, gently touch first then caress. [Read: What Is an ENM Relationship?]

Make Better Use Of Massage Techniques

Moving on from the beginning, it is time to try some of the techniques that are specific to Lingam Massage.

First of all, hold his penis in both your hands while touching him gently. Your fingers should be on the upper part of the shaft of the penis, while your thumbs press gently on the underside of his penis. When you stroke up from the base of his penis to the head with your index finger and thumb, you will lightly lift his penis. You pull one hand up and take the other down.

Use one hand to hold the base of his penis, and with the other hand, you will stroke upwards towards the head of the penis. As you stroke up and down, gently press the thumb of your other hand against the shaft of the penis and gently move your fingers upwards to the other side of the penis.

Massage the frenulum just below the head of her penis with your thumb and fingers, gently rubbing gently around the frenulum and head of her penis. Interlocking the fingers of both the hands together with the palms together. Place her penis between your fingers and your thumb, which will be placed on the underside of her penis, slide both hands over the shaft of her penis, you can slowly change this technique by opening or closing your thumb more can.

Gently press your fingers against his perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus. This area is also said to be the holy place of lingam massage, and you can understand why. It can bring immense joy and satisfaction to your massage partner. Because from this place you can reach his most sensitive and sexiest prostate. So you have to make sure that your nails are shortcut and clean. You can also use the knuckles of your fingers. [Read: What Is Erotic (Sexual) Massage]

Locate And Massage The Prostate

The prostate is important for Lingam Massage and orgasm without intercourse. If your partner agrees to this and you are ready to do the same, then definitely consider adding sensual prostate stimulation to it.

As you will also know that men have a prostate gland that is very sensitive and extremely sensual through which men can get orgasms and extreme pleasure. You'll need special training to figure this out.

To locate the prostate, gently insert the tip of your middle finger into the anus, bending it toward the front of the body. If possible, use a special lubricant on the finger first for this. Once you locate the prostate, you can use gentle, gentle pressure to stimulate it.

Some men may also experience a pleasurable prostate orgasm and orgasm from prostate stimulation.

Instead Of Getting Charmasima Immediately, Be Patient

Certainly, lingam massage awakens intense arousal, as it is directly linked to the penis and sexual arousal. When you start to feel that orgasm is approaching, or you feel that your partner is close to orgasm, take a moment to step back and focus on the penis or some other area instead of massaging it. You can continue and repeat this exercise during the massage as long as you or your partner enjoys it.

Anyway, it is said that the real pleasure of sex pleasure is in burning and not in being quickly extinguished. This will increase the chances of a happy ending.

Don't feel pressured to end the massage early. An erotic Lingam Massage can be pleasurable even after an orgasm has been achieved. It's a good idea in the end if you and your partner agree to have sex.

Enjoy The Sexual And Spiritual Experience

With a Lingam Massage, the whole-body pleasure experienced is often enough to reach a state that may feel more spiritual than the sexual act. So you can get the most out of this meditation experience:

Lingam massage provides a way for you or your partner to experience both the sexual and spiritual nature of tantric massage.

Benefits Of Lingam Massage

The purpose of Lingam Massage is not just to get a sexual experience, but it helps to remove many disorders and achieve ecstasy, hence it has many benefits.

  • Providing Medical Support To The Whole Body.

Besides enhancing sexual arousal, tantric practices like lingam massage aim to promote healing. The described record also shows that according to Buddhist doctrines it is believed that lingam massage can help the recipient to heal from past trauma and align himself with his spiritual and sexual self.

  • Help To Remove All Stress From The Body

Sex is an activity that brings immense benefits to the body and mind, with benefits such as increased libido and reduced risk of chronic diseases. When you participate in a lingam massage, you are combining these benefits with the stress-relieving relaxation of massage therapy.

  • Improve Sexual Stamina And Sexual Experiences

Whether you're interested in increasing your sexual stamina, considering moving your sex life to a better position, or just looking to learn how to enjoy sex more, lingam massage will help you adopt it in a safe place.

The lingam massage experience begins with a full body massage so that you can relax, and surrender to the touch of your tantric goddess, who will ensure that the lingam is applied to your entire body before entering the most important places of massage. Much attention should be given.

  • Improve Circulation

Your skin is the largest and most valuable part of your body, protecting your inner body from external shocks, and giving it the attention and thoughtful caress of massage can improve circulation, as well as lower blood pressure and muscle mass. Pain and other disorders can be relieved.

  • Relief From Sleeplessness

If you suffer from insomnia or anxiety, a lingam massage can give you the opportunity to find peace and stillness, clear your mind, and get better rest.

  • Improvement In Sexual Gimmicks

Lingam massage offers many sexual benefits along with encouraging better health.  It can help prolong erection, improve sexual performance, and can go a long way in improving premature ejaculation.

  • During lingam massage, your tantric massage will stimulate the genitals repeatedly without overloading your senses and hence will increase your stamina for a pleasant touch. She will use the erogenous zone to bring about crashing waves of bliss, but because your therapist is in control, your climax is also in control, as she guides your body through the experience.
  • Lingam massage is also known to aid in intoning of the genital muscles and in the treatment of anorgasmia – the inability to have an orgasm despite stimulation. Other recipients have reported it to be useful in improving libido, helping with fertility problems, and dealing with emotional trauma.

Fortunately, this type of tantric massage is not limited to only male-gendered people. Rather there is also yoni massage, which focuses on the sensual exploration of the vagina and other related areas.


Lingam massage is a type of tantric massage therapy that blends sensuality and spirituality to create an incredibly intimate experience.

When you massage the lingam, whether, on yourself or a partner, the goal is to experience bliss in an almost meditative state.

Regular practice of tantric methods like lingam or yoni massage can help to improve your libido, reduce your stress and explore your sexuality in a healthy way.

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