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This question has been one of the most asked questions among couples who intend to still enjoy their sexual life even during pregnancy. The majority of experts have stated that it is perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy.

Contrary to popular opinion about what sex does to the baby. It's of the harmful backing. This opinion has prevented couples from enjoying having sex during the pregnancy period. Having sex during pregnancy is perfectly fine; it doesn't hurt the baby.

Various opinions have sprung up that have initiated fear in the hearts of couples. But we would be trashing those here. During penetrative sex, the penis cannot go beyond or exceed the walls of the vagina. Therefore the baby cannot know or feel what's going on. Although the sex drive usually changes during pregnancy, it's something not to sweat over.

The sex drive change can be talked about to your partner because, at times, you can enjoy having sex and have no intention to have sex. But it's best to speak to your partner about how you feel as regards having sex.

When your pregnancy is free from complications, having an orgasm during sex doesn't increase the risk of miscarriage or early labor. It doesn't affect your pregnancy. Instead, it can be to set off contraction. But it's no cause of alarm; you can try some relaxation techniques or lie down till it passes.

Sex Positions that are Advantageous During Pregnancy

Even though having sex during pregnancy might be pleasurable, most couples find it challenging to have it. This then gives room for exploration between couples. The regular on-top position might not be convenient anymore because of the pregnancy bump and the tenderness of the breast. If the penetration gets too deep, it might get uncomfortable.

So the best position for you and your partner will be to lie on your side, facing the behind of your partner or each other. You can be on top or bent over on your knees and hand for the lady, resting on a pillow for comfortability.

Risk Of Vaginal Sexual Behavior During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, vaginal sexual behavior is usually increased due to an increase in hormones. This occurs in the second trimester. But this affects people differently, so there is no specific way women respond during pregnancy. Most of the time, the increase in blood flow to the genitals may or may not increase the sex drive.

The sex drive of some may decrease, resulting from fluctuating hormones or physical pains, constantly stressed and uncomfortable. Most of the time, one's partner might find his pregnant partner unattractive, which reduces his sex drive because of the changes in the body's shape and tenderness of the breast.

The pain some pass-through might give them worries about abstaining from sex, which is why communication is important so that each partner is comfortable enough.

Are Sex toys safe for Pregnant women?

A lot of people have wondered if sex toys and masturbation are okay during pregnancy period. Sexual self-pleasure can be perfectly safe as long as your doctor verifies it.

Sex toys in pregnancy

Sex toys used during pregnancy that is safe are the likes of dildos. They are the artificial tool that looks exactly like the penis, making it perfectly safe for use during pregnancy to stimulate your vagina. Due to the sensitivity of the vagina, it is essential to clean appropriately before use to be safe from infections.

For the cleaning process, vibrating toys should be rinsed properly with warm water and anti-bacterial soap for at least 20 seconds, while for the ones that don't vibrate, you clean them by boiling in them for at least 10 minutes.

Just like penetrative sex, you mustn't trust in the dildo too deep and avoid the ones with sharp front end to prevent causing you pain, and you need not worry about the dildo getting into the womb and piercing the placenta or getting the baby hurt. A plug in your cervix called the Muccous plug safely seals off the uterus and your baby.


Masturbating while pregnant is perfectly safe as far as the doctor approves it. It is safe to do either solo masturbation or with your partner, giving yourself that sexual satisfaction, having an orgasm during pregnancy, which can relax the pregnancy pressure you go through.

Reasons Why Sex During Pregnancy is Beneficial

Having sex during pregnancy is not just essential but beneficial to your mental health and sex life. Here is the reason why you should engage in sex while pregnant;

  1. It feels different: sex in pregnancy feels very different and feels better even. This is possible as the increase in blood flow to your vagina, which increases your sensitivity. This enables one to have an intense and enhanced orgasm. Then your vagina is more lubricative, allowing for smooth penetration; your breast also gets more sensitive during this period.
  2. Discovering of New Position: due to the pregnancy bump, the missionary style of having sex won't be functional again and comfortable, hence exploring other techniques of sex position. Lying on the bed and your partner penetrating from behind is quite pleasant, and also the spoon position is enjoyable.
  3. Orgasm relieves stress: hormones are released that produce endorphins from orgasm gotten; this gives you calmness and makes you feel happy. So any time you feel stressed out from the pressure of being pregnant or feel pain, you can take your mind off by having a nice time with your partner and attain sexual orgasm.
  4. It strengthens your bond: due to the behavior manifested during pregnancy by the woman, the partner might feel odd, not having an intimate bond with each other. But having sex during this period strengthens the bond between you both and helps sustain physical affections, also aids in building your new family without a hitch.

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